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Windmill Lausanne At Crosswinds Tagaytay Is A New Swiss-Themed Restaurant Serving Skillet Meals

Swiss-themed restaurant in Tagaytay

Flights to European countries are undoubtedly expensive, especially during these pandemic times. For the regular Filipino, acquiring a Schengen visa can also be pretty hard.

However, this doesn’t mean you should let go of your dreams of traveling across Europe. While you wait for your big, European trip, you can go to Windmill Lausanne at Crosswinds Tagaytay to get a taste of what it’s like to be in Switzerland.

Architecture that features a faux windmill

Windmill Lausanne - windmill
The restaurant’s “windmill”
Image credit: @rainesatera

Windmill Lausanne is a Europe-inspired dining spot, from its architecture and interiors to its food.

The faux windmill by the restaurant’s entrance is a striking feature you wouldn’t miss. This is not the only thing that makes the place Swiss-inspired, too, as it also boasts exposed wooden beams typical of traditional Swiss structures.

Windmill Lausanne - exteriors
Exposed wooden beams
Image credit: @windmillphl

You can best enjoy this view by dining al-fresco. Paired with Tagaytay’s cold climate, this will make you feel like you’re somewhere near the famed Swiss alps.

Interiors that resemble a pub and a barn

Windmill Lausanne - pub interior
Cozy, pub-like interior

Image credit: @windmillphl

Some areas of the Windmill Lausanne have wood-paneled walls strewn with wooden trinkets and checked patterns, giving it the vibe of a cozy, well-loved pub.

Meanwhile, other areas are painted barn red, perhaps as a nod to European farming countries.

Windmill Lausanne - barn interior
Walls painted barn red
Image credit: @windmillphl

While these two designs give the restaurant a bit of a contrast, its wooden furniture ties up everything nicely, ultimately making you feel as if you’re in the European countryside.

Serves skillet meals, sausages, pizza, & pasta

Windmill Lausanne - truffle pizza
Truffle pizza

Image credit: @francescarla.buan

Of course, the restaurant serves a wide variety of pizza and pasta. Their cheesy, garlicky, thin-crust truffle pizza (P650, ~USD12.70), in particular, is something you should try.

You can also get sausages, which Europe is known for, on a breakfast skillet or as a sandwich, at the restaurant.

Besides these well-known European foods, Windmill Lausanne also has appetizers served in skillets, such as their meatballs with arrabbiata and mixed greens (P475, ~USD9.28) and the shiitake and black truffle dip (P395, ~USD7.72) served with bread.

Windmill Lausanne - skillet meatballs
Skillet meatballs
Image credit: Eden Dizon

If you’re just looking for a light snack, however, the place also has a wide variety of pastries for you to choose from.

Coffee, chocolate, & artisan tea

Windmill Lausanne - hot chocolate
A guest enjoying hot chocolate

Image credit: @mwahannaaah

This Tagaytay dining spot offers an impressive selection of drinks to suit different tastes.

Besides classic coffee and flavored lattes, Windmill Lausanne also adds a Filipino twist to their menu with drinks made with local chocolate. You can have these hot to warm you up or cold if the climate’s still not cold enough for you.

Windmill Lausanne also serves artisan tea, cold brew-infused tea, frappes, smoothies, and beers.

If you’re going to the restaurant for a romantic dinner, you can even get wine – red, white, rosé, or sparkling – by the glass or by the bottle.

Get a taste of Switzerland at Windmill Lausanne at Tagaytay Crosswinds

With its Swiss-style interiors and European food, you can get a Schengen experience that’s just a quick drive from the metro at Windmill Lausanne.

You can even make the most of this budget-friendly getaway by taking a stroll and seeing the other Europe-inspired works of architecture at its location at Crosswinds Tagaytay.

Address: Crosswinds, Central Calamba Road, Barangay Iruhin, Tagaytay City, Cavite
Opening hours: Mon–Fri 7AM-8PM | Sat–Sun 7AM-9PM
Windmill Lausanne’s Facebook | Instagram

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Cover image adapted from: @rainesatera and Eden Dizon