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Apéro Pitstop in Quezon City: Al Fresco Dining Spot & Food Truck For BBQ Meat Lovers On A Day Out

Apéro Pitstop in Quezon City – food truck serving barbecued meats

Now that more food trucks are opening around Metro Manila, Apéro Neighborhood Cafe has joined in, recently opening their own food truck for barbecued meat lovers and those who love having outdoor BBQ picnics.

Check out the Apéro Pitstop food truck in Quezon City for chill, picnic-style hangouts through day and night while enjoying your favorite smoked meat and sides combo.

Cafe that’s opened a new food truck

Apero Pitstop in Quezon City - restaurant
Image adapted from: John Gan and scott tan

Customers like Apéro Neighborhood Cafe’s quality sourdough bread that’s used in their all-day breakfast dishes and sandwiches, and their attentive and accommodating staff.

Apero Pitstop in Quezon City - food truck
Image credit: @iamreesy

Recently, in March 2022, the cafe opened a food truck called Apero Pitstop right outside its premises. Its staff now serve wood-fired smoked meats along with curated sides called “buvettes”, from corn ribs to dinner rolls to squash fritters, that you can choose from.

Al fresco dining

Apero Pitstop in Quezon City - al fresco dining
Image credit: @the_ravi_s_foodie

Apéro Pitstop offers a well-spaced al fresco dining area where you can enjoy a slight breeze while being protected from the sun by umbrellas as you have your meal.

easy takeouts
Image credit: Apero

The food truck’s also great if you’re on the go, but still want a filling meal. You can just simply place an order and staff will prepare your takeaway for you.

They also offer Takeaway Trays (from P1,490-P2,100, ~USD26.43-USD37.24) – that consist of a choice of barbecued meat along with three different sauces, pickled red onion and radish on the side, and sourdough tortilla wraps – that you can serve to friends and family at gatherings.

Apero Pitstop in Quezon City - day and night
Image adapted from: Apero and Apero 

Apéro Pitstop is open from 3pm to 9pm, so you can hang out during the day with barbecued meat with tasty buvettes to eat, then wind down with some cocktails or wine at night.

Various barbecued meats and sides

pero Pitstop in Quezon City - barbecued meats and sides
Image credit: @iamreesy

For meat lovers, the food truck offers five choices of wood-fired smoked meats: Chicken Leg Quarter and Breast & Wing (P310, ~USD5.50), Pork Belly (P450, ~USD7.98), Beef Brisket (P450, ~USD7.98), and Duck Leg Quarter (P550, ~USD9.75).

Along with that, there’s a wide range of Buvettes (sides and snacks) that you can mix and match with your barbecued meat from Burnt Butter Corn Rib with Spiced Salt (P180, ~USD3.19) to Crispy Parma Ham & Cheese Puff (P320, ~USD5.67). You can also go for snack dishes that are good for sharing such as the Crowd Favorite Mac & Cheese (P300, ~USD5.32) and Oven Smoked Broccoli Head (P385, ~USD6.82).

Image credit: @iamreesy

Of course, your meal wouldn’t be complete without a refreshing beverage. Go for a local beer (P165, ~USD2.92) or try their Jalapeño Pineapple Margarita and Paloma cocktails (P420, ~USD7.44) for a satisfying meal.

Apéro Pitstop in Quezon City

Head out to Apéro Pitstop in Quezon City to enjoy meats smoked for 8-16 hours that are sure to be packed with flavor, various crave-worthy sides, and afternoon cocktails with a spicy twist while dining al fresco.

Address: Corinthian Hills Clubhouse, Temple Drive 1800 Quezon City
Opening hours: Tue–Thu, Sun 3pm–9pm | Fri-Sat 3pm–10pm (Closed Mondays)
Contact: 0917 511 3475 | 8532 8064
Email: [email protected]

Apero’s Facebook | Instagram

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