Dancing TikTok titos go viral

As drab as the past year was, one app cut through the monotony of the quarantine period. TikTok is where you’ll find people doing just about anything – it’s a hodgepodge of viral content where there’s something for everyone.

Us Filipinos have never had trouble going viral on the internet. Our local boy bands such as SB19 and our witty shop signs that crack everyone up are just the tip of the iceberg. Most of the time we go viral for one of two things – being funny or outstandingly talented.

And if the people of the internet have anything to say about it, these dancing titos, or uncles, of TikTok are definitely talented. If you’re looking to go viral, maybe you can take a few tips from these dads and uncles.

The dancing dads and uncles of the Palicte family

tiktok titos age reveal
Image adapted from: @mymygeronimo

Age doesn’t matter when it comes to what you can or can’t do – that much is proven by these dads and uncles of the Palicte family. Uploaded on Myla Mae Geronimo’s TikTok account are hundreds of viral TikToks where the family titos dance to current bops or participate in the most recent TikTok challenges. You’ll also see them dancing to K-pop choreography from BTS or Blackpink.

As the cherry on top of their talented TikToks, they do an age reveal on one of their videos, 55 being the oldest. You’d think at that age, the occasional aches and pains would stop these titos from rocking such cool moves, but they actually pull them off so well they could give Charli d’Amelio a run for her money.

A million followers on TikTok

Image adapted from: @mymygeronimo

A thousand followers on any social media following is a far-off concept for the average Joe, much more so a million. However, these dancing titos easily gained exactly that. On Monday, 18th January 2021, Geronimo’s TikTok account officially hit a million followers, with almost 10 million likes as of writing.

Each of their TikToks gain anything from over 5,000 likes and 100,000 views, with their most viral video – them dancing to Zhafran Maulana’s DJ Remix 2020 – at 3.1 million likes and 28.6 million views.

A whole family of dancers

dancing titos with niece
Image adapted from: @mymygeronimo

These dads and uncles aren’t the only dancers in the family. Dancing runs in the Palicte blood, which is evident in Geronimo’s TikTok account.

Aside from the dancing titos the internet has become fond of, the rest of the family have also got the moves. Some videos feature sisters Myla and Nicole Geronimo Palicte taking on popular TikTok challenges. Others feature their horde of cousins dancing with face masks and face shields on. Also, as the account is owned by Myla, there are plenty of videos of her slaying dance trends with co-workers, friends, and the rest of her family.

Across this TikTok account, you’ll find that this family defies the norms with dancers ranging from teens to senior citizens.

Age shouldn’t tell you what you can or can’t do

Age is just a number – that’s one thing we can take away from the popularity of these dancing titos. As long as your health and wellness allow it, never pass up on the chance to do what you enjoy.

No matter the judgmental stares if you’re dancing to EXO at the public park in future – as long as it makes you happy, what other people think shouldn’t matter. Besides, you might even go viral for it!

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Cover image adapted from: @mymygeronimo and @mymygeronimo 

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