Camper and Cabin’s Japandi-style glass house in Batangas

Living a minimalist life has been the trend lately, and many of us have adapted it into our home decor as well. The aesthetics of modern Japanese and Scandinavian design, for instance, are where we take inspiration from when it comes to decorating our interiors with only the most essential furniture as much as possible.

If you’re a fan of both styles of design, Camper and Cabin’s Airbnb glass house in Batangas combines the best of both worlds in its Japandi-style aesthetic with warm, earthy MUJI-like tones and the modern, stark colors characteristic of Western homes. Overlooking mountainous terrain, it’s a minimalist haven that truly lets you immerse in the comforts of simplicity away from the city.

The Batangas glass house Airbnb overlooks a panoramic view

Camper and Cabin
Image credit: Camper and Cabin

Perfect for couples or a family of four, the 84-square meter glass house (P12,871, ~USD265.02 per night) offers relaxing views of the lush, countryside landscape of Nasugbu dotted with mountains such as Mount Talamitam and Mount Pico de Loro.

Camper and Cabin
Image credit: Camper and Cabin 

Aside from visuals, the Camper and Cabin house also emphasizes functionality throughout its amenities from the living room to kitchen to the dining area to the bathroom enclosed in glass. The living room has a flat-screen TV and a Bluetooth speaker, while the kitchen comes with appliances such as a refrigerator, microwave oven, and coffee maker.

There’s also one king-size mattress, but if you’ll need more space for sleeping, the house is huge and cozy enough to lay your sleeping bags out on.

Camper and Cabin - bathroom
Image credit: Camper and Cabin 

There’s a view deck with a swing and hammock

camper and cabin - view deck
Image credit: Camper and Cabin

To fully immerse yourself in the views, the house comes with a view deck where you can cozy up on a hammock or swing.

There’s indeed so much thought put into every detail of the glass house that mixes up all the necessary elements of comfortable living.

Camper and Cabin’s Batangas glass house

Minimalist, spacious, and surrounded by nothing but the refreshing scenery of nature, Camper and Cabin’s Airbnb glass house indeed has everything you’d look for in a relaxing staycation. Take a reset from the stresses of your day-to-day here on a future weekend escape.

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Cover image adapted from: Camper and Cabin 

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