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Cintai Corito’s Garden: A Bali-Style Batangas Resort Where Couples Can Live Like Royals

Cintai Corito’s Garden in Batangas

Dotted with beautiful beaches and resorts, Batangas is a favorite destination among couples. In fact, the recent wedding of celebrities Jessy Mendiola and Luis Manzano was held at a Filipino-themed farm resort in Lipa.

For couples looking for something unique, Cintai Corito’s Garden, situated in the heart of Balete, Batangas, is where they can find a romantic escape as if they’re in Bali.

Balinese-inspired scenery is perfect for prenups

Cintai Corito's Garden - prenupsCouple Chris Morota and Jels Dalida’s prenuptial photoshoot courtesy of Deity Films
Image credit: Deity Films, Deity Films

With its vast landscape accentuated by Balinese sculptures, the Cintai Corito’s Garden is the closest couples can get to Bali. The resort’s surroundings give off an old-world vibe, perfect for couples wanting a grand, traditional theme for their prenuptial photoshoots. 

Cintai Corito's Garden - prenupsImage credit: Deity Films

Fortunately, the resort also organizes such prenuptial photoshoots so you won’t have to look any further for your photographer. You can check out their photoshoot package which starts at P6,400 (~USD134.08) and comes with access to all pictorial sites, or inquire with a photo studio familiar with the area such as Deity Films.

Be pampered at their villas

Cintai Corito's Garden - Executive VillaExecutive Villa
Image credit: Cintai Corito’s Garden Batangas, Cintai Corito’s Garden Batangas 

Aside from being a location for prenups, the resort offers accommodation rich with a Balinese aesthetic. The resort has 18 villas, one of which is the Executive Villa (price upon enquiry), a spacious 90 sq. m room befitting a king and queen. It comes with 3 queen beds, a spacious lanai or veranda, and a private jacuzzi.

Cintai Corito's Garden - Terrace VillaInside Terrace Villa
Image credit: Cintai Corito’s Garden Batangas 

A more affordable accommodation is the Terrace Villa, and is offered starting at P6,000 (~USD125.69) for two.

Indulge at the facilities

Cintai Corito's Garden - facilitiesImage credit: Haidee Corañez, Cintai Corito’s Garden Batangas 

Renting any type of villa here guarantees access to all of the resort’s facilities which will indeed complete a couple’s holiday experience at the resort. You can dip into their swimming pool, or enjoy al fresco dining at Abadi Restaurant serving a lunch buffet and Asian dishes.

Cintai Corito's Garden - facilitiesTresna Pavilion
Image credit: Cintai Corito’s Garden Batangas, Cintai Corito’s Garden Batangas 

And for when we can celebrate big events again in the future once the pandemic is over, the Tresna Pavilion is a grand venue adorned with Balinese decorative motifs, and can accommodate up to 200 persons.

How to get to Cintai Corito’s Garden

Cintai Corito’s Garden is searchable on Waze, but if you’re commuting from Manila, take a bus at Buendia LRT terminal going to Lipa City, Batangas. Alight at Levitown at the Jollibee-Caltex junction, then ride a jeepney to Balete. 

Bear in mind that health documents such as COVID-19 negative test results are also required before checking in.

Cintai Corito’s Garden, a little Bali in Batangas

Whether you’re looking for the perfect place for you and your SO’s prenup, holiday, or wedding reception event, check out Cintai Corito Garden.

With its Balinese-inspired landscape and grand villas, this Little Bali resort is easily a couple’s dream location.

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Cover image adapted from: Deity Films