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Kapitan’s Liwa Surf Resort In Zambales Lets You Surf Beginner-Friendly Waves & Enjoy Good Food

Surfing getaway in Liwliwa, San Felipe, Zambales

Kapitan’s Liwa Surf Resort, located in the middle of a surfing town in San Felipe, Zambales, welcomes people to escape hectic city life and learn to ride the waves, relax in budget-friendly rooms, and enjoy delectable meal offerings.

Aside from the waves, accommodation, and food, expect a laid-back atmosphere with friendly staff and the chance to live out your weekend surfer fantasy with friends and family.

Budget-friendly accommodation in Liwliwa

Kapitan's Liwa Surf Resort Villa
Villa Amelia

Image credit: Kapitan’s Liwa Surf Resort, San Felipe, Zambales

Part of the charm of Kapitan’s Liwa is its relaxed ambiance and no-nonsense approach to staying by the beach. They have rooms that can cater to those on a tight budget or to those who can splurge a bit more for a bigger space.

A standard room for two with air-conditioning starts at P2,000 (~USD38.17), while the Villa Amelia room with a private balcony costs P3,000 (~USD57.25). Families and groups of four can stay in their double room for P4,500 (~USD85.93) a night.

Surfing in Zambales

Kapitan's Liwa Surf Resort - surfing
South swell waves
Image credit: Kapitan’s Liwa Surf Resort, San Felipe, Zambales

Unbeknownst to the majority of the population, La Union and Siargao aren’t the only surfing spots we have in the Philippines. Liwliwa in San Felipe, Zambales, has also been a low-key destination for those who want to catch waves on the weekend. The coast has areas for beginner and intermediate surfers.

Kapitan's Liwa Surf Resort -surfing lessons
Surfing lessons
Image credit: Kapitan’s Liwa Surf Resort, San Felipe, Zambales

This surf resort is one of the go-to places for regular visitors, but newcomers are absolutely welcome as well. You can ask their staff for the surfing lesson schedule (P500, ~USD9.54) and pair you up with professional instructors to get you started.

Kapitan’s cafe and restaurant

Kapitan's Liwa Surf Resort - ramen
Their best-selling ramen

Image credit: Kapitan’s Liwa Facebook page

Spending the whole day at the beach swimming and surfing can be exhausting, but you don’t have to worry since the resort has an in-house restaurant and cafe that serves locally sourced coffee, all-day breakfast, and specialty ramen.

Kapitan's Liwa Surf Resort - beer and snacks
Beer, crispy kare-kare, buffalo wings, and sizzling sisig
Image credit: Kapitan’s Liwa Facebook page

They also offer beer and cocktails to cap off a relaxing day. Have a drink with friends and family while hearing the ocean waves crashing in the distance.

Escape the city at Kapitan’s Liwa in Zambales

Liwliwa has a less crowded beach when compared to areas closer to the city, attracting weekend-goers who surf away their worries. Head on to this resort, and you might discover the same charm for yourself.

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Cover image adapted from: Kapitan’s Liwa Surf Resort, San Felipe, Zambales, Manuel Ugma Ribo Jr.