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Seaworthy Boracay In Aklan’s Percy Seafood Restaurant: Seasonal Fish, Cocktails & Grilled Lobsters

Percy Seafood restaurant

When we’re at the beach, we think of sunbathing, swimming in the ocean, refreshing drinks, or sometimes, various ways to eat fresh seafood.

If you’re a seafood lover, visit Percy Seafood restaurant at Seaworthy Boracay in Aklan, where you can choose from a plethora of seafood dishes.

Local, rustic style

Percy Seafood at Seaworthy Boracay in Aklan - welcoming ambiance
Image credit: Percy Seafood Boracay

The restaurant is quite visible because it’s situated along the beach, where guests often roam and spend their time.

Percy Seafood at Seaworthy Boracay in Aklan - local rustic
Image credit: Percy Seafood Boracay

From the outside, you’ll notice its welcoming ambiance with the open entrances, where guests can easily walk through.

Additionally, the restaurant vibes with the local, rustic feel of the beach with woven chairs and decorations, wooden tables, and a nipa hut-inspired covering by the bar.

Serves a variety of seafood dishes

Percy Seafood at Seaworthy Boracay in Aklan - seafood
Image adapted from @percyseafoodboracay and @percyseafoodboracay

From the name itself, Percy Seafood offers a wide range of seafood dishes from cold dishes to specialties such as the Grilled Palawan Lobster priced at P4,950 (~USD94.77) per 600g-700g and with a choice of Garlic-Butter sauce or Thai Nam Jim sauce.

Aside from lobster, you can order various crab dishes such as the Thai Curry Crab or Thai Crab with Glass Noodles, priced at P1,490 (~USD28.52) each. You can also order their cold dish Percy Seafood Cocktail which consists of oysters, prawns, clams, and scallops, good for sharing with your friends or family. The cocktail is priced at P1,490 (~USD28.52).

What’s more, the restaurant serves vegan and also meat options. Vegan dishes, such as the Tofu Grain Bowl, range from P380-P390 (~USD7.27-USD7.46) each. Alternately, from the Caribbean-Style Jerk Chicken to the Steak Frites, the meat dishes range from P590-P1,190 (~USD11.29-USD22.78).

Seaworthy Boracay hotel resort

ercy Seafood at Seaworthy Boracay in Aklan - seaworthy boracay
Image credit: Mdt Reyes

Seaworthy Boracay is a hotel and resort projected to launch around May 2022. Situated above the restaurant, its interiors that are similar to the restaurant’s local and rustic aesthetic that’ll give homey feels.

Despite not being open to guests yet, you can check their social media pages or send them a message here for further details and updates.

Percy Seafood at Seaworthy Boracay in Aklan

If you’re in Boracay Station 1 and are craving some seafood, head to Percy Seafood restaurant at Seaworthy Boracay in Aklan, where you can eat as much seafood as you want while enjoying the ocean view.

Bon appetit!

Address: Seaworthy Boracay 5608 Boracay, Aklan
Opening hours: 11AM-9PM, Daily

Percy Seafood’s Facebook | Instagram

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Cover image adapted from Percy Seafood Boracay and @percyseafoodboracay