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Fred’s Revolucion: An Eclectic Dive Bar Serving Local Craft Beer, Bratwursts, & Ho Chi Wings

Fred’s Revolucion

Fred’s Revolucion is an easy-going dive bar where the drinks aren’t overpriced, the pulutan (bar chow) are restaurant-quality, and the crew treat you like their barkada (friend).

It’s one of the few drinking spots in the metro where you would feel at home. The ambiance is as non-intimidating as your cool friend’s garage— where everyone loves to hang out and have great conversations over an ice-cold beer.

Affordable drinks & local craft beer on tap

Fred's Revolucion - beer
4 bottles of pale pilsner on a weighing scale.
Image credit: Fred’s Revolucion

Unlike other bars in the metro, Fred’s keeps their liquor at a reasonable price to let its patrons enjoy social drinking without breaking the bank. You can get your usual 6-bottle bucket of Pale Pilsen, Mule, Heineken and other commercial beers starting at P522 (~USD9.25). They also serve craft beer straight from the tap for a fresher and crisper beer flavor.

Those who aren’t into beers can order cocktails, including daiquiri, margarita, gin, and tonic, starting at P200 (~USD3.54) a glass. And if you prefer hard liquor’s darker and smoother texture, you can order shots of their brandy, whisky, rum, and gin.

Freshly cooked bar chow

beef sausage
Beef sausage & curry vegetables on rice. 
Image credit: Fred’s 

Other dive bars sometimes have limited food selections since most patrons just go there for drinks, but not at Fred’s Revolucion; here, you know your food is cooked fresh as you order. Their menu has a diverse selection, from Filipino fried pork to Thai noodles.

Rauchwurst (smoked sausage), baked potato with chives & egg.

Image credit: Fred’s

Some of our favorites include their split banger and mash (P248, ~USD4.39), a large bratwurst with mashed potatoes and gravy; Ho Chi Wings (P288, ~USD5.10), which are crispy chicken wings drenched in a sweet and spicy sauce, fondly named after Vietnamese leader Ho Chi Minh.

They also have holy schnitzel (P268, ~USD4.75), beer-battered onion rings (P200, ~USD3.54), and the quintessential Filipino pulutan, nude nuts (P100, ~USD1.77), which are peanuts fried in garlic and bagnet (twice-fried pork belly) oil.

Eclectic interiors

Fred's Revolucion - Cubao Expo
Ground-floor bar area in Fred’s Cubao X.
Image credit: Fred’s Revolucion

Fred’s Revolucion has two branches; one in Cubao Expo in Quezon City and another in the historic First United Building in Escolta, Manila. These spots are famous hangouts for those into the counterculture or non-mainstream.

Fred's Cubao X
A Keanu Reeves mem banner at Fred’s Cubao X. 
Image credit: Fred’s Revolucion

Both branches have primarily wooden furniture with apparent signs of wear, making it look more rustic than polished. Photographs of socialist imagery line the walls alongside beer cans and several vintage signages. Recently, they even added banners of Keanu Reeves and Snoop Dogg in religious robes just for the heck of it.

Dive bar in Quezon city & Manila

If you’re looking for a no-fuss drinking spot, Fred’s Revolucion might be that one place you’ll always return to. Enjoy restaurant-quality meals and a laid-back environment where you can enjoy a cold one with the barkada (friends).

Cubao Expo
Shop 66 Cubao Expo, General Romulo Ave., Cubao, Quezon City
First United Building, 413 Escolta St, Santa Cruz, Manila
Opening hours: Tue–Sun, 12nn-11pm | Closed Mondays

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Cover image adapted from: Fred’s Revolucion and StreetVibe