Dalum Kubo: a modern bahay kubo

While it’s expected that all of us enjoy energetic, fun, and loud places to spend our holidays in, there are times when we’d also prefer to go somewhere serene, quiet, and laid back.

If you happen to prefer such places where you can just sit back, breathe in the fresh air, and read a favorite book or two, then Dalum Kubo in La Union is the place for you.

A retreat getaway

Dalum Kubo in La Union - kubo with modern interiors
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Dalum Kubo is a staycation spot that lets you relax in nature and in a secluded area. Upon arrival, you’ll immediately be met with much greenery that almost makes the bahay kubo (nipa hut) look hidden.

Dalum Kubo in La Union - interior
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Once you’ve come inside, you’ll be able to see a well-organized room ready for usage. The warm lighting adds even more to the comfortable ambiance that a house gives.

aesthetic bathroom
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Interestingly, even though the en suite bathroom is connected to your room, you’ll feel as if you’re going outside due to the natural light coming from the upper windows. Additionally, it’s reminiscent of what a traditional bahay kubo bathroom is like – having to step outside the nipa hut to get there – in most rural areas.

The entire kubo and property are available for you to book starting from P20,000-P25,000 (~USD382.11-USD477.64), but the suites can be booked individually as well.

Depending on your chosen suite with a maximum occupancy of two adults, the rates range from P6,000-P8,000 (~USD114.35-USD152.84) per two nights. If ever you’re in need of an extra bed, a rate of P1,100 (~USD20.96) should be paid.

Lounging nooks and areas

Dalum Kubo in La Union - lounge area
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Apart from the suites, lounge areas and nooks are there for when you want to take a break from staying in your room. In every nook, you can either chill with your laptop or drink a cup of coffee.

Dalum Kubo in La Union - hanging chairs
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On the outside, you can also lounge in one of their hanging chairs on the upper deck, where you can take in the sun, read a favorite book of yours, or take aesthetic photos. If you have children with you, this is also an ideal area for them to stay in as it’s spacious enough for them to roam freely or play games.

lounge by the pool
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If you want to opt for something refreshing, you can take a dip and lounge by the swimming pool outside the kubo.

grill food
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What’s more, you can also request to use the grilling station if you’re in the mood for an outdoorsy gathering with snacks and food that you bring with you.

Build camp fires at night

camp fire
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By the end of the day, you and your companions can gather around a camp fire at night, where you can make s’mores, go for mellow jamming sessions, or simply gaze at the stars while absorbing the camp fire’s warmth.

Dalum Kubo in La Union

So, for those who prefer a more laid back getaway, definitely give Dalum Kubo in La Union a visit. Being in a serene and quiet ambiance is bound to give you a stress-free holiday.

Address: Surftown, Dalumpinas Oeste, La Union, Philippines
Telephone: 0917 950 7859
Email: [email protected]

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Cover image adapted from @dalum_launion and @dalum_launion

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