Clothes irons for every need

Clothes irons – as it turns out – aren’t as universal as we might think. Depending on what you need in an iron, be it dry ironing or vertical steaming, you’ll want to pick one with features that make your chores less taxing. 

To help you determine which clothes iron to buy, we’ve listed down some of the best clothes irons you can purchase online in the Philippines. We’ve also highlighted their best features so you can choose one that fits your requirements.

1. Hetian Palm-sized Travel Steam Iron CL-258B – ideal for travel purposes

Hetian Palm-sized Travel Steam Iron CL-258B (2)
Image credit: Indiamart

The Hetian Palm-sized Travel Steam Iron CL-258B is a folding, lightweight, and portable iron, perfect for those who love to travel. It’s 0.4 kilograms and 18x8x10 cm big, which is about the size of a person’s palm.

While it is small, it has a 1.5-meter cord which is convenient in case you find yourself at a B&B with limited electrical outlets or outlets that are far from a spacious, flat surface where you can iron.

Its stainless steel plate heats up easily so you can iron your clothes ASAP and get on to your next adventure. With an adjustable thermostat, you’ll also be able to iron at a temperature that won’t damage your clothes.

You can also push a button to start steam ironing, which makes your clothes last longer and look professionally pressed.

Price: P650 (~USD12.83)

Get the Hetian Palm-sized Travel Steam Iron CL-258B here.

2. Philips HD1172 Dry Iron – durable dry clothes iron

Clothes Irons - Philips HD1172 Dry Iron
Image credit: Philips Philippines

Dry irons such as the Philips HD1172 Dry Iron are good to use on slightly damp garments. It’s best for people who live in humid places such as Baguio and Tagaytay, but those who don’t live in the highlands can also use this during typhoon season when it’s difficult to fully dry your laundry.

It’s also convenient to use for clothing items that are usually more difficult to iron – thanks to its pointed tip that allows it to iron hard-to-reach areas such as shirt pockets. It even has a button grove to iron in between buttons.

This clothes iron was made and rigorously tested for durability from the body itself to its cord. Its polished aluminum soleplate allows easy gliding on any fabric and also helps make the product last longer. Meanwhile, its high-quality, 1.9-meter cord retracts through a cord winder so you can store it without hassle.

Price: P1,399 (~USD27.61)

Get the Philips HD1172 Dry Iron here.

3. Russell Hobbs Professional Steam Glide Iron – perfect for laundry businesses

Russell Hobbs Professional Steam Glide Iron
Image credit: Russell Hobbs

The Russell Hobbs Professional Steam Glide Iron has a 400ml water tank that’s on the larger side compared to other clothes irons in the market. This ensures that you can iron a huge amount of clothes without having to get refills often, making it perfect for small laundry businesses.

So you can keep clothes in optimal condition, it has an adjustable thermostat with a fabric guide and dry, steam, and spray functions. It also allows you to remove the creases from clothes on hangers with its vertical steam feature.

It even has both anti-drip and anti-calc features to prevent calcium buildup on the soleplate and to avoid getting stains on freshly laundered clothes.

Like the aforementioned Philips HD1172 Dry Iron, it has a button groove at its tip that lets you easily iron around and in between buttons.

Price: P1,895 (~USD37.39)

Get the Russell Hobbs Professional Steam Glide Iron here.

4. BLACK + DECKER Vertical Steam Iron – emits powerful steam that removes wrinkles from thick curtains and denim

Clothes Irons BLACK + DECKER Vertical Steam Iron
Image credit: blackndeckerph

Not only is the BLACK + DECKER Vertical Steam Iron ideal for dresses and suits, but with 3 settings – dry iron, steam, and burst steam – it also allows you to remove creases on fabrics that’re even trickier to iron.

In particular, its burst steam feature lets off a powerful blast of steam that lets you iron out thick items such as denim and heavy drapery. The steam iron’s non-stick soleplate also lets you iron different types of fabrics without a hitch.

For your convenience, the BLACK + DECKER Vertical Steam Iron has an anti-slip heel rest that allows you to set it down on any flat surface. With one push of a button, you can also activate its self-cleaning system which helps make the item last longer.

Price: P2,450 (~USD48.35)

Get the BLACK + DECKER Vertical Steam Iron here.

5. TEFAL Eco Master Steam Iron FV1721MO – saves up to 25% energy

Clothes Irons - TEFAL FV1721 Ecomaster Steam Iron
Image credit: Tefal Singapore

The TEFAL Eco Master Steam Iron FV1721MO is best for its energy-saving feature which lets you reduce energy use by up to 25%. This is useful particularly if you’re ironing for a large family as you’d get to save on your monthly energy bill.

Despite cutting on energy, this clothes iron makes removing wrinkles from clothes easier, with a non-stick soleplate that allows smooth gliding and up to an 80g/min steam boost which can deal with tough creases.

It has a built-in water spray which removes the need for the traditional water sprayer. It’s also anti-drip, which means it automatically cuts off water to avoid drips from the soleplate on your clothing, making for a hassle-free ironing experience.

Making it more convenient to use, the TEFAL Eco Master Steam Iron FV1721MO has an ergonomic steam trigger that helps you adjust the steam using the same hand you’re using to hold the iron.

Price: P2,695 (~USD53.18)

Get the TEFAL Eco Master Steam Iron FV1721MO here.

6. Panasonic NI-Eseries NI-E510T – for a convenient ironing experience

Clothes Irons - Panasonic NI-Eseries NI-E510T
Image credit: Panasonic Philippines

With features such as its raised heel design that gives you a better view of your piece of clothing when you’re ironing it back and forth,  the Panasonic NI-Eseries NI-E510T provides a convenient ironing experience. Its curved soleplate also keeps the fabric from bunching up as you iron.

Besides convenience, it does a great job of steaming your clothes. The U-shaped soleplate allows for better steaming and even steam distribution, giving you tidier-looking clothes compared to those ironed with normal clothes irons. You can also use it as a vertical steam iron so you can steam clothes that are on hangers.

The Panasonic NI-Eseries NI-E510T also has an automatic anti-calc system, a handy feature in steam irons that prevents calcium from forming in the steam holes.

Price: P2,950 (~USD58.21)

Get the Panasonic NI-Eseries NI-E510T here.

7. Steam Q II Iron – for heavy-duty steam ironing

Clothes Iron - Steam Q II (2)
Image credit: Dream-Seller

The Steam Q Iron is dual-purpose – it’s both a steam iron and steam generator, which makes it ideal for heavy-duty ironing needs.

The strong steam it emits eliminates bacteria in the fabric which is particularly important when you’re ironing children’s clothes, bed linen, and pillowcases. Its also equipped with an elongated handle, making vertical steaming much easier.

This clothes iron has 3 layers of ceramic coating that prevents damage to your clothes and fabric items. Apart from the main body, it comes with 3 additional plates – a delicate plate, a brush plate, and a lint plate – to suit different types of fabric.

Price: P2,995 (~USD59.10)

Get the Steam Q II Iron here.

8. Deerma HS218 2-in-1 Garment Steamer – great for people with skin concerns

Clothes Irons - Deerma HS218 2-in-1 Garment Steamer

Image credit: Urban Home

What makes the Deerma HS218 2-in-1 Garment Steamer unique from regular clothes irons is that it’s great for people prone to acne and skin irritation. It has a sterilization function which allows it to effectively kill bacteria on your clothes that may trigger these skin conditions.

Not only does this clothes iron benefit people with skin concerns, but the same feature also eliminates potentially harmful bacteria acquired outdoors that weren’t flushed away by washing, helping you prevent illnesses such as the flu.

As it’s 2-in-1, it can be used for both horizontal and vertical steaming. It’s also portable, making it great for both home use and travel. It comes with a case so you can easily pack it in your luggage and take it everywhere you go.

The Deerma HS218 2-in-1 Garment Steamer doesn’t just take care of you but also your clothes with its ceramic aluminum soleplate preventing fabric damage.

Price: P4,599 (~USD90.75)

Get the Deerma HS218 2-In-1 Garment Steamer here.

9. VO.TEMM Cordless Steam Iron – lets you iron without the restraints of a cord

Clothes Irons - VO TEMM Cordless Steam Iron
Image credit: B u m p cart

The VO.TEMM Cordless Steam Iron can be used cordlessly, letting you iron without worrying about the length of the cord. When used without its cord, it can iron for as long as almost 3 minutes.

This clothes iron has 3 steam levels for different needs and 84 steam holes that allow for even steam distribution. Its ceramic soleplate also allows it to glide smoothly across any fabric.

A vertical steam iron, it can be used to steam clothes and drapery on flat surfaces or on hangers. It also comes with a charging base that doubles as a stand so you won’t have to worry when putting it down.

Price: P4,999 (~USD98.65)

Get the VO.TEMM Cordless Steam Iron here.

Investing in a high-quality clothes iron

The days of buying just any clothes iron are over. With a variety of clothes irons equipped with handy features, it’s best to choose one that best fits your requirements.

By doing this, you’re not only making the chore of ironing clothes easier and faster –  you’re also taking care of yourself and your clothes.

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