Metro Manila flower shops with delivery services

Whether to celebrate birthdays, congratulate someone, or remember anniversaries and loved ones, marking various occasions isn’t complete without the presence of flowers. After all, there’s nothing like a bunch of flowers that can’t brighten up a day, and give us a colorful, living reminder of nature to add to our homes and places of worship.

To shop for the right type of flowers according to the occasion, here are 12 Metro Manila flower shops, from florists processing dried flowers to boutiques arranging unique large bouquets, that offer delivery services.

1. – assortment of flowers & gifts at the click of a finger flowers in handbag
Image credit: via Instagram

If you’re the type who expresses love through gift-giving, then ordering from with their extensive range of heartfelt gifts and flowers will be as easy as a click of a finger.

Choose from a delightful assortment of flowers available in bouquets, boxes, and baskets, with prices starting from P499 (~USD8.78). They offer specially crafted bouquets for occasions such as birthdays and anniversaries. For a unique arrangement your SO can easily and stylishly bring home, they also sell flowers arranged in handbag. cakes
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In addition to flowers, they have an array of other presents to suit any taste. These include 18K gold-plated necklaces (from P499, ~USD8.78), fragrances from brands like Victoria’s Secret, Clinique, and Calvin Klein (from P599, ~USD10.54), and cakes that come in various sizes and styles – from bento cakes and cakes in cans to regular-sized cakes (from P899, ~USD15.81).

With the app, you can conveniently place orders and track your deliveries for a seamless gift-giving experience. graze box
Image credit: @poticoph via Instagram

You can send an even wider range of gifts with’s sister brand, Its offerings vary from home decor such as candle warmers to delectable food sets such as graze boxes and mixed maki. You can also surprise your SO with things that’ll turn ordinary days into extraordinary ones, including spa items and makeup tool sets.’s website | Facebook | Instagram 

2. Flower Chimp Philippines – one-stop shop for all types of flower arrangements with free nationwide delivery

flower chimp philippines
Image adapted from: via Flower Chimp

If you don’t know where to start when shopping for flowers online given the vast array of options, Flower Chimp Philippines helps you narrow down your choices. It’s a one-stop shop for all your floral needs – be they birthday bouquets (from P799, ~USD14.62) or graduation bouquets (from P1,349, ~USD24.69), there are different types of arrangements catered to your taste and practical considerations.

For instance, aside from their gorgeous hand bouquets (from P1,099, ~USD19.57), they have boxed bouquets (from P1,119, ~USD20.48) that you can easily move around your house without the risk of glass shattering.

flower chimp metro manila - bouquets
One in a Million (left) and Enchanted Rose (right)
Image adapted from: via Flower Chimp, via Instagram

Alternatively, as your table centerpiece at home, their flowers in a vase, such as One in a Million (P4,929, ~USD90.24), will make an elegant, bold statement in your living room. For those who don’t want the hassle of changing flowers every now and then, their preserved flowers (from P1,179, ~USD21.58) arranged in transparent glass display containers, can last up to 3 years.

flower chimp basket
Image credit: via Flower Chimp

Romantics will love the flower baskets that add a touch of nostalgia to any room. You can shop for these arrangements on Flower Chimp starting at P2,399 (~USD43.92).

Place your order before 2PM if you can – they guarantee same-day and free delivery in Metro Manila and nationwide for flowers purchased before the cut-off time.

Flower Chimp Philippines’ website | Facebook | Instagram

3. FNP – one-stop solution for all your gifting needs

400 Heart Roses
Image credit: via FNP

If your partner or loved one loves grand gestures, you can express your feelings for them with FNP’s bouquets made with hundreds of roses.

The one-stop shop for flowers and bouquets offers a 400 Heart Roses Arrangement (P7,509, ~USD137.48), an impressive gift made with 100 red roses forming a heart, 300 white roses that serve as a backdrop, and gypsophila for its border.

Summery Gerbera Blooming Bouquet
Image credit: via FNP

For a bright, multicolored bouquet that’ll make a great decor piece in the house later on, you can also get their Summery Gerbera Blooming Bouquet (starting at P1,849, ~USD33.85).


Hearts and Darts
Image credit: via FNP’s website

Besides their many flower choices, FNP also has gift combos that let you send a flower bouquet with a cake, stuffed toy, chocolates, and more, so the recipient can enjoy multiple gifts.

One of these is their Hearts and Darts Combo (P2,599, ~USD47.58), a bouquet of pink and peach roses with Ferrero Rocher chocolates in a heart-shaped container.

Love in Box
Image credit: via FNP

For a more compact version of this gift combo, you can get their Love in Box (P2,019, ~USD36.96), a heart-shaped gift box with pink roses and Ferrero Rocher chocolates.

FNP lets you send a gift to your loved ones not just in the Philippines, but also abroad – with shipping to 150 countries in Asia and beyond, including the UAE, US, UK, Europe, Canada, South Africa, and Australia, fresh from their flower shops around the globe. 

In some countries, they even offer midnight delivery so you’ll be the first to greet your loved one on their special day. Free delivery is also available for selected countries. For any last-minute questions, don’t hesitate to contact them online for a fast reply.

Delivery options: same-day delivery, next-day delivery, standard delivery, and international delivery 

FNP’s website | Facebook | Instagram

4. Flower Delivery Philippines – full-service shop with free same-day delivery

Metro Manila flower shops - Flower Delivery Philippines
Pomelo Roses & Peruvian Lilies
Image credit: @flowerdeliveryphilippines via Instagram

Be it Valentine’s Day or All Souls’ Day, Flower Delivery Philippines has thoughtful gifts for you to pick from whatever the event is. They have bundles of fresh flowers from roses to gerbera to orchids to preserved flowers and assorted mixes, arranged according to your needs.

You can never go wrong, to begin with, in wishing your favorite lady a happy birthday or a happy Mother’s Day with the 12 Pomelo Rose & Peruvian Lilies Bouquet (P2,250, ~USD41.19), a mix of lovely pastel florals.

Metro Manila flower shops - Flower Delivery Philippines
Roses Heart Box
Image credit: @flowerdeliveryphilippines via Instagram

To be extra during Valentine’s Day, you can opt for this Roses Heart Box (starts at P2,995, ~USD54.83) with 24 roses. The roses are also available in other colors aside from red – you can choose orange, white, pink, pomelo, and blue to go along with the heart-shaped box.

Metro Manila flower shops - Flower Delivery Philippines
Giant 100 Ferrero Bouquet
Image credit: @flowerdeliveryphilippines via Instagram

If you want to catch a loved one by surprise, the Giant 100 Ferrero Bouquet (P6,995, ~USD128.06) is composed of 100 pieces of Ferrero Rocher chocolate with crunchy hazelnut, arranged to resemble a bouquet.

Metro Manila flower shops - Flower Delivery Philippines
Image credit: @flowerdeliveryphilippines via Instagram

During All Saints’ or All Souls’ Day, offer respect to the departed through a basket of white roses. Various arrangements are available from the shop, starting at P2,900 (~USD52.89). 

Delivery options: same-day (free in Metro Manila, available in the greater Metro Manila area), nationwide (for preserved flowers and gift items)

Flower Delivery Philippines’ website

5. Blooms by Agi – unique flower arrangements

Metro Manila flower shops - Blooms by Agi
Flowers with succulents (Amanda)
Image credit: @bloomsbyagi via Instagram

Your favorite plantito or plantita would surely appreciate a combination of greens and florals. In Blooms by Agi, you can order unique bouquets such as the Amanda (P4,800, ~USD87.60), an intricate arrangement of roses, peonies, carnations, and succulents layered with assorted fillers.

Metro Manila flower shops - Blooms by Agi
Image credit: @bloomsbyagi via Instagram

The Lucy (P4,500, ~USD80.54) is also arranged in a more unconventional style – surrounding the pink stargazers are the tiny purple rice flowers and white gypsophilas to add sophisticated layers to the bouquet. 

Delivery time: 2-3 days after order date

Blooms by Agi Instagram

6. Bloomiere – preserved flowers in aroma diffusers

Metro Manila Flower Shops Enchanted HillPreserved roses and hydrangeas (MidSummer Afternoon)
Image credit: via Bloomiere

While dried flowers can last a long time, they don’t exactly retain the natural look of fresh flowers. This is where preserved flowers come in. Preserved flowers in a water-glycerin solution can last for a maximum of one year while maintaining their natural, fresh appearance. Bloomiere offers these preserved flowers arranged in elegant glass domes and glass boxes. 

When you want to tell someone just how special they are, pick up the Enchanted Hill (P7,500, ~USD137.32), which comes with large preserved Ecuadorian roses, preserved hydrangeas, and foliage housed in a tall French glass dome. It even comes with a luxury card where you can pen a message to the recipient.

Metro Manila Flower Shops Te Amo Floristeria MidSummer AfternoonPreserved roses in an aroma diffuser (MidSummer Afternoon)
Image credit: via Bloomiere

For a twist, look to the MidSummer Afternoon (P4,000, ~USD73.24), an aroma diffuser that comes with pink and purple preserved roses, hydrangeas and foliage. Aside from their flower accessories, you can also ask Bloomiere to arrange preserved flowers for weddings and funerals.

Delivery options: Metro Manila, nationwide

Bloomiere’s website

7. Dangwa Flower Shop – online store from Dangwa for affordable flowers

Metro Manila flower shops - Dangwa Flower Shop
Image credit: Dangwa Flower Shop via Facebook Dangwa Flower Shop 

Getting bouquets doesn’t always come cheap, but thanks to Dangwa, the divisoria of flowers, we can already make our loved ones feel special through affordable but lovely bouquets. And while it’s harder to go out these days to do our shopping in the long lines at flower bazaars, the Dangwa Flower Shop online should come in handy.

lira bouquetThe Lira bouquet with sunflowers and white mums.
Image credit: via Dangwa Flower Shop

They have a range of flowers available to suit every occasion. Aside from roses, they also arrange bouquets of harder-to-find flowers such as carnations, gerberas, and stargazers that would make meaningful gifts on Mother’s Day. One of their most affordable bouquets is the Lira, a mixed bouquet of sunflowers with white mums, available at P1197.60 (~USD21.86.

arabella bouquet from dangwa flower marketThe Arabella, a Gerbera bouquet.
Image credit: via Dangwa Flower Shop

This bouquet of gerberas, available in various colors and suitable for Valentine’s Day, is P1198.80 (~USD21.88).

Delivery options: same-day (Metro Manila), next-day (provincial)

Dangwa Flower Shop’s website website

8. Le Fleur Boutique – large bouquets

Metro Manila flower shops - Le Fleur Boutique
Tulips and berries (Agatha)
Image credit: @lefleurboutique_ph via Instagram 

For once-in-a-lifetime occasions, splurging a bit more can get you larger mixes of florals wrapped in more detailed layers. Le Fleur Boutique specializes in this kind of arrangement with their selection of fresh flowers – from roses to tulips and statice.

The Agatha Bouquet (P5,508, ~USD100.53), for example, is a mix of tulips and berries in a black wrap you can give to someone to express your congratulations. You can customize the color of the wrapper and tulips as well according to the recipient’s preference.

Metro Manila flower shops - Le Fleur BoutiqueSunflowers (Anabelle)
Image credit: via Le Fleur Boutique

In marking new beginnings during birthdays or anniversaries, sending a bouquet of sunflowers is always a good idea. The Anabelle (P7,020, ~USD128.14) is a mix of 12 sunflowers, arranged together in an elegant wrap. 

Aside from large bouquets, they also design boxed bouquets for any event, wedding bouquets, and preserved flowers you can keep at home as decor. 

Delivery options: rush, next-day, provincial

Le Fleur Boutique’s website | Instagram

9. Fiora Manila – flowers in elegant buckets

small bucket of roses from fiora manila
Roses in a small bucket.
Image credit: @fioramanila via Instagram

Bouquets might break apart if not handled with the utmost care, so if you want to add a layer of protection to your flowers, you can consider the arrangements from
Fiora Manila

Instead of wraps, they offer flowers put together in lovely, circular buckets that you can also customize with text. Their Ecuadorian roses in a small-sized round bucket (P3,799, ~USD69.34), available in red, peach, pink, or purple, should put a smile on your favorite lady’s face whether it’s Valentine’s or Mother’s Day.

cotton candy flowers in bucket
Gypsophilas in a small bucket
Image credit: via Fiora Manila

Gypsophilas are more commonly used as fillers in mixed bouquets at most Metro Manila flower shops, but in Fiora Manila’s Cotton Candy Dreams collection, they take center stage. The white gypsophilas in a small round bucket (P3,499, ~USD63.86) are combined together in a neat, round cluster, reminding us of delectable candy. Aside from white, you can choose other colors of gypsophilas from baby pink to lilac. 

Delivery options: same-day, next-day

Fiora Manila’s website | Instagram

10. The Glass House Flowers – flowers in acrylic and mirror boxes

Metro Manila flower shops - The Glass House Flowers
Ecuadorian roses from their signature collection (Premium Rectangulaire 8)
Image credit: via The Glass House Flowers

For a modern look compared to classic Metro Manila flower shops’ paper-wrapped bouquets, The Glass House Flowers stores flower arrangements in acrylic mirrored boxes that contrast with the flowers’ curvy edges. An example from their signature acrylic collection includes the Premium Rectangulaire 8 (P4,900, ~USD89.44) with 8 fresh Ecuadorian roses in salmon pink that are also available in various colors.

Metro Manila flower shops - The Glass House Flowers
Image credit: via The Glass House Flowers

The Premium Silver Mirror (P6,500, ~USD118.64) includes 12 fresh Ecuadorian roses that are available in various colors as well, from salmon pink to rainbow.

Their fresh flowers are available in other packaging choices: in velvet circular and rectangular boxes, tall amour boxes, and even marble. They’ve got you covered if you’re looking for longevity, too – preserved flowers are in various packaging designs such as velvet suede circular minis.

Delivery options: same-day, next-day, select areas outside Metro Manila

The Glass House Flowers’ website

11. Te Amo Floristeria – giant bouquets and flowers in vases

Metro Manila Flower Shops Te Amo Floristeria Star Burst Rainbow
Giant bouquet of gypsophilas (Star Burst Rainbow).
Image credit: via Te Amo Floristeria

If you’re thinking of kneeling down in front of your significant other soon, surprise them with a bouquet of flowers from Te Amo Floristeria, a shop that’s known for its lavish, dramatic mix of florals, colors, and layers. Their giant bouquets are an opulent combination of various flowers and fillers and will leave the recipient in awe.

The Star Burst Rainbow (P9,500, ~USD173.87) for example, is a gypsophila bouquet in various pastel hues, and it’s almost the size of a human.

sangriaa bouquet by te amo floristeria
Image credit: via Te Amo Floristeria

Among their large bouquets, the Sangria (P4,499, ~USD82.27) is a crowd favorite. It consists of China roses and eucalyptus leaves wrapped in soft tissue and paper in a variety of colors and patterns.

Metro Manila Flower Shops Bloomiere Caress
Image credit: via Te Amo Floristeria

Homeowners who enjoy decorating their dining table with floral centerpieces will love their arrangements such as the Caress (P6,500, ~USD118.64).

Their preserved flowers come in domes and boxes, and they also offer other services such as floral arrangements for weddings, bridal showers, photoshoots, and corporate events.

Delivery options: same-day (Metro Manila), nationwide & international (preserved)

Te Amo Floristeria’s website

12. The Flower Farm – flowers in locally handcrafted baskets

Metro Manila flower shops - The Flower Farm
Chrysanthemums in a bayong (The Amor)
Image credit: via The Flower Farm

Titas who prefer sustainable shopping would appreciate The Flower Farm’s collection of fresh flowers in locally handcrafted baskets. One of their arrangements has chrysanthemums in a bayong (P2,500, ~USD45.63), giving off a Filipino aesthetic as well as being sustainable.

Metro Manila flower shops - The Flower Farm
Anthuriums and chrysanthemums (Dalisay)
Image credit: via The Flower Farm

 The Dalisay (P1,500, ~USD27.38) is a unique arrangement of pink anthuriums and a variety of chrysanthemums you can offer to a departed loved one. It’s put together in a wine basket floral for an elegant, elongated look. From locally handcrafted baskets, they also put fresh flowers in glass vases and design table centerpieces and sympathy flowers.

In the biz for almost 40 years, The Flower Farm prides itself on growing flowers in its 7-hectare nursery in Tagaytay that’s catered flowers for birthdays, weddings, corporate events, and many other occasions.

Delivery options: scheduled 48 hours after payment (pick-ups in Makati and Alabang branches)

The Flower Farm’s website

Metro Manila flower shops with delivery services

It can be a chore to shop for flowers online, as the web is filled with various Metro Manila flower shops.

But you’re bound to find something appropriate for your occasion from these Metro Manila flower shops with fancy packaging, flower arrangement colors, and sizes.

Happy shopping!

Check these places out, if you’re into dining in flower-themed restaurants around Metro Manila, or match your flowers with chocolates and desserts.

Cover image adapted from: @bloomsbyagi via Instagram, The Flower Farm

This article was originally published on 10 October 2020 by Addie Pobre, and last updated by Kim Shelly Tan on 24 October 2023. The article contains partial sponsorship content but all opinions are the authors’ own.


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