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Igorot Stone Kingdom In Baguio City Ordered To Close, Mayor Cites Business Permit & Safety Issues

Igorot Stone Kingdom closed down

PSA for Baguio tourists: the Igorot Stone Kingdom has been shut down on the 9th of November 2022 and can no longer accommodate visitors until further notice.

This is after Mayor Benjamin Magalong ordered its closure on 8th November 2022, citing the attraction’s business permit and safety issues. Its entrance was subsequently padlocked by authorities the following day.

Business permit and safety issues

Igorot Stone Kingdom buildings
Igorot Stone Kingdom.
Image credit: @genelynmaludeg

According to Magalong, the 6,000sqm attraction which opened in May 2021 has been operating without a business permit. It also has no building permits for its man-made stone structures, so their structural integrity can’t be guaranteed.

Magalong said that the attraction is potentially dangerous. According to Baguio City’s ongoing Climate Risk and Vulnerability Assessment, Igorot Stone Kingdom’s structures have “very high landslide exposure.”

The Mines and Geo-Sciences Bureau also confirmed that the area is “prone to erosion.”

Management built more structures

Igorot Stone Kingdom - closed
Authorities padlocked the attraction on 9th November 2022.
Image credit: Baguio Public Information Office/Neil Ongchangco

According to the Baguio Public Information Office’s post, the owner Pio Velasco had received a notice about the attraction’s violations and had been given time to meet safety requirements. However, the management built more structures within the attraction and defied cease and desist orders.

On 7th November 2022, the City Buildings and Architecture Office filed a criminal case against the owner for violating the National Building Code.

According to Velasco in an interview on 9th November, the Igorot Stone Kingdom is a landslide protection structure but the City Engineering Office has yet to certify it. It has also been trying to comply with the requirements but government processes have been slowing it down.

Igorot Stone Kingdom padlocked

This news may disappoint the people who haven’t seen the attraction yet but its closure is for everyone’s safety.

Still, there’s nothing to worry about if you’re headed to Baguio anytime soon as there are more attractions to visit in the city on a budget.

There’s even a festival happening this November that has events to fuel your creativity.

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Cover image adapted from: @genelynmaludeg and Baguio Public Information Office/Neil Ongchangco