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Century Tuna Cans Spotted On D.O. of EXO’s Album Teaser, Brand Jumps Onto The Hype With Shopee Promo

Century Tuna cameo on EXO D.O.’s album teaser

Many Filipino K-pop fans feel kilig whenever their favorite idols mention the Philippines in events or live streams. However, Filipino Dandanies or fans of D.O. from EXO were on a roll on Twitter on the evening of 15 July after seeing the Filipino brand Century Tuna in D.O.’s album teaser.

In particular, 2 cans of Century Tuna Hot & Spicy and Afritada were seen hanging out on a windowsill in a scene where D.O. watches a vase fill with water. Their airtime might have been a little short, but fans were delighted to see the Filipino product and the brand was, too – so much that they instantly announced a promo to celebrate.

P50 Shopee promo

Century Tuna - EXO DO promo
The brand’s promo following their product’s appearance on D.O.’s teaser
Image credit: @Century_Tuna

The brand caught wind of their unexpected product placement just as the topic was all over Filipino stan Twitter. In response, they wasted no time in introducing a P50 off promo for Century Tuna products on Shopee. They even used the voucher code “CENTURYDO” as a nod to the K-pop idol.

Vouchers can be claimed until 16 July and can be used only until 31 July.

EXO D.O.’s album teaser

Century Tuna - EXO DO album release scheduleThe release schedule for D.O.’s first mini-album, Empathy.
Image credit: @weareoneEXO

The teaser where the Filipino product made its cameo appearance is one of the mood sampler videos for D.O.’s first mini-album Empathy. The album is set to drop on 26 July at 6PM Korea Time, or 5PM Philippine Time.

More teasers will drop before the album release date, so Filipino fans will surely have their eyes peeled open for other familiar products.

Filipino brands on SM artists’ content

Century Tuna - NCT Renjun drinking Choc-o
NCT Renjun drinking Choc-O on NCT Dream’s Summer Vacation Kit in 2019

Image credit: @jaexingpil, SM Entertainment

This is not the first time K-pop fans have seen Filipino products on idols’ promotional content. In fact, fans are speculating about whether there may be a Filipino staff member at SM Entertainment, D.O.’s entertainment agency, after multiple sightings of Filipino products in artists’ photos and videos.

Century Tuna - NCT Jungwoo with Jovy's Banana ChipsA pack of Jovy’s Banana Chips was also seen on NCT 127’s Pandora’s Box track video
Image adapted from: NCT 127

Other SM artists, specifically members of the boy group NCT, have also been photographed with other Filipino products.

Century Tuna jumps onto K-pop hype

Century Tuna made the right decision to ride onto the hype of D.O.’s album – scoring an advertising opportunity for themselves and free entertainment for Filipino fans.

With this subtle insertion of proudly Pinoy products into SM Entertainment music video sets, we can’t wait to see what product we can spot next.

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Cover image adapted from: EXO and @Century_Tuna