Zambali Villas Beach Resort – a short drive from a relaxing getaway

Zambales is another popular tourist destination apart from Laguna, Batangas, or Cavite. It’s known for some of the best surfing spots, beaches, and islands that you can visit on a holiday. Other than that, Zambales is easily accessible as it’s just two to three hours away from the metro.

Head over to Zambali Villas Beach Resort in San Felipe, Zambales for a relaxing stay in rustic, tree house-like villas that are just a few leaps away from a scenic beachfront.

Bali-inspired beach resort

Zambali Villas Beach Resort - Bali-inspired resort
Image credit: Zambali Woods

If you’ve been to Bali before, you’ll notice that the resort is reminiscent of the destination with its outdoorsy setup combined with the wooden furniture and decorations that describes island life.

It’s the perfect destination for you if you want to go somewhere laid-back without having to drive or travel for a long time.

Rustic style in nature

Zambali Villas Beach Resort - rustic tree house-like villas
Image credit: @ajaisnts

At first glance, you’ll be met with accommodations including the elevated rustic villas that almost look like tree houses, each with a narrow staircase and a mini terrace where you can lounge and look at the beachfront view from above.

Rooms with fans and air conditioning are P4,000 (~USD71.02) and P5,000 (~USD88.78) respectively, and can accommodate four guests. The villas, on the other hand, can accommodate eight guests for P8,000 (~USD142.11) a night.

Zambali Villas Beach Resort - outdoor setup and decor
Image credit: @annroams

Aside from the villas, you can roam around the sandy beach, have a feast with your friends and family, or take photos on the hammock near the picnic tables.

Rent ATVs

Zambali Villas Beach Resort - rent ATVs
Image credit: Zambali Woods 

What’s more, you can even rent ATVs for a fun and leisurely group activity as you drive along the sand of the beach.

Surf during the day and make a camp fire at night

Image credit: @_loriregulto

If you like water activities, grab a surfboard and surf along some gnarly waves in the deep blue water at the beach. It’s not only thrilling, but it’s also a great way to cool off during the summer.

camp fire
Image credit: Zambali Woods

By night time, you can gather round a camp fire for some down time before going to sleep. You can share stories, heat up some marshmallows and make s’mores, or for a late night jamming session, pull up a guitar and sing along songs together.

Zambali Villas Beach Resort in Zambales

Don’t miss out on a relaxing getaway at Zambali Villas Beach Resort in Zambales. You can surf, swim, or bathe in the sun. Even more so, it’ll be like you’re in Bali, enjoying the island life and sipping on a refreshing drink.

Address: Barangay Liwliwa, 2204 San Felipe, Zambales
Telephone: (02) 835 467 746 | 0966 346 5644 | 0923 546 7746
Email: [email protected]

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Cover image adapted from: Zambali Woods and @_loriregulto

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