Moritori – milk tea and coffee shop

While most people are used to coffee shops being open during the day and closed at night, it leaves limited open food spots for night shift workers, night life lovers, and all-nighter students to go to.

Visit Moritori in Bonifacio Global City, Taguig, a new food spot that serves milk tea, coffee, and Japanese food, and most of all, operates for 24 hours for night owls.

Neutral-style cafe

moritori in BGC - neutral toned interiors
Image credit: moritori

Unlike night cafes with loud decorations or even neon signs for night life vibes, the milk tea and coffee shop brings a calmer feel with the light neutral-toned wood furniture, soft lights, and minimal greenery for a pop of color.

moritori in BGC - ample space
Image adapted from: moritori and moritori

Though it’s quite small, the shop still has ample space for you to walk through and move around for comfort, especially with the seats set up on the sides.

Open for 24 hours

moritori in BGC - 24 hours open
Image credit: Shereen

This is a great spot for you if you’re around the area and want a change of scenery for some late-night working or studying.

You can swing by for a quick bite to eat and drinks to-go to satisfy your milk tea or coffee cravings. Or if you’re simply looking for a place that’s sure to be open for chilling with friends, this would be a great option as well.

Coffee and milk tea drinks

moritori in BGC - milk tea and iced coffee
Milk tea and mori Iced Coffee.
Image adapted from: @reptillian_rocketeer and moritori

Moritori serves a range of milk tea and coffee drinks from milk tea that you can add up to three toppings to – black sugar pearls, pudding, and grass jelly – to cold brew. These include the mori Honey Milk Tea (P90-P100, ~USD1.66-USD1.85) and mori Iced Coffee (P95-P105, ~USD1.76-USD1.94).

moritori in BGC - matcha drink
Matcha Latte.
Image credit: @reich_torio

Alternatively, you can have a classic Matcha Latte (P130-P140, ~USD2.40-USD2.59) if you’re a matcha fan or get a Chocolate Milk (P110-P130, ~USD2.04-USD2.40) for something sweeter. For something fruity, you can try anything from fruit teas to fruit smoothies as well.

Variety of Japanese food

 karaage and katsu
Image credit: moritori

The milk tea and coffee shop offers Japanese food such as kaarage (fried chicken) and onigiri (rice balls) to go with your drinks.

Go for the karaage and katsu (breaded cutlets) (both start at P170, ~USD3.15) that are served with rice and tamago (omelette) for something heavy.

Image credit: @chibogchai

For snacks or just something lighter, go ahead and try their torigiri and morigiri such as torigiri potama (P190, ~USD3.52)onigiri stuffed with karaage or katsu, spam, and tamago – and morigiri (P90, ~USD1.67)onigiri stuffed with tamago and cheese.

Moritori in BGC

So if you’re looking for a food spot that’s open for 24 hours and can satisfy your milk tea, coffee, and Japanese food cravings, head to Moritori in BGC.

It’ll easily become your go-to hangout spot when you’re in the area.

Address: Lower Ground Floor, W City Center, BGC 1635 Taguig, Philippines
Opening hours: Mon 11am–11.59pm | Tue–Fri 12am–11.59pm | Sat 12am–6am | Closed on Sundays
Moritori’s Facebook | Instagram

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