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9 Pet-Friendly Cafes Around The Metro For Pet Owners To Take Your Furry Friends On A Fun Day Out

Pet-friendly cafes in the metro

As pet owners, we consider our pets family. Because of this, we’re constantly on the lookout for places in the metro that can accommodate our pets – big or small – when dining indoors or outdoors.

On that note, here are 9 pet-friendly cafes in Metro Manila for pet owners to take their pets on a day out from grooming salons to throwing pet parties.

1. Wallflower Cafe in Muntinlupa – play with the resident doggos Prince and Paupau

Pet-Friendly Cafes In Metro Manila - Wallflower Cafe
View from the outside – nature-themed wallpaper on a white background.
Image credit: Gio Evidente

If you enjoy having brunch out together with your fur baby, check out Wallflower Cafe in Muntinlupa, a white minimalist nature-themed cafe with a calm, quiet ambiance.

Pet-Friendly Cafes In Metro Manila - Wallflower Cafe - food for humans and pets
Grilled Cheese Sandwich (left) and a Cup of  Puppuccino (right)
Image adapted from: @elaye_reburiano and @cedrick.cockatzu

Food and drink selections from pancakes to rice meals to coffee and non-coffee beverages – such as teas and yogurt – are available for everyone in the pawmily to enjoy. That includes your furry friend, too. You can get them a snack such as a Cup of Puppuccino for P25 (~USD0.45), or even a meal such as the Chicken & Protein Bowl for P145 (~USD2.59).

Wallflower Cafe - Prince and Paupau
Image credit: The Wallflower Café

Additionally, with the free roaming space here, you can set your pets down and let them interact with the resident dogs Prince and Paupau while you enjoy your meal. So even if you’re not a pet owner, you can simply drop by and spend time with them as an instant stress reliever.

Address: Corte de las Palmas Alabang Town Center, Muntinlupa City
Opening hours: Mon–Fri 11am–9pm | Sat–Sun 10am–9pm
Telephone: 0917 162 9255

Wallflower Cafe’s Facebook | Instagram

2. The Paw Club Philippines in Pasay – pet grooming service, hotel, and cafe-restaurant

Pet-Friendly Cafes In Metro Manila - The Paw Club PhilippinesImage credit: Patrick Unson

The Paw Club Philippines in Pasay is luxury for your furry friends. Basically, pet owners can have their pets checked into a “hotel room” while they eat or relax as their pets are being taken care of.

Pet-Friendly Cafes In Metro Manila - The Paw Club Philippines - hotel for pets
Image credit: The Paw Club Philippines – SM by the BAY

While you’re eating, you can glance at your pet every once in a while through the glass doors of their “room” and ensure their safety.

Pet-Friendly Cafes In Metro Manila - The Paw Club Philippines - ambiance
Image credit: Yami Reyes

For pet owners, the cafe’s decorated with greenery, lights, and pops of bright colors that make the place look cheerful.

The Paw Club Philippines - playground
Image credit: The Paw Club Philippines

Take your pets out to the playground to test their agility and improve their skills. You can even get them a treat for a job well done.

The Paw Club Philippines - party for pets
Image credit: The Paw Club Philippines – SM by the BAY

Or if your pet’s birthday is coming up, you can even throw them a nice party and celebrate with meatballs, treats, and to top it off, a cake that they can have to themselves.

Address: Seaside Boulevard, SM Mall of Asia Complex, Central Business Park 1-A, Pasay, 1300 Metro Manila
Opening hours: Mon–Fri 11.30am–11pm | Sat–Sun 1oam–11pm
Telephone: 0977 781 3866
Email: [email protected]

The Paw Club Philippines’ Facebook | Instagram

3. Pawfee Bean in Caloocan – pet needs store, veterinary clinic, and study area

Pet-Friendly Cafes In Metro Manila - Pawfee BeanFront view of the store.
Image credit: Petlink Vet PH

Pawfee Bean in Caloocan is a cafe that offers grooming services from trims to medicated baths and pet lodgings for your pet to stay in.

Pet-Friendly Cafes In Metro Manila - Pawfee Bean - pet needs store
In-house pet needs store.
Image credit: @pawfeebean

But what’s also great about the cafe is that it has an in-house store that has medications, food, vitamins, and even toys that your pets need. This way, you won’t have to look further if you want to browse through and shop for some items for your pet.

Pawfee Bean - vet clinic
Pawfee Bean has a veterinary clinic within the store.
Image credit: @pawfeebean

Aside from the store, you can also have your pet checked by a veterinarian and get deworming and anti-rabies shots for free on Fridays. So if you happen to drop by on a Friday, grab the free check-up and have your pet examined.

Pawfee Bean - study area
Study area inside the store.
Image credit: Pawfee Bean

There’s even a study area where you can work or study without any distraction. Like a library, there are wide tables and shelves full of books that you can pick and read any time. You can also have your food and drink in this area for a hassle-free experience.

Address: 40 JYC Building, Epifanio Delos Santos Avenue, Caloocan City
Opening hours: 8am–12am, Daily
Telephone: 0938 250 8700 | 8682 4042
Email: [email protected]

Pawfee Bean’s websiteFacebook | Instagram

4. Caravan Black in Taguig – a pleasant ambiance for hoomans and their furry friends

Pet-Friendly Cafes In Metro Manila - Caravan BlackImage credit: Caravan Black Coffee Company

Caravan Black in Taguig is the place to visit for a cozy and spacious cafe where your pet can roam freely or lie down on the floor by your table.

Pet-Friendly Cafes In Metro Manila - Caravan Black - cats and dogs
Pet cats and dogs on their best behavior. 
Image adapted from: Caravan Black and Caravan Black

The cafe welcomes all pets whether they’re cats or dogs. After all, no one can resist their cuddly, furry faces.

Caravan Black - ample space
Image credit: Caravan Black

With the chairs and tables decently spaced out, this is also a good place to work or study if you want a change of scenery with your pet as a trusty companion.

Address: GF Seven Neo Bldg. 4th Ave BGC 1634 Fort Bonifacio, Taguig
Opening hours: Mon–Thu, Sun 8am–7pm | Fri–Sat 8am–9pm
Telephone: 0917 122 8795
Email: [email protected]

Caravan Black’s Facebook | Instagram

5. Odd Cafe in Makati – fun, geometric cafe where your furry friends can roam freely

Pet-Friendly Cafes In Metro Manila - Odd CafeGeometric structures inside Odd Cafe.
Image credit: Raul Dancel

If you want to go for somewhere quirky, head to Odd Cafe in Makati, a minimalist cafe with fun, geometric structures and decor with ample space for your pets to move around.

Pet-Friendly Cafes In Metro Manila - Odd Cafe - hoomans and pets
Image credit: @im_yodabear

The aesthetic, cozy furniture will make for a cute photo with your pet. Having a laid-back vibe, this place is a relaxing spot away from the hustle and bustle outside.

Address: 7th Floor Finman Centre Building 131 Tordesillas, corner Bautista, Salcedo Village, Makati
Opening hours: Mon–Tue 8am–8pm | Wed–Sun 8am–9pm

Odd Cafe’s Facebook | Instagram

6. Cafe GUILT in Quezon City – al fresco dining, healthy and pescatarian options, and happy hour

Pet-Friendly Cafes In Metro Manila - Cafe Guilt - al fresco dining
Al fresco dining at Cafe GUILT.

Image credit: @momoandchuck

If you and your pets love al fresco dining, then go to Cafe GUILT in Quezon City where you can enjoy a fresh breeze while you enjoy your meal.

Pet-Friendly Cafes In Metro Manila - Cafe Guilt - food options
Healthy alternatives to choose from such as gluten-free pancakes and Spinach Feta pizza.
Image credit: Cafe GUILT

This might also be the place for you if you’re looking for other alternatives such as gluten-free or pescatarian-friendly dishes. The cafe offers not only those options, but also dishes for meat lovers.

For healthier options, try the Gluten Free Pancakes for P425 (~USD7.59) or the Avo Toast for P398 (~USD7.11). If you’re a pescatarian, you can go for the Cheesy Baked Salmon priced at P628 (~USD11.22) and many others you can choose from.

If you’re a meat lover and want something hefty, opt for the Grassfed Ribeye Steak Rice P948 (~USD16.94) for a satisfying meal.

Cafe Guilt - craft cocktails
The cafe offers happy hour once it’s nighttime. 
Image credit: @cafeguilt

Also, if you come by at night time, you can simply enjoy happy hour with one of their craft cocktails such as a Your Own Version Sangria (P699, ~USD12.49). Upon inquiry, staff will hand you a form to fill out to make your very own customized Sangria drink.

Apart from that, you can also choose from the other cocktail selections, including Aperitifs, Sours, Highballs, classic wines, and hard liquor.

Address: 35 Scout Castor corner Scout Reyes, Quezon City
Opening hours: 10am–10pm, Daily
Telephone: 0917 167 6050
Email: [email protected]

Cafe GUILT’s Facebook | Instagram

7. Doggo Alley in Binondo – sanitary trims, treadmill exercise, and dog-themed drink names

Pet-Friendly Cafes In Metro Manila - Doggo Alley
Image credit: Bryan Kwok

If you’re looking for a simple, on-the-go type of setting, visit Doggo Alley in Binondo where you can have your pet groomed while you enjoy a quick refreshing drink.

Pet-Friendly Cafes In Metro Manila - Doggo Alley - interior
Image credit: Shè Yu

Although the cafe’s space is average, it’s well-maintained and neat enough for you to be comfortable while your pet is being groomed.

Pet-Friendly Cafes In Metro Manila - Doggo Alley - treadmill
Dogs using the treadmill.
Image adapted from: @doggoalley and @doggoalley

Aside from your usual pet grooming services such as sanitary trims (P200, ~USD3.58), you can also get your pet to exercise on a treadmill (P100, ~USD1.79 per 30 minutes) for fitness and keeping them active.

Doggo Alley - drinks
Rott-welvet Cheesecake (left) and Win-terrier-melon (right) milk tea.
Image adapted from: Doggo Alley and Doggo Alley

Milk tea lovers can order a classic or a premium milk tea that adorably named after dog breeds. You can go for the classic Win-terrier-melon – Wintermelon – (P75-P90, ~USD1.34-USD1.61) or go wild with the Rott-welvet Cheesecake – Red Velvet Cheesecake – (P85-P100, ~USD1.52-USD1.79) if you like cheese foam in your drink.

Address: Sky 1 Tower, 68 Dasmariñas St., Binondo, Manila
Opening hours: Mon–Sat 9am–6pm | Closed Sundays
Telephone: 0997 771 1444
Email: [email protected]

Doggo Alley’s Facebook | Instagram

8. Commune in Makati – drink Filipino coffee and interact with resident cats Mirage and Mocha

Pet-Friendly Cafes In Metro Manila - CommuneImage credit: Kaperista TV

For coffee lovers around Makati, visit Commune in Poblacion where you can get a hold of locally produced coffee beans.

Pet-Friendly Cafes In Metro Manila - Commune - Liberica
Liberica origin blend
Image credit: @peitstsai

The cafe has a website where you can shop for various products such as mugs, coffee beans, and coffee grinders for coffee connoisseurs and enthusiasts.

Commune - cute frothy design
Image adapted from: @so.jennylicious and @rojeuya

The cafe offers four bean types you can choose from – Arabica, Liberica (Barako), Excelsa, and Robusta – that can be made into a Hand-Poured Brewed Coffee (P120-P205, ~USD2.14-USD3.66) with the brewing method of your choice.

If you’re ordering a frothy drink, you’ll get cute doodles on your cup.

Commune - Mirage and Mocha
Resident cats Mirage (left) and Mocha (right).
Image adapted from: @nicolexgonzaga and Commune

While the Wallflower Cafe has resident dogs, Commune, on the other hand, has resident cats named Mirage and Mocha that you can pet and interact with. According to previous guests, Mirage is the one you’re bound to encounter more than Mocha.

Even if you don’t have pets, you’re welcome to visit these cats and have a cuppa to start the day.

Address: 36 Polaris Street, Poblacion 1210 Makati
Opening hours: 8am–12am, Daily
Telephone: (02) 8275 6324 | 0919 859 5848
Email: [email protected]

Commune’s websiteFacebook | Instagram

9. Kandle Cafe in Quezon City – spacious dining areas and events place

Pet-Friendly Cafes In Metro Manila - Kandle Cafe
Nature and modern-themed cafe.

Image credit: Marian Santos PH

If you’re looking for an outdoorsy cafe, go to Kandle Cafe in Quezon City for a space with fresh air coming from its surrounding greenery.

Pet-Friendly Cafes In Metro Manila - Kandle Cafe - indoor and outdoor dining in nature
Image adapted from: Sherdon Go and Sherdon Go

In addition, there are many tables in the indoor and outdoor seating areas. Thanks to the glass panels, you’ll be met with a garden view while having your meal.

Pet-Friendly Cafes In Metro Manila - Kandle Cafe - pets
Image credit: Kandle Cafe 

Although the cafe allows pets indoors, dining outdoors by the garden can give your pet more space to play and run around without worry whereas indoors, your pet has to maintain good behavior as some of the displays are easily reachable.

Kandle Cafe - events place
Image credit: Kandle Cafe

What’s more, if you’re looking for a place to book an event such as a birthday or christening, whether it’s for a little human or a fur baby, the cafe serves as an events place as well as the indoor space, alone, can cover 50-60 guests.

Events for large groups of 50-100 guests in the indoor and outdoor spaces cost P67,200-P112,000 (~USD1,200.47-USD2,000.79) depending on the chosen package. More intimate gatherings of 10-70 guests in the outdoor space or function room will range from P10,000-P61,000 (~USD178.64-USD1,089.67).

All events can take up to four hours, with a fee of P1,000 (~USD17.87) charged for every succeeding hour.

Address: 113 Mother Ignacia Avenue, 1103 Quezon City
Opening hours: Mon–Thu 10am–11pm | Fri 10am–12am | Sat–Sun 7am–12am
Telephone: (02) 8372 4504
Email: [email protected]

Kandle Cafe’s Facebook | Instagram

Pet-friendly cafes in Metro Manila

Gone are the days where you have your pets groomed then get bored or hungry while you wait. In these cafes, both you and your pets will be able to enjoy themselves.

So pack what you need and treat your furry friends to exercises, playgrounds, parties, or spaces where they can roam freely on a fun day out.

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Cover image adapted from: Doggo Alley, @so.jennylicious, and The Wallflower Café