Best humidifiers in the Philippines

While you might want to stay in the cold 24/7 given the scorching heat of the Philippines, too much dryness in the air can actually cause a lot of complications inside and out, such as aggravating flu symptoms and drying our skin, hair, and scalps. 

To ensure that your surroundings will have enough humidity, we’ve listed down below 9 best humidifiers in the Philippines, arranged according to their suitability for different types of rooms and environments, so you can breathe easy and keep your skin hydrated.

– For medium to large rooms –

1. Deerma F600 Air Humidifier – designed with touch buttons

Humidifiers - Deerma F600 Air Humidifier
Image credit: Shopee 

With a water tank capacity of 5 liters, the Deerma F600 Air Humidifier (P1,299, ~USD27.01) is best for large rooms – it can provide humidification of about 250-340ml per hour.

Aside from its capacity, the humidifier is also designed with many unique features. For one, its touch buttons make usage easier. During days when your house smells bad, you can also rely on the humidifier to diffuse essential oils. 

Whenever it’s out of water, there’s an automatic shut-off feature that will turn off the humidifier – so you don’t need to worry about overusing the equipment.

Buy the Deerma F600 Air Humidifier here.

2. Levoit Ultrasonic Humidifier – produces fine water mist at a quiet volume

Humidifiers - Levoit Ultrasonic Humidifier
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The LEVOIT Ultrasonic Humidifier (P9,000, ~USD187.14) can be expensive, but it’s definitely worth the purchase if you want to truly ensure the quality of your home’s humidity. Its whopping 6-liter water tank works quietly because it’s an ultrasonic type of humidifier – which means that it can produce a very fine mist at a quiet volume by using sound vibrations. Folks particular about their bedroom’s humidity levels whenever they sleep should definitely check out this product.

Aside from its ultrasonic feature, it’s also capable of producing both cool and warm mist, making this useful in various types of situations such as when you’re suffering from asthma or want to reduce allergens in your surroundings respectively. 

Like the Deerma F600 Air Humidifier, this ultrasonic humidifier can automatically switch itself off when it’s out of water. It also has a humidity sensor that can adjust the mist level, so you don’t need to always remind yourself to increase or decrease your room’s humidity. A remote control also enables you to adjust the settings without leaving your chair or bed. 

Buy the LEVOIT Ultrasonic Humidifier here.

3. Crane 4-in-1 TRUE HEPA Humidifier – features a HEPA filter and germicidal UV light

Humidifiers - 4-in-1 TRUE HEPA Humidifier
Image credit: Crane Philippines 

To ensure that your household is as free of pathogens that can cause disease as possible, Crane’s 4-in-1 TRUE HEPA Humidifier (P7,999.75, ~USD165.32) has a HEPA filter and germicidal UV light that can help reduce the presence of viruses, bacteria, fungi, and other small particles. 

Like the LEVOIT, this humidifier can also produce warm and cool mist and is equipped with a remote control as well as 360-degree rotatable nozzles, so you don’t need to move the humidifier left and right whenever you want to change the direction of the mist. For nights you need to destress with the comforting mist of essential oils, there’s also an aroma tray built inside where you can pour the oil of your choice. 

Buy the Crane 4-in-1 TRUE HEPA Humidifier here

– Portable humidifiers –

4. Somoq USB Air Humidifier – keeps you cool with a fan

Humidifier - Somoq USB Air Humidifier
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If you tend to sweat a lot during the day, the Somoq USB Air Humidifier (P1,389, ~USD28.71) can be your best choice. Aside from keeping your surroundings breathable, it comes with a fan to keep you fresh amidst the Philippine heat. 

Using the humidifier should also be easy. Charging can be done by connecting it to a USB connector, and when you want to switch the settings without moving from the comforts of your bed or seat, there’s also a remote control you can use.

Buy the Somoq USB Air Humidifier here.

5. Tylex X-H58 USB Mini Portable Air Humidifier – best for cars

Humidifiers - Tylex X-H58 USB Mini Portable Air Humidifier
Image credit: Tylex 

With its minimalist, portable design, the Tylex X-H58 Humidifier (P349, ~USD7.21) can easily be placed inside vehicles. Since it has a water tank capacity of 0.32 liters, it’s also perfect for a day of driving in and out of the office – it can last for up to 6 hours when used continuously or up to 12 hours if used irregularly.

To switch it on or charge it, just connect the humidifier to a USB outlet. 

Buy the Tylex X-H58 Humidifier here

– For bedrooms –

6. Crane’s Elliot The Elephant Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier – best for children’s bedrooms

Humidifiers - Crane’s Elliot The Elephant Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier
Image credit: @crane_ph 

Aside from its cute design, Crane’s Elliot The Elephant (P3,799.75, ~USD78.47) will definitely earn your kid’s approval because of its cool mist feature that emits cool vapors which can in turn relieve their cough, cold, and flu symptoms. Parents can be sure that their kids can sleep well while the humidifier is on since being ultrasonic, it operates at a quiet volume. 

When its water tank becomes empty, there’s also an automatic shut-off feature that will let the humidifier stop. And when it’s time to refill the tank with water, you can just remove the 1-gallon tank which can fit most bathroom sinks. 

Buy Crane’s Elliot The Elephant Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier here

7. Blue Water Crystal Humidifier – features a star projector

Humidifiers - Blue Water Crystal Humidifier
Image credit: Blue Water Official

Putting the kids to sleep at night can be challenging sometimes, but the Blue Water Crystal Humidifier (P418, ~USD8.64) can help them relax with its calming blue star projector. It’s indeed a perfect humidifier that can help kids sleep faster – given that it’s also ultrasonic, it won’t disturb your sleep as much with its quiet sound.

Buy the Blue Water Crystal Humidifier here.

8. Imarflex Ultrasonic Humidifier – has flexible mist and light controls

Humidifiers - Imarflex Ultrasonic Humidifier
Image credit: Lazada 

The Imarflex Ultrasonic Humidifier (P2,700, ~USD55.80) might look small, but it’s actually a beast for its size. It can carry up to 2.5 liters of water that can help the humidifier provide moisture for up to 15 hours. 

It’s also flexible to use – you can control the level of mist from low to high, as well as select from 7 different mood light colors. The mist spray cover also rotates 360°, so you can ensure that every corner of your room gets the amount of water vapor it needs. 

If you’re looking for a humidifier that works without necessarily hurting your wallet, this humidifier is indeed something you should consider. 

Buy the Imarflex Ultrasonic Humidifier here.

9. Belluno Pet Humidifier – adorable minimalist humidifier

Humidifiers - Belluno Pet Humidifier
Image adapted from: Bob J. 

To add a touch of fun to your bedroom while keeping your lungs and skin healthy, you should check out the Belluno Pet Humidifier (P327,~USD6.76). Small, rounded, minimalist, and with a cute miniature figurine popping out of its mini-window, it’s a humidifier that can accentuate your space by lighting up with multiple LED light colors. 

Inside, it has a water tank capacity of 300ml which can help your air stay moisturized for up to 12 hours. Just make sure to not pour distilled and pure water into the tank, as instructed. 

Buy the Belluno Pet Humidifier here.

Humidifiers in the Philippines

Catering to different types of rooms and environments, the humidifiers above will ensure that your surroundings have breathable air as well as keep your skin moisturized. 

They also come with special functions, from touch buttons to light controls to portability, to suit your specific needs.

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