PPE suits for AirAsia cabin crew

Trips and vacations that people have long planned out have been put on hold because of the COVID-19 pandemic. All over the world, people are asked to stay at home to avoid catching the virus and spreading it around – that means a majority of flights have been canceled.

However, airlines are still running special recovery flights for those who are in need. Top airline AirAsia has partnered up with a Filipino designer to design personal protective equipment (PPE) suits for its flight attendants on these flights to help keep their staff safe.

Functionality meets fashion

four people in red hazmat suits, with big AirAsia logo in the background
Image credit: @pueyquinones

AirAsia, one of the world’s most popular low-cost airlines, has been working with organizations and local government agencies to make special recovery flights available to those who want to fly home to their countries. Which is why the company is going above and beyond to keep its flight attendants safe in the midst of this COVID-19 pandemic.

flight attendant wearing a red hazmat suitImage credit: Airasia Philippines

In collaboration with designer Puey Quiñones, the airline has provided hazmat suits in AirAsia’s signature hot red color for the flight attendants working on these special flights. The suits have been approved by the Philippine Department of Health, having gone through tests to make sure that the stylish and comfy suits provide maximum protection as well.

Filipino designer Puey Quiñones

man standing beside a mannequin in a red hazmat suit
Image credit: @pueyquinones

Quiñones has a decade of experience under his belt, along with a successful design house, PUEY QUIÑONES. Which is why even though the Filipino has moved to Los Angeles, he has come home during the pandemic to lend a helping hand to his country. 

Using his fashion and design skills, he has created several PPE suits for different groups here, including sportswear brand Fila PH, and medical institutions such as Batangas Medical Center.

collage of healthcare workers in PPE suits
Image credit: @pueyquinones

AirAsia provides special recovery flights

AirAsia's schedule of special recovery flights
Image credit: AirAsia

We know you’re itching to take out your passports from your drawers, thinking that this might be your chance to travel. But keep in mind that while airlines may have flights available, they are currently not for leisurely travels – yet. 

These special recovery flights were made in response to requests from various groups, and are only provided for those who are affected by the enhanced community quarantine in Palawan, Cebu, and Pampanga.

Those who are stuck in other countries, specifically Thailand, Cambodia, and Indonesia, can also contact the respective embassies for available flights home – and see these newly designed suits in person.

AirAsia PPE suits

Most of us have been looking forward to trips with families and friends this 2020. Unfortunately, itineraries will have to stay in the drafts and suitcases will have to remain empty for a little while longer. 

But who knows, this AirCrew PPE might be so practical that the airlines will want their attendants to keep using them, even after this COVID-19 pandemic is over. So we might just have the chance to see with our own eyes these red-hot suits. But for now, let’s stay at home and stay safe.

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Cover image adapted from: @pueyquinones and Airasia Philippines

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