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Cafe Agapita In Silang, Cavite Serves Filipino Fusion Breakfast In A Spacious Al-Fresco Area

Filipino fusion food at Cafe Agapita

Although we have Filipino food every day, many of us still crave Filipino food when we go out to eat. And when you’re admittedly not a great cook, finding an elevated Filipino food spot that’s not a chain restaurant yet still gives you a bang for your buck could be a challenge.

If you’re from Cavite or nearby, you can enjoy classic and reimagined Filipino food in a homey ambiance at Silang, Cavite’s Cafe Agapita. This dining spot has two stories for indoor dining but also has a spacious, al-fresco dining area surrounded by greenery, perfect for a truly comforting brunch.

Filipino comfort food & fusion recipes

Cafe Agapita - agahan burger
Agahan burger with a side of potato wedges
Image credit: @cafeagapita

Cafe Agapita’s Filipino fusion food doesn’t stray too far from the flavors we’re used to so you’ll be sure to finish your plate.

For instance, their Agahan burger (P270, ~USD5.34) is a burger that uses a longganisa (Filipino sausage) patty instead of the usual beef. Among their breakfast exclusives, they also have a deconstructed spam musubi (P240, ~USD4.75) which they serve with garlic rice, tomato-cucumber salad, and black coffee.

Cafe Agapita - Spam Musubi
Spam musubi with garlic rice and tomato-cucumber salad
Image credit: Cafe Agapita

If you wish to stick to the basics, the cafe also has all-day rice meals – adobo, bagnet, bistek, beef tapa, and bangus belly, served with garlic rice and sunny-side-up egg – that cost P220 to 300 (~USD4.35 to USD5.93). The cafe lets you buy as much extra rice and egg as you want, too, so you can eat at your heart’s content.

For variety, you can also pair your choice of Filipino comfort food with non-Filipino recipes such as chicken burger, grilled ham and egg sandwich, and a variety of pasta dishes, including chicken alfredo and tuna aglio olio.

Cakes and pastries

Cafe Agapita - cakes
Carrot cake, red velvet cake, and blueberry cheesecake

Image credit: @cafeagapita

As Cafe Agapita is also a bakery, they also offer delectable cakes and pastries which they bake in-house.

Along with the classic cake flavors such as carrot and red velvet, they have cakes in the Filipino flavor ube (purple yam). In particular, they sell ube cake (P145, ~USD2.87/slice; P1,650, ~USD32.63/whole) and ube macapuno (coconut sponge) cheesecake (P140, ~USD2.77/slice; P1,600, ~USD31.65/whole).

Cafe Agapita - Bluberry Danish
Blueberry Danish
Image credit: @cafeagapita

If you’re not in the mood for cakes but still crave something sweet, you can opt for pastries. Some of the pastries they offer are croissant, blueberry Danish, and the classic Filipino ensaymada – sweet bread generously topped with cream cheese and grated queso de bola (Edam cheese).

You can also bring home some freshly-baked bread from their bakery such as rye, raisin, toasty, and cheesy toasty bread.

Spacious outdoor dining area

Cafa Agapita - outdoor dining
The cafe’s outdoor dining area

Image credit: Cafe Agapita

Cafe Agapita’s exterior and interiors are a modern take to a traditional house. Its hardwood floors, brick walls, and wooden furniture are sure to make you feel nostalgia for ancestral homes. This is balanced out by floor-to-ceiling windows that give the place an airy ambiance.

If the homey feel of Cafe Agapita’s interiors isn’t for you, you can also enjoy Filipino comfort food while surrounded by nature. The cafe has chairs and tables in their garden surrounded by trees and plants.

There’s even another option if you wish to dine neither inside the cafe nor in the garden, with a shaded indoor-outdoor dining area that still allows great air circulation.

Takeout and delivery

Cafe Agapita - takeout or delivery
You can also get the cafe’s offerings for takeout or delivery
Image credit: @cafeagapita

If you wish to have Filipino comfort food from Cafe Agapita in your own home, takeout and delivery are also available.

The cafe’s in-house delivery service can deliver to Silang Bayan in Cavite. However, customers who are not from the area can also book a third-party delivery service such as Grab or Lalamove.

For delivery orders, they accept payments through GCash and bank transfer.

Cafe Agapita’s unique take on Filipino food

Cafe Agapita dips its toes in Filipino fusion food but makes sure that the flavors are familiar so we can still find comfort in them. With its many options of dining areas – including homey interiors and spacious outdoor seating – it’s certainly worth a visit.

For your safety, be sure to check out the Covid-19 guidelines which you can find on their FAQs page before you make the trip to the cafe.

Address: 11 Kapitan Sayas Street, Sabutan, Silang, Cavite
Opening hours: 7AM-8PM, Daily
Telephone: 0917 258 6600
Cafe Agapita’s Facebook | Instagram

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Cover image adapted from: Cafe Agapita and Cafe Agapita