inDrive to launch in the Philippines

Buckle up, commuters. A new app is entering the ride-hailing game and it’s none other than inDrive. Read on to know more about this app that’ll be hitting the streets soon.

Get ready for a fresh twist in your daily commute!

About inDrive

inDrive Philippines - about inDrive
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Like Uber and Grab, inDrive is one of the biggest ride-hailing companies around the globe. While it was founded in Russia, their headquarters is located in the US.

Now, the Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board (LTFRB) has given inDrive a stamp of approval as a transport network company to be launched in the Philippines. As a start, the company is aiming to recruit drivers in selected parts of the country including Bacolod, Baguio, and Iloilo City.

The company has yet to announce the exact date of their formal launch, so make sure to keep a look out for future announcements.

Addition to ride-hailing apps

inDrive Philippines - ride-hailing apps
Image adapted from: Grab, Angkas, JoyRide Superapp via Facebook

The Philippines currently has three recognized ride-hailing appsGrab, Angkas, and JoyRide.

In a nutshell, Grab has been around longer out of the three. Most commuters rely on it because of this fact. Depending on the location, distance, and peak hours, the fare starts at P85 (~USD1.53) with an added P15-P18 (~USD0.27-USD0.32) every kilometer. Since this app’s debut in 2013, more features have been added such as GrabFood and GrabMart.

Some prefer Angkas for its easy and affordable booking system. Like Grab, they also offer purchasing and delivery services. Their base fare is at P50 (~USD0.90) for the first two kilometers, then P10 (~USD0.18) is added for every succeeding kilometer.

JoyRide is a much newer app, having launched in 2019. A combination of Grab and Angkas, it offers both motorcycle and four-wheel vehicle rides. Similar to the two, this app also offers delivery services where you can choose between a motorcycle or a multi-vehicle courier. The fare starts at P50 (~USD0.90) for the first two kilometers, P10 (~USD0.18) is added for the succeeding seven kilometers, then P15 (~USD0.27) is added for every kilometer after that.

inDrive Philippines - tricycle rides in Bacolod
Image credit: inDrive via Facebook 

Now, adding into the mix is inDrive. What sets this app apart from the rest is that passengers have the freedom to negotiate fares with the driver. Passengers can offer an amount and it’ll be up to the driver whether they’ll accept, decline, or counter-offer. All the same, passengers will be able to choose from a list of available drivers and see important details from driver ratings to the vehicle unit.

At the moment, tricycle rides (only in Bacolod) for inDrive have commenced with 300 riders currently in tow.

Impact on the market

inDrive Philippines - new ride-hailing app
Image credit: inDrive via Facebook 

As it inches closer to its debut in the country, inDrive has already piqued the interest of eager commuters nationwide. As the countdown begins, speculation swirls about how this new player will impact the existing ride-hailing dynamics.

So if you’re one of the many curious minds, then stay tuned for the grand entrance of inDrive, an app that’ll potentially revolutionize your daily travels.

inDrive, the new ride-hailing alternative

inDrive stepping into the Philippines poses not just as a new ride-hailing alternative – it’s also the promise of a revamped, more user-centric experience.

Whether you’re a daily commuter or an occasional traveler, be ready to explore the roads with a fresh perspective – inDrive is here to drive change.

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Cover image adapted from: inDrive, inDrive via Facebook

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