Filipino couple have a virtual prenuptial photoshoot

In this pandemic, the virus is taking a heavy toll on all aspects of our lives –  including love, as meeting up physically with our loved ones is not easy under quarantine restrictions.

For one Filipino couple, though, these trying times became an opportunity to show how distance strengthens love and doesn’t actually diminish it.

They took a virtual prenuptial photoshoot

Soon-to-be bride Chrissie Sta. Ana from Pasig and husband Mac Cuaresma from Laguna showed us that love cannot be locked down amidst a pandemic, as they carried out their prenuptial photoshoot virtually even though they’re currently living miles apart from each other. 

The couple was supposed to hold their pictorial shoot last April 11th and May 1st, but they have no choice but to cancel their phototaking schedule due to lockdown measures across Metro Manila and various areas of the country.

But with the amazing photo editing skills of their photographer friend, Regine Magbiray, they were able to stage a ‘virtual’ prenup shoot as if they were not physically separated. 

“When we celebrated our anniversary last May 16, we had a virtual date too. My friend who is a photographer and graphic designer, who was supposed to be one of our prenup photographers, saw our virtual date and asked us if we want to have a virtual prenup shoot,” Sta. Ana said in her interview with Philippine Star. 

The photos looked as though they were together

Chrissie and Mac virtual prenupImage credit: Rareydge Photography

In one of their photos, for example, the couple seem to be eating face-to-face, when in fact we’re just seeing an optical illusion enabled by the strategic positioning of their tables.

virtual prenup Chrissie and MacImage credit: Rareydge Photography 

Mac seems to be singing his harana in front of Chrissie, but through the symmetrical placement of their photos both with a white background, we can look at this photo and feel as if they’re physically together. 

“This lockdown has become a memorable part of our love story and preparation for our wedding. It just proved that love finds a way and cannot be locked down,” Sta. Ana added in her interview. 

virtual prenup Chrissie and MacImage credit: Rareydge Photography

Online pre-wedding photoshoot amidst COVID-19

While holding weddings today isn’t the most ideal given the current scenario, couples can still find a way to be closer with their loved-ones, thanks to the gift of technology.

By taking a creative approach in their prenup shoot, Chrissie and Mac proved that couples can create memorable moments online, despite all odds. 

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Cover image adapted from: Mac Cuaresma, Rareydge Photography

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