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SB19’s Bazinga Hits #1 On Billboard’s Hot Trending Songs Chart, Surpassing BTS’ Butter

SB19’s Bazinga tops Billboard’s Hot Trending Songs chart

P-pop boy group SB19‘s song Bazinga hit No. 1 on the Billboard’s Hot Trending Songs chart on 8 December. It rose to the top from its position at No. 8 in the previous week.

Bazinga dethroned BTSButter and surpassed other tracks from the world’s biggest boy group as well as songs from other popular K-pop acts.

Surpassing songs from top K-pop acts

Video credit: SB19 Official

SB19’s Bazinga in No. 1 caused BTS’ Butter to fall one spot, now at No. 2, followed closely by Permission to Dance at No. 3. The global K-pop act’s 2020 release Dynamite is also on the chart at No. 9.

BTS isn’t the only popular K-pop act that SB19 outranked in the recent Hot Trending Songs chart. Stray Kids has two songs on the list, Christmas EveL at No. 4 and Winter Falls at No. 10. EXO’s KAI’s newest title track Peaches also entered the chart at No. 8.

Thai actor Mew Suppasit, who is known for his BL series, is also on the list at No. 6 with his song Spaceman.

Billboard Hot Trending Songs chart

SB19 Bazinga - Billboard Hot Trending Songs
Billboard’s Hot Trending Songs chart dated 11th December

Image credit: @billboardcharts

Billboard’s Hot Trending Songs chart is based on Twitter mentions during each tracking week, which is the Friday to Thursday before the new chart is released.

Bazinga‘s No. 1 chart rank released 8th December was based on Twitter mentions from 26th November to 2nd December. The song garnered a whopping 1.5 million mentions during the period, which is 67% higher than their previous count, all thanks to SB19’s dedicated fanbase A’TIN.

SB19 brings honor to the Philippines

SB19 continues to bring honor to our country as they continue to make strides in the global music scene.

We can’t wait to see what other achievements Pablo, Stell, Ken, Josh, and Justin will unlock with their sheer determination and artistry and with the help of their dedicated fandom A’TIN.

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Cover image adapted from: @SB19Official