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Moriz Place In Indang, Cavite Has A Huge Attic Bedroom & Game Room For Your Big Barkada Staycation

Barkada staycation in Cavite

If you belong to a big barkada (friend group), finding a vacation schedule that works for everyone can be difficult. You or your friends may not be able to make time to fly out to Manila and go to a beach town.

This shouldn’t stop you from going on vacation with the gang. For a short but meaningful bonding experience, bring everyone to Moriz Place in Indang, Cavite just a few hours away from the metro.

Modern bahay kubo

Moriz Place - attic bedroom 2
Attic bedroom
Image credit: Moriz Place

Moriz Place has a 2-story bahay kubo, a traditional Filipino house made with bamboo and has a nipa-thatched roof.

It has two bedrooms on the first floor but big friend groups will surely love its large attic bedroom that’s great for catching up with each other until you pass out.

The bahay kubo is also equipped with TV and wifi so your barkada can bond over TV shows and online games.

Game room with a roof deck

Moriz Place - game room interior
Game room interior
Image credit: Moriz Place

Don’t be misled by the main house’s traditional theme. In a modern cement and glass structure just a few steps away is a game room.

It houses equipment for all the quintessential drinking games – a billiard table, dartboard, and an arcade machine. If these aren’t enough, they also have card and board games.

The game room also has a roof deck which can be another place to drink or even sober up, depending on what you’d like it to be.

Other amenities

Moriz Place - barbecue and seating area
The barbecue and one of the seating areas
Image credit: Moriz Place

Besides the sleeping and entertainment areas, this staycation spot also has plenty of amenities where you can cook and eat.

There’s a kitchen inside the main house with a fridge, water dispenser, microwave oven, and oven toaster. It’s complete with cooking materials such as pots as well as utensils, so you won’t have to bring these items.

It also has a barbecue spot and several shaded, outdoor dining and seating areas for a relaxed dining experience.

Rate per night

Moriz Place - game room exterior
Game room exterior
Image credit: Moriz Place

The whole property which includes the modern bahay kubo, game room, barbecue, and outdoor dining and seating areas costs P10,500 (~USD204.36) per night for up to 10 guests. Moriz Place charges P500 (~USD9.73) per extra person, but they can only allow up to 15.

The property is also available to rent for shoots and events. For the rates, simply message them on Facebook.

Book a staycation at Moriz Place with your barkada

Many staycation spots near Metro Manila will let you enjoy a short vacation time with your barkada without having to spend a lot of time on travel.

With Moriz Place, you’ll even get your money’s worth with plenty of amenities your friend group will enjoy.

Address: Carasuchi-Anuling Street, Indang, Cavite
0926 757 0012
Moriz Place’s Facebook | Instagram

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Cover image adapted from: Moriz Place and Moriz Place