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Rehabilitated Dogs Now Up For Adoption From Strays Worth Saving NGO, Fur Parents Needed

Rehabilitated stray dogs up for adoption from Strays Worth Saving

Aspins or asong Pinoy (mixed-breed dogs native to the Philippines) are often left astray or abandoned, but the non-government organization Strays Worth Saving believes they’re worth saving. They take in stray dogs left in precarious environments, rehabilitate them, and put them in loving homes.

If you’re looking to welcome a dog into your life but don’t want to shop, the NGO’s Facebook page is worth checking out. It is currently posting photos of dogs waiting to meet their fur parents.

The dogs up for adoption

Strays Worth Saving - dog rescue
The NGO also rescues dogs in dangerous environments such as creeks
Image credit: Strays Worth Saving Philippines

The dogs the NGO rescues aren’t only the ones who’ve lived by themselves on the streets. Some of them are found tied up for months in abandoned homes or even roaming in dangerous spots like creeks. There are even dogs that are in bad shape after getting hit by vehicles or being heavily infected with diseases.

Other times, the NGO also takes in big groups of dogs rescued from the pound where they would have been put down.

Rescue and rehabilitation

dogs for adoption
Creeky, who was rescued in a creek, is one of the dogs that are up for adoption
Image credit: Strays Worth Saving Philippines

At Strays Worth Saving, the rescue and rehabilitation is a team effort between the staff and dog lovers on Facebook.

The organization also gets tips from Facebook users about dogs that need help. The group will then post about the dogs on their page and begin raising money for the rescues. Many times, the people who make the reports assist in the rescue of the dogs.

Once the rescue is made, the dogs are taken to the vet to check for viruses, infections, and infestations. Then, fundraising is done if the dog needs further medication. Once the dogs have recovered, they are taken to the NGO’s shelter and put up for adoption on their Facebook page.

Other ways you can help

 in kind donations
The organization also accepts in-kind donations for the dogs in their shelter
Image credit: Strays Worth Saving Philippines

If you cannot adopt a dog at the moment, there are still many ways to help the dogs at Strays Worth Saving.

The NGO allows in-kind items such as dog food, dog shampoo, feeding bowls, and other necessities for the dogs in their shelter. You can communicate with the shelter staff on their Facebook page to find out how to send in-kind donations.

They also accept monetary donations and often post the exact amount a certain rescued dog needs to be medicated, so it helps to follow their page. You can also help by buying their official shirts through messaging them on Facebook.

Fur parents needed for rehabilitated dogs

When you save a dog once, they’ll give you unconditional love in return. Adopting a rehabilitated dog will get you a life companion.

If you’re looking to welcome a dog into your family, now is the perfect time to check out the NGO’s Facebook page or other animal rescue shelters in your area.

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Cover image adapted from: Strays Worth Saving Philippines and Strays Worth Saving Philippines