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Baguio Craft Brewery: Locally Made Draft Beer With Flavor Notes Of Strawberry, Mango & Wheat

Baguio Craft Brewery

The Baguio Craft Brewery has been a staple gastropub destination for those who visit the summer capital of the Philippines.

You’ll taste unique and interesting alcoholic beverages far from the usual commercially produced beers here.

Craft beer from the tap

Draft Beer
Beer from the tap

Image credit: Baguio Craft Brewery

Ordering your drink at the brewery can be intimidating at first, especially if you know nothing about the terminology. But don’t worry because the bartenders are helpful; just describe to them what flavor you’re looking for. In fact, you can even ask for a tiny sample if they’re not particularly busy.

Baguio craft Sampler
Beer sampler

Image credit: The pub’s Facebook page

On the other hand, you could order yourself tasters, or a set of small shots of every beer flavor, to decide which one you like the best before ordering a whole glass.

Draft beer
The main bar at the pub
Image credit: The pub’s Facebook page

All their craft beers come from kegs and connect to a tap that ensures the freshness of each drink. Drinking beer from the tap also gives it enough fizzle, letting you taste the flavors more. You’ll know the big difference if you’ve ever had a flat beer from a bottle.

Ale and lager in the Philippines

Baguio Craft Brewery - Fruit beers
Fruit beers

Image credit: Baguio Craft Brewery

The difference between the two is their fermentation process and the final taste. Ales are fermented under warm temperatures and have sweeter and fruity flavors. Meanwhile, lagers are fermented in the cold and tend to have deeper notes that echo the taste of nuts, coffee, and chocolate.

Baguio Craft Brewery_KrakenKraken, baltic porter lager
Image credit: Baguio Craft Brewery

At Baguio Craft Brewery, you can get ales made from mangoes, kiwis, passion fruit, strawberries, and local wheat. In contrast, we recommend getting the KRAKEN, a baltic porter lager with deep flavors, or the Message In A Bottle for a beer with coffee notes.

Biergarten in Baguio

baguio craft brewery
Image credit: Baguio Craft Brewery

Since it’s on the top floor of a building, this pub is technically a Biergarten which refers to an outdoor space that serves food and beer. The whole ambiance of the place is inviting, with expansive windows and natural plants crawling on the ceiling.

Barbecue ribs
Barbecue ribs

Image credit: The pub’s Facebook page

Aside from the unique beers, this brewery also serves excellent bar food that perfectly complements what you’re drinking.

barbecue isaw with beer
Barbecue isaw (chicken intestine) and dark beer

Image credit: Baguio Craft Brewery

You can get US-style barbecue ribs (P459, ~USD8.74), loaded nachos (P249, ~USD4.74), and Spanish-style sisig (P335, ~USD6.38)

Brewery in Baguio City

Even if you’re not much of a drinker, this craft brewery in Baguio City offers a unique experience with the locally made beer, food, and entertainment they offer.

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Cover image adapted from: Craft Brewery’s Facebook page