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Ginza In Makati Is A Hidden Izakaya That Offers Authentic Japanese Food & Philippine-Made Furniture

Ginza restaurant in Makati

While most of us enjoy a traditional Japanese restaurant that’s always out in the open and easily accessible, sometimes, unique and mysterious hidden restaurants can be exciting and thrilling too.

Go to Ginza in Makati if you like eating Japanese food, looking around luxury furniture, and dining at hidden restaurants around Metro Manila.

Hidden izakaya

Ginza in Makati - furniture store
Image adapted from @isla_silanga and @isla_silanga

While most restaurants are exposed for everyone to see, you may need your observation skills in finding this one. Ginza is a hidden izakaya (type of Japanese bar) in a furniture store called Fashion Interiors.

ginza makati interior
Image adapted from: Fernando Zaldarriaga

Outside, you can hardly see the location as it’s surrounded by warehouses. Upon finding and entering the restaurant, the setup looks as if it were a normal furniture store – with plush cushions and artificial greenery – that you would easily pass through without finding the izakaya entrance, so be sure to keep a look out for staff who can lead you straight to the restaurant.

Variety of Japanese dishes

Ginza in Makati - Japanese dishes
Image adapted from Jason King and Jason King 

Overall, the restaurant offers a wide range of Japanese dishes inspired by travel and experiences from robata to futomaki to a selection of donburi. Some of their dishes include the Toyosu Salad (P690, ~USD13.19) and the Gyuniku Aspara Maki (P165, ~USD3.15).

Japanese dishes - udon
Image credit: @ginza_ph

For heavier meals, try out their noodle and rice dishes such as the Ginza Sumiyaki Udon for P580 (~USD11.07) and the Kaisen Kamameshi for P530 (~USD10.12).

Or if you want to try a bit of everything, order a bento box such as the Tonkatsu Bento (P800, ~USD15.27) for a classic or the Wagyu Teppanyaki Bento (P2,500 ~USD47.71) for an indulgent meal.

Filipino-made furniture showcased

Filipino-made furniture
Image adapted from @noahhsalcedo and @pedroclarissa_

Feel free to look around the showcased furniture, in which some are Filipino-made. It’s also a good way to pass the time while you wait for your food to be served at the table.

Ginza in Makati

So if you’re interested in looking for hidden food spots, Japanese food, or just out to buy some furniture with a place to rest for a bit, consider going to Ginza in Makati for a unique dining experience.

Address: 2307 Chino Roces Ave (Inside Fashion Interiors) 1232 Makati, Taguig
Opening hours: Sun–Thu 11AM–10.30Pm | Fri–Sat 11AM–12AM
Telephone: 0917 621 2171 and 0917 574 4962
Email: [email protected]

Ginza’s Facebook | Instagram

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Cover image adapted from Jason King and @ginza_ph