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Filipino Gift Ideas For Any Occasion – Snack Pasalubong & Japanese Stationery For Fam & Friends

Filipino gift ideas

Finding presents for loved ones and friends for different occasions can be tricky, especially if you want your gifts to be both thoughtful and useful.  

To make gift-giving easier, we’re here with Filipino gift ideas for all occasions – from pasalubongs that balikbayans can bring abroad to friends and family, to cute yet practical gifts for students and working individuals.

Food gifts to impress your friends

Filipino gift ideas - Haring Bagoong

You can never go wrong with gifting food on any occasion.

For friends working abroad, get an elevated bagoong (shrimp paste) from Haring Bagoong (around P230, ~USD3.92) as pasalubong. These come in unique flavors such as bagnet, bacon, sisig, inasal, tocino, garlic, and many more. With real meat bits, they’re as good as ulam to go with rice meals.

A thoughtful gift for your mango-loving friend is Young’s Mango Puree (around P150, ~USD2.54), which will let them enjoy the fruit even when it’s out of season. The puree’s packed with flavor, made with pure Philippine mangoes, and can be made into shakes, ice candy, and more.

For snackers, get banana chips (around P158, ~USD2.68) in unconventional flavors such as cinnamon, cheese, barbecue, sour cream and onion, and more from Sagitos.

Grandew food products

If you want to make them a snack basket, there’s also a wide variety of dried fruits
(from P80-P150, ~USD1.36-2.54) such as mango, pineapple, jackfruit, soursop, mixed fruit, coconut, and mango-tamarind.

Whether you need just a couple of these food gifts or want to buy them in bulk for your colleagues, you can shop all of them conveniently from Grandew on Shopee or at select grocery stores near you.

Cute and practical gifts for the young and young-at-heart

Glitter glue and beads for crafts (left) and stationery kits (right).

If you need a gift for your working friends or friends’ kids, consider getting cute yet practical stationery supplies (from P68-P98, ~USD1.16-USD1.67) from Monkin.

Monkin stationery 4
A wide range of writing, highlighting, and drawing materials.

Kids will enjoy Monkin’s writing materials, such as their erasable, stackable crayons. Adults can get multi-functional pens, such as ballpens that double as styluses. Students can also have fun taking notes with their carrot-shaped and double-sided, scented highlighters.

Monkin stationery 3
Craft shrink plastic sheets can be used to make colourful charms.

DIY arts and crafts items will make art classes a breeze – choose from printable, ironable fabric that they can make T-shirts and bags from, stained glass liners for transparent glass or plastic gifts, and glass beads for handmade jewelry. 

Gift Wrappers

You won’t even need to go out of your way to buy a gift wrapper for all your presents above – as gift wrappers, twist ties, and decorative tape, as well as other Japanese-standard stationery items can be found on Monkin’s Shopee, Lazada, and Zalora stores.

Monkin stationery 2

Filipino gift ideas for all seasons

Monkin stationery 1
Package your gifts to perfection with twist ties, cutters, and colorful tape.

You’ll no longer need to be overwhelmed by many gift options at the store. These food and stationery Filipino gift ideas above, all from Grandew, are sure to win the hearts of both adults and kids.

These gifts will also save you time that you can use to prepare your holiday menus or outfits for special events instead.

Here’s a complete list of where you can get these items:

Grandew food products:
Haring Bagoong

  • Shopee
  • Cash & Carry Supermarket

Mango Puree

  • Shopee
  • Cash & Carry Supermarket
  • Unimart Supermarket
  • Makati Supermarket Alabang
  • Merkado Supermarket
  • Mariel’s Pasalubong
  • Selected Shell Select stores

Banana chips & dried fruit snacks

  • Shopee
  • Cash & Carry Supermarket
  • Unimart Supermarket
  • Makati Supermarket Alabang
  • Merkado Supermarket
  • Selected Puregold stores
  • Selected Robinsons Supermarkets
  • Shopwise
  • The Marketplace
  • Royal Duty Free Subic
  • Selected SM Hypermarket outlets
  • Selected Daiso stores
  • Selected South Supermarket outlets
  • Mariel’s Pasalubong
  • Edna’s Pasalubong
  • Selected Shell Select stores
  • National Bookstore, Retiro & NAIA 3 branches
Monkin stationery items:

Check out Filipino gift ideas on Grandew’s website here


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Cover image adapted from: Grandew