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Adidas Brand Center Will Be The Largest Store At 1,500 sqm, Cop Your Manila-Themed Apparel Here

Adidas to open its biggest store in the Philippines

If there’s one type of clothing that we just can’t get enough of, sportswear will probably first come to mind. After all, global brands such as Adidas have a strong following among local fitness enthusiasts and the general public alike.

So it’s no wonder that Adidas will also soon open its biggest store in the Philippines on 22nd October. The branch, also called the Adidas Brand Center, will offer a variety of sportswear collections inside its 1,500 sqm premises at Glorietta 3, Makati.

Aside from giving us an array of lifestyle goods to choose from, Adidas Brand Center will also take our shopping experience to another level with 12 spaces, called the Moment Areas, that we can marvel at and take a tour of.

Adidas Brand Center will be home to the largest collection of Adidas items

Adidas Brand Center
Image credit: Adidas Brand Center

Whether you’re looking for casual sportswear or need specific clothing for your sport such as golf, you won’t run out of options here.

The center will cater to a wide range of sports and outdoor activities, as the store boasts the largest collection of Adidas products in the Philippines.

Adidas Brand Center
Image adapted from: @adidastalkph, @adidastalkph

Explore the shop’s Moment Areas

Adidas Brand Center
Hoops Area
Image credit: @adidastalkph

Besides shopping, you can enjoy visiting the branch just by marveling at or taking a tour of its 12 spaces called Moment Areas. The Adidas Hoops Area, for one, is for basketball fans, as it’s all about all things basketball.

The area’s highlight though is a giant floor artwork, showcasing animals native to the Philippines, created by contemporary group Aral Cru.

Adidas Brand Center
Sustainability Ramp, fitting room
Image credit: @adidastalkph, @adidastalkph

Walking through The Sustainability Ramp, featuring a tunnel-like space made up of rattan handwoven by Argao weavers, will be an educational experience – it’s plastered with information explaining the urgency of reducing marine plastic pollution.

The fitting room is not your typical room as well – it’s lined with colorful, Instagrammable couches and illuminated by gorgeous lighting.

Adidas Brand Center
Maker Lab
Image credit: Dwight Avila 

If you fancy having your Adidas goodies customized, just walk over to the Maker Lab. One of the 12 Moment Areas, the lab will provide you assistance through its staff members who will help you create personalized versions of your new clothes or bags.

Offering a variety of sportswear and outdoor items in a massive space designed thoughtfully, the Adidas Brand Center is indeed a must-visit for fitness enthusiasts.

Cop items designed by local artists

Adidas Brand Center
The City Shop
Image adapted from: Dwight Avila, Dwight Avila 

To show your support for local artists, you can shop the Moment Area called The City Shop that displays items Adidas created in collaboration with local artists.

The Forum Low Shoes (P6,500, ~USD127.85) in white and red, for instance, are on offer and designed by Filipino toymaker Quiccs.

Adidas Brand Center in Makati to open

Looking for new sportswear will be more exciting with the opening of the Adidas Brand Center that will level up our shopping experience with its massive collection.

With this new space that elevates our physical brick-and-mortar store experiences, we’re excited to see the brand’s future collaboration with local artists.

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Cover image adapted from: @adidastalkph, Dwight Avila, and @adidastalkph