The Coffee Academics in Makati

The Coffee Academics has been serving quality coffee in Asia, namely in Hong Kong, Singapore, China, Thailand, Indonesia, and Malaysia. In March, the award-winning cafe chain finally opened a full-service cafe in Legazpi Village, Makati.

With coffee blends and ingredients from around the world, it’s certainly a place that self-confessed Filipino coffee connoisseurs should visit.

Single-origin worldwide blends

The Coffee Academics Philippines - single origin coffee
Single-origin, pour-over coffee.
Image credit: @thecoffeeacademicsph

The Coffee Academics has 8 variants of single-origin, pour-over coffee (from P190, ~USD3.58) available in limited quantities. You can choose from two brewing methods that allow you to extract a full-bodied flavor from the beans.

For an aromatic coffee, get the Ethiopian Yirgacheffe Kochere with floral and fruity hints. For something spiced, go for the Congo Sopacdi with cashew, nutmeg, and cocoa notes.

If you want to try a complex flavor, there’s the Papua New Guinea Fairtrade Organic which has a hint of herbs and a fruity sweetness that’s akin to melon.

Natural sweeteners from around the world

The Coffee Academics Philippines - Agave
Agave coffee.
Image credit: @thecoffeeacademicsph.togo

The cafe also serves hot or iced lattes lattes that use natural sweeteners from around the world starting at P210 (~USD3.95).

Okinawa is an cappuccino sweetened with raw brown cane sugar from Okinawa, Japan while Manuka is a latte that uses organic Manuka honey from New Zealand.

There’s also Agave – a latte with Mexican nectar and fresh, black pepper that gives the drink dimension. On the other hand, Indonesian Gula Jawa is a latte macchiato with palm sugar and subtle hints of coconut and pandan.

Tea selections

The Coffee Academics Philippines - yuzu kombucha
Yuzu kombucha.
Image credit: The Coffee Academics

The Coffee Academics is not just an expert in coffee but also in tea.

When you’re there, make sure to get a taste of their Organic Ambootia Darjeeling (P175, ~USD3.29), a unique drink that uses Indian tea leaves with floral and liquor flavors.

The Coffee Academics also takes homemade iced tea to the next level. Just try their yuzu kombucha (P195, ~USD3.67) a fizzy drink with yuzu honey made with an indigenous East Asian citrus fruit.

Filipino fusion cuisine

The Coffee Academics - eggs royale bibinga
Eggs royale bibingka.
Image credit:@foodiegirl_26

Included in The Coffee Academics’ wide array of Asian fusion cuisine are Filipino fusion dishes.

If you’re going at the cafe for brunch, get their eggs royale bibingka (P420, ~USD7.91) – eggs benedict that uses Filipino rice cake instead of English muffins.

The Coffee Academics Philippines - miso salmon in sarciado sauce
Miso salmon in sarciado sauce.
Image credit:@foodiegirl_26

For mains, try their Haciendero chicken (P380, ~USD7.15) which includes chicken fillet that has flavors from Negros provinces. Or get their miso salmon in sarciado sauce (P495, ~USD9.32) which combined the Japanese miso flavor with tomato-based Filipino sarciado sauce.

Award-winning Asian cafe chain comes to Makati

If you want to cement yourself as a coffee connoisseur, be sure to visit The Coffee Academics and taste their specialty coffee offerings from around the world.

Besides their Legazpi Village, Makati cafe, they also have a to-go kiosk in BGC, Taguig, perfect for busy bodies, and are soon to open a cafe in Alabang.

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Cover image adapted from: @thecoffeeacademicsph.togo and @foodiegirl_26 


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