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Badoc Island In Ilocos Norte: Day Adventure, White Sand, & Quiet Scenery On An Uninhabited Island

Badoc Island

There’s an abundance of places to go island-hopping in the Philippines. Usually, we’d have everything we’ll need on site, but there are also times when we want to experience an adventure that’s all-natural, making use of our own resources.

Badoc Island in Ilocos Norte could be the next place to visit if you want to explore an uninhabited island where you can do pretty much anything and make use of your survival skills like Bear Grylls on his show Man vs. Wild.

Uncommercialized and uninhabited island

Badoc Island in Ilocos Norte - uncommercialized, uninhabited island
Image credit: Rea C

Badoc Island is one of the few attractions that are still uncommercialized. Once you get there, expect that it’ll be quite bare. There are no establishments, only the transfer boats and small nipa hut-like setups where you can safely place your belongings while on the island.

Badoc Island in Ilocos Norte - still unknown to most tourists
Image credit: Thom Cariaga

In a nutshell, it’s the ideal island for nature lovers as the island is still in its purest, untouched state as it’s also uninhabited. Except for the nipa hut setups, nothing is man-made. It’s nature at its finest.

White sand beach & crystal-clear waters

Badoc Island in Ilocos Norte - white sand
Image credit: Kevin Paul Bryan Delfin

The island has fine white sand that’ll feel slightly grainy against your bare feet when you take a walk along the beach. Though if you’re sensitive to touch, you may want to wear flip flops or any protective footwear, especially when walking along the shore as there’ll be pieces of crushed seashells or coral reefs.

Badoc Island in Ilocos Norte - crystal clear water
Image adapted from Winston Tolentino and Mohammed asim

Like at most white sand beaches, you can expect crystal-clear water, ideal for those who like snorkeling or looking at the rocks and reefs from above as your feet will be submerged in the water.

Badoc Island in Ilocos Norte - turquoise water
Image credit: @wynwonders

Plus, the water is so clear. It’s turquoise that gradiates into deep blue as you go deeper into the water.

Things to do

Badoc Island in Ilocos Norte - snorkeling
Image credit: @sacobapacheco

With the island’s raw state, it’s a great opportunity to go snorkeling and explore marine life up close – such as reefs and sometimes, even small schools of fish that you can encounter as you swim.

Badoc Island in Ilocos Norte - free diving
Image credit: @bil.crawford

Furthermore, the shallower parts of the sea are safe enough for freediving if you want to do something leisurely. It’s a great way to take photos to share on your social media.

Image credit: @wynwonders

You can also bring a surfboard with you and go surfing along the waves for a thrilling, fun activity in the water.

Image credit: @choisempai

For a non-aquatic activity, you can take a hike on the many rock formations around the island for a scenic view and, at the same time, non-routine way to exercise.

How to get there and where to stay

traveling to Badoc Island
Image for illustration purposes only
Image credit: Will Truettner/Unsplash 

Depending on whether you plan to travel privately or through commuting. Coming from Manila and traveling by private vehicle, you can head straight to the jump-off point at La Virgen Milagrosa Cove at Barangay La Milagrosa. From there, it’s easy to get a boat ride going to the island itself.

On the other hand, if you plan to commute, ride a bus going to Laoag City, Ilocos Norte and have yourself dropped off at Badoc Detachment or Badoc New Market. From there, simply ride a tricycle going to La Virgen Milagrosa Cove then onto the boat ride going to the island.

The bus fare starts at P1,150 (~USD22.05) and boat rentals are priced at P1,200 (~USD23.01) for a group of six people including boatmen.

where to stay
Image credit: 

As there are no establishments on the island, you’ll have to look for accommodations at Laoag City, the nearest place where you can find hotels and inns such as Casa Sarmiento Traveler’s Inn where, depending on the booking site, the minimum rate is P900 (~USD17.26) per night.

Badoc Island in Ilocos Norte

Head to Badoc Island in Ilocos Norte, a white sand beach surrounded by picture-worthy rock formations. Go for a thrilling surf on the waves or leisurely explore and snorkel in the crystal clear waters of the island.

Happy travels!

Address: Pagsanahan Sur 2904 Badoc, Ilocos Norte
Email: [email protected]

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Cover image adapted from @wynwonders, @sacobapacheco, and @bil.crawford