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Manjuyod Sandbar: The “Maldives Of The Philippines” Where You Can Bask On A Crystalline White Beach

Manjuyod Sandbar, the “Maldives of the Philippines”

Many of us have probably been to the most popular beaches in the Philippines, but with the thousands of islands in the country, there are many natural wonders around that some may have yet to discover.

One of them is Negros Oriental’s Manjuyod Sandbar, often considered as the Maldives of the Philippines.

It features a 7-kilometer stretch of white sand

Manjuyod Sandbar Maldives of the Philippines
Image credit: @john_push 

It’s no wonder why the sandbar deserves the comparison – the paradise on earth features a 7-kilometer stretch of white sand, surrounded by crystalline waters, that emerges during low tide. Beautiful wooden cottages dot the sandbar as well, so during high tide, they appear to float on water.

Devoid of any commercial establishments and surrounded with nothing but what nature can offer, the Manjuyod Sandbar is where you can truly get away from it all.

Manjuyod Sandbar Maldives of the PhilippinesImage adapted from: @heykidinside, @pearloftheorientdiscoveries

Activities include dolphin-watching and riding a banana boat

Manjuyod Sandbar Maldives of the Philippines - dolphin watching
Image credit: @manjuyod_sandbar

Aside from frolicking on the sand and swimming in crystalline waters, you can also enjoy various activities such as dolphin-watching which you can book from P2,400 (~USD49.35) with travel agencies along with a sandbar tour. 

Do take note that you aren’t allowed to swim with or feed the dolphins to avoid stressing them out, and the best season for watching is from March to October. 

Manjuyod Sandbar Maldives of the Philippines - banana boat ride
Image adapted from: @mike.hechanova

If you’re with your friends or family, riding a 15-minute banana boat ride will only cost each person P200 (~USD4.11) per trip. A small motorboat will be connected to the banana boat to pull it along – making this an easy and safe way for even non-swimmers to experience the sea up close.

Where to stay

Manjuyod Sandbar Maldives of the Philippines - cottages
Image credit: @wherethesefeethavegone 

The cottages on the sandbar are being offered for rent. Daytime and overnight use is at P5,000 (~USD102.82) each, and if you want to stay for 24 hours, you’ll have to pay P9,000 (~USD185.07). There’s no electricity in the cottages, however, so bring as much equipment as you’ll need. Bring enough baon with you as well, as restaurants can’t be found in the area.

Alternatively, you can book rooms in hotels such as La Planta Hotel and Dumaguete Royal Suite Inn in the nearby cities of Bais and Dumaguete, respectively. 

How to get there

Manjuyod Sandbar Maldives of the Philippines
Image credit: @cityofsmiles 

To reach the sandbar from Metro Manila, first book a flight going to Dumaguete. Once you’re at the Dumaguete airport, ride a Ceres bus (P55, ~USD1.13) going to Bais, and alight at Brgy. Calindagan. 

Afterwards, take a tricycle to Canibol Wharf or Capiñahan Wharf, where you’ll rent a boat, starting at P3,500 (~USD72.01, good for 5-7 persons), that will take you to Manjuyod Sandbar. 

The boat rental includes a whole-day tour to the sandbar, Bais City Bird Sanctuary, and Mangrove Forest. To arrange a boat ride, contact the Manjuyod Tourism Office at 0919 488 2950 or [email protected]

Manjuyod Sandbar

Brimming with beautiful waters and a pristine landscape, the Manjuyod Sandbar is a hidden gem where you can take a break to be truly at peace with nature. 

For travelers living in GCQ or MGCQ areas, visiting the sandbar should definitely be something you can plan on doing for future summer holidays. 

Address: Manjuyod, 6208 Negros Oriental 

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Cover image adapted from: @heykidinside, @john_push