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Rocket’s Room Cafe In Bulacan Is A Retro-Inspired Cafe That’s Straight Out Of Your Childhood Dreams

Rocket’s Room Cafe

Those who grew up on late-90s to early-2000s movies may have at some point asked their parents to have retro-style bedrooms filled with posters and knickknacks. Even if your personal aesthetic has changed as an adult, you might still have nostalgia for the innocence you’ve experienced as a kid.

Rocket’s Room Cafe in Marilao, Bulacan lets you relive your childhood, with its retro-inspired interior, framed memorabilia, and even an arcade game. Plus, it also serves cheesy comfort food that’s sure to appease your inner child.

Retro-themed cafe

Rocket's Room Cafe - Tony Hawk signed skateboard
Retro posters and memorabilia, including a Tony Hawk-signed skateboard.
Image credit: Elvin John Roxas

Nothing screams more retro than Rocket Room Cafe’s choice of motif – navy blue and red. But beyond this, Rocket Room Cafe’s interior takes you to a visual journey of a person’s childhood to their teenage years.

Their store mascot, a dinosaur drawn comic-style, is painted on a wall, making the cafe look like a child’s room. There are framed posters, art, and memorabilia on the wall, including a skateboard signed by professional skateboarder Tony Hawk.

Rocket's Room Cafe - Pacman arcade machine
PacMan arcade machine.

Image credit: Elvin John Roxas

As you wait for your food, you can even play on their PacMan arcade machine – the ultimate dream for those who grew up as gamers.

Cheesy comfort food

Rocket's Room Cafe - Belunas Kitchen lasagna
Image credit: @rocketsroom_

Anything cheesy is reminiscent of childhood for many of us. As a token of this, Rocket’s Room Cafe incorporates cheese in many of their dishes. But don’t worry, these dishes will also suit your current adult palate – with just a touch of cheesy childhood nostalgia.

Rocket's Room Cafe - grilled cheese
Grilled cheese.

Image credit: @rocketsroom_

The cafe serves sourdough grilled cheese (P150, ~USD2.76) and rich, cheesy beef lasagna (P265, ~USD4.88), in partnership with another local business, Belunas Kitchen. For a light snack with a hint of cheese, you can also get potato chips with a creamy spinach dip (P180, ~USD3.31).

Pastry selections

Rocket's Room Cafe - cinnamon buns
Cinnamon buns.
Image credit: @rocketsroom_

If you want to indulge your sweet tooth, Rocket’s Room Cafe also offers pastries. Any self-confessed pastry lover knows they can never go wrong with a classic, cinnamon sticky bun (P110, ~USD2.02).

Skinny Donuts
Skinny donuts.

Image credit: @rocketsroom_

Those who are counting calories can still enjoy a sweet treat in the form of skinny donuts, which they can get for P150 (~USD2.76) at the cafe.

Coffee offerings

Yema Latte
Yema latte.
Image credit: @rocketsroom_

Since coffee is what fuels us tired adults, Rocket’s Room Cafe made sure to add exciting blends to its coffee menu.

Their patrons especially love their Horchata (P150, ~USD2.76) – a Mexican rice milk drink with cinnamon – which they offer every other day. While this isn’t normally caffeinated, you can ask the staff to add in a shot of espresso to boost your day.

You should also try their Yema Latte (from P130, ~USD2.39). Inspired by the Filipino candy yema, it’s made with sweet custard, milk, and 2 espresso shots.

Reminisce about your childhood at Rocket’s Room Cafe

You can’t go back to your childhood days, but you can at least feel its vibe at Rocket’s Room Cafe in Bulacan.

With their retro aesthetic and cheesy, childhood comfort food, you’ll get to escape from adulthood even just for a moment.

Address: Lot. No. 805, Pook Super NLEX Road, Patubig, Marilao, Bulacan
Opening hours: Mon 11am-8pm | Wed-Sun 1pm-9pm (Closed on Tuesdays)
Rocket’s Room Cafe’s Instagram

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Cover image adapted from: Elvin John Roxas, @rocketsroom_