Manila 2076, a new card game about futuristic Manila

Movies depicting futuristic, dystopian settings have been popular lately, with Blade Runner 2049 and Ghost in the Shell among the films bringing cyberpunk creativity to the next level. 

They tend to be inspired by big cities like Los Angeles and Tokyo however, so Manila 2076, a new card game developed by local game designer Fred Tay, is here to showcase how Manila can also be an exciting setting for a futuristic story.

The game presents Manila controlled by powerful mega-corporations

Manila 2076Image credit: @manila2076thegame

Set 55 years from now, Manila 2076 is a quick cyberpunk-themed game set in a dystopian, sci-fi future version of Manila. It requires players to survive in the city under the full control of powerful mega-corporations that dictate every decision for its citizens – from where they live to where they work.

Players will take the role of a group of insurgents tasked to safely retrieve valuable data, that will be key to their freedom, from the corporations’ headquarters. Good for 2 to 4 players and plays around 15-20 minutes, it’s a competitive tabletop card game that rewards the player who gets the most data.

Players can attack, hack, or sneak

Manila 2076
Image credit: @manila2076thegame

To play the game, each player will choose a character card. There will be 12 action cards allocated to each player, and the cards can be used to attack, hack, or sneak into the data center. 

Video credit: Fred Tay

Six data cards will be placed in front of the players to form the data center. 

How to purchase the game

For your next game sessions with your fam or barkada, you can have the card game delivered straight to your doorstep. Manila 2076 retails at Board Game Express’s Facebook page and Shopee for P1,000 (~USD20.82). 

Aside from supporting local game designers, you’ll also be helping underprivileged children when you purchase the game. Proceeds will be donated to AHA Learning Center, a non-profit organization that helps underserved public school students perform better in school. 

There are many reasons to support this new card game indeed!

Manila 2076 is a new card game set in a futuristic Manila

A chaotic jungle of modern skyscrapers and historical buildings, Manila is brimming with stories to tell. 

So Manila 2076 definitely brings out the best in our city, unleashing its full potential for a futuristic story like never before.

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