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Angelica Panganiban Video Urges Filipinos Not To Fall For Liars This Election Season, Just Like In Love

Panganiban tells people it’s not worth it to act dumb over someone, both in love and politics

Like any other Pinoy, seasoned actress-comedienne Angelica Panganiban has had her fair share of failed romantic relationships. 

In a video from the Young Public Servants’ Facebook page, she uses relatable “hugot” lines to urge the public to scrutinize those running for office, just like how you would get to know a potential lover.

Panganiban recounts her dating history and subsequent heartbreaks

Video credit: Young Public Servants

“Naloko ka na ba ng pagmamahal sa maling tao?” (Have you ever been fooled into loving someone who’s wrong for you?) Panganiban asks in the start of the video while sipping tea.

Angelica Panganiban having tea
Image credit: Young Public Servants

She continues, “Nako, nako, Don’t me, marami akong entries, alam nyo naman di ba?” (I know, I’ve got a lot of experience in that sense, you all know about that, right?), poking fun at the fact that she knows the Filipinos have been privy to her much-publicized love life. 

The actress shares how difficult it was to fight for the wrong person

Angelica Panganiban washing her hands
Image credit : Young Public Servants

Panganiban emphasizes how she had made excuses for her exes, defending their toxic behavior from her friends, but, in the end, those same men would break her heart and rob her of her hopes and dreams. 

Angelica Panganiban washing a mug
Image credit: Young Public Servants

The Angelica Panganiban video continues with her story that falling for the wrong men felt as if she were crawling in the streets, then proceeds to quite a famous line from the Salbakuta song “Stupid Love” that translates to “Nasty Mac’s heart is shattered”.

She said she’s learned her lesson and hopes that you, too, will do the same

Angelica Panganiban in an election PSA
Image credit: Young Public Servants

The actress said playing dumb for someone gets tiring and that she finally realized that she deserves better and hopes that the Filipinos can do the same in voting in the 2022 Philippine elections. Panganiban emphasizes, “Iwasan na natin ang mga manloloko.” (Let’s avoid lying cheats).

Angelica Panganiban in a car
Image credit: Young Public Servants

Panganiban ends the video with a polarizing commentary: “Kilatising mabuti ang mga manliligaw. Halughugin ang bio-data simula high school hanggang college. Alamin at tignan ang character references. Wag magpa-budol at wag sa magnanakaw.”

(Examine your suitors thoroughly. Check their bio-data from high school to college. Find out and look up character references. Don’t be fooled, and don’t go for thieves.) 

Filipinos deserve candidates of good character

Now that it’s officially the campaign season for the 2022 Philippine national elections, candidates from left and right will promise the country everything we would want to hear. It is our civic duty to discern those with genuine intentions and those who are just there to gain power. 

Needless to say, the message in the Angelica Panganiban video is spot-on because regardless of who your candidate is, her message is clear – only go for those with unquestionable character.

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Cover image adapted from: Young Public Servants