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Chino Latino Food Trucks In Parañaque & Las Piñas Sell Mexican Street Food, So Every Day Can Be Taco Day

Food truck Chino Latino sells Mexican snacks

In streets around the world, humble food trucks have been shaping the culinary scene. Often housed in colorful, and attractive vans, they offer delicious yet affordable meals to locals in an intimate, open-air setting you wouldn’t experience in formal restaurants. 

And for the food truck Chino Latino, there’s no better way to bring the food truck culture south of Metro Manila than with the rich, meaty flavors of Mexican street food.

Update: as of May 2021, the Chino Latino food truck is now stationed in SOMO – A Vista Mall daily from 10AM-8PM. Details here. It has also been spotted around Cerritos Heights and other areas south of the NCR – follow their Facebook page for updates.

The Mexican food trucks are located in Parañaque and Las Piñas

Chino Latino Food Truck
Doña Marcia Amiga Truck
Image adapted from: Chino Latino

Sprinkling salt, ground beef, and sauce on tacos since November 2018, Chino Latino has now become a regular sight in the streets of the south, with three of their trucks roaming around the villages of Parañaque and Las Piñas. 

Their OG truck, the Doña Marcia Amiga Truck aka the “Mother Trucker,” is an eye-catching orange van usually parked at the Pergola Mall in BF Homes Parañaque.

Chino Latino Food Truck
Image adapted from: Chino Latino

The Don Juan truck, or what they call the El Romantico Sympatico Trucko, meanwhile, is a black boxed van that can be found serving locals at the BFRV Clubhouse along Lalaine Bennet in Las Piñas City. 

Chino Latino Food TruckDon Guillermo
Image adapted from:
Chino Latino

And the newest addition to their trucks is the Don Guillermo or Ultimo Taco Trucko located at Cadena de Amor, cor. Rose Avenue in Pilar Village in Las Piñas.

They serve a variety of classic Mexican street food

Chino Latino Food Truck
Image credit: Chino Latino

From tacos, which are crisp tortillas filled with a mix of meat and vegetables, to quesadillas, a type of Mexican sandwich also consisting of crisp tortillas usually stuffed with melted cheese, to beefy gourmet burgers, the Mexican food on offer here will please any foodie.

Chino Latino Food Truck
Street Tacos
Image credit:

They offer two tacos, starting at the
Beef Soft Tacos (P99, ~USD2.06) which is a combination of Mexican ground beef, pico de gallo salsa, lettuce, and buena sauce with double cheese. But if you can’t get enough of your tacos, you can opt for the Street Tacos (P149, ~USD3.09), consisting of two tacos which you can fill with carne asada or chipotle chicken or a combination of both. 

Chino Latino Food Truck
Beef Quesadillas
Image credit: Chino Latino 

Their quesadilla classic, the Grilled Chicken and Cheese Quesadillas (P109, ~USD2.26), are tortillas filled with garlic chicken, buena white sauce, and pulsing with fire roasted salsa. The Beef Quesadillas (P169, ~USD3.51) is a more flavorful sandwich, a rich mix of beef in chipotle mayonnaise and mozzarella cheddar cheese with cilantro and onions in toasted tortillas. 

Chino Latino Food Truck
Chicano Burger
Image credit: Chino Latino 

They also have gourmet burgers, and the Chicano Burger (P229, ~USD4.75) is a mouthwatering burger filled with ⅓ ground beef patty, American cheddar cheese, jalapeño cheddar cheese sauce, chipotle mayonnaise, pico de gallo salsa, iceberg lettuce, and chili con carne

They deliver in Parañaque, Las Piñas, and nearby cities

Chino Latino Food Truck
Image credit: Chino Latino 

For locals who can’t drop by their spots in Parañaque and Las Piñas, you don’t have to worry about satisfying your cravings for Mexican food as Chino Latino can also do deliveries.

Just message them your orders along with your full name, address, contact detail, total amount to be paid, and time of delivery. They can also accommodate deliveries for nearby cities, as long as you coordinate your order with your preferred courier. 

Free delivery is available too for minimum orders of P500 (~USD10.38).

Chino Latino
Address: Pergola Mall, BF Homes Parañaque | BFRV Clubhouse, Lalaine Bennet, Las Piñas | Cadena de Amor, cor. Rose Avenue, Pilar Village, Las Piñas, Metro Manila
Opening hours: 11AM-8PM, Daily
Mobile: 0905 175 0390

Mexican food truck in Metro Manila

As Spanish flavors abound in our local culinary dishes, it’s no wonder why our palates easily crave for Mexican street food, rich with beef and balanced with sprinkles of vegetables. And with creative ideas such as food trucks, we can taste our favorite Mexican food on the streets, where they truly belong.

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Cover image adapted from: Chino Latino, Chino Latino