IG-worthy, minimalist cafe in Baliuag, Bulacan

You and your friends might be over unlimited food restaurants and want to eat somewhere simple for a change. If you live in Bulacan province or are planning a trip there soon, Cafe Beam in Baliuag is worth checking out.

The place boasts clean, minimalist interiors worth a spot on your Instagram feed. They also have an impressive selection of coffee and serve an all-day brunch, ideal for friend groups who never seem to run out of topics to talk about.

Minimalist aesthetic from interiors to food presentation

Cafe Beam - minimalist interior
The cafe’s minimalist interior
Image credit: @chaimherreramd

Cafe Beam has the minimalist, beige aesthetic pinned to a T. With simple, white furniture and white and concrete walls, you’re sure to be able to take a great Instagram pic wherever you’re seated.

For those who are more into foodstagram photos, the coffee shop also takes their food presentation seriously. They serve their food well-plated in white kitchenware that’s on-theme.

Cafe Beam - non coffee drinks
You can ask the staff to put your drinks in a fancy glass if you wish
Image credit: @thecafebeam

Typically, they serve their drinks in takeaway cups but their staff will gladly switch the cups into fancy glasses if you ask them nicely.

Impressive coffee menu

Cafe Beam - Coffee
Different types of coffee in cute glasses

Image credit: @thecafebeam

The cafe has a wide selection of impressive coffee recipes. Aside from the classics – espresso, Americano, cappuccino, and mocha – they also offer specialty coffee.

These include the Beam latte (P150, ~USD2.97) – a shot of espresso, earl grey, caramel, milk, and sweet cream – and black sesame latte (P160, ~USD3.17) – black sesame espresso shot, black sesame cream, and milk. For a unique iced coffee option, there’s also the apple and passionfruit cold brew coffee (P150, ~USD2.97) which is cold brew with apple and passionfruit sauce.

Cafe Beam - non coffee drinks and food
Non-coffee drinks with the cafe’s pasta and croffles
Image credit: @thecafebeam

There are also beverages for non-coffee drinkers at Beam Cafe. They have matcha, chai, and strawberry latte, a wide range of teas, and flavored sodas.

You can enjoy your choice of beverage with the cafe’s croffles – a cross between a croissant and a waffle – in classic, cheesecake, and pizza flavors. The cafe is also offering authentic Italian gelatos soon, so you can watch out for that on their Facebook page.

Brunch offerings

Cafe Beam - Brekkie set
The Brekkie set

Image credit: @arin.sparkle

Cafe Beam serves brunch specialties and coffee all day, every day. They have three brunch options for different palates.

The Brekkie set (P285, ~USd5.64) consists of a croffle, Hungarian sausage, scrambled eggs, tater tots, mushrooms, and mixed greens.

For people who prefer their breakfast to be on the sweet side, their brioche french toast set (P200, ~USD3.96) has sliced brioche, fresh fruits, cream cheese, and syrups.

They also serve Beam salad (P175, ~USD3.46) for those who want to eat healthily. This has roasted chicken, mixed greens, cucumber, carrots, and croutons in sesame dressing.

Besides these brunch selections, the cafe also offers three types of udon pasta, namely bacon and mushroom, chicken pesto, and shrimp.

Al-fresco dining, takeout, & delivery

Cafe Beam - al fresco dining
Outdoor seating area

Image credit: @rachelkiml

If you’re not quite confident with dining indoors at restaurants and cafes just yet, outdoor seating is also available at Cafe Beam.

They’re also open for takeout and delivery if you want to enjoy their coffees, croffles, and other brunch specialties in the comfort of your home.

The cafe offers in-house delivery but in case your area is out of their range, you can try ordering through the Toktok app. 

Catch up with friends over coffee at Cafe Beam

Aesthetically pleasing interiors and food presentation might draw cafe enthusiasts to minimalist cafes, but great food makes Cafe Beam a highly recommended dining spot.

So if you live in Bulacan or find yourself in the area soon, be sure to check out this minimalist cafe. Just remember to bring a face mask and a face shield to keep yourself, the staff, and other customers safe and healthy.

Address: Unit 1-2, Point A Bldg, DRT Highway, Tarcan, Baliwag, Bulacan
Opening hours: 7AM-8PM, Sun–Mon; 7AM-7PM Tues–Sat
Telephone: 0945 185 6374
Cafe Beam’s Facebook | Instagram

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Cover image adapted from: @chaimherreramd and @arin.sparkle

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