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The Festival of Lights, Makati: Where You Can Watch Ayala Triangle Gardens’ Light Show And Have A Picnic

Festival Of Lights: Ayala Triangle Gardens light show

Ayala Triangle Gardens’ light show is back, as radiant and festive as in the past years. The Festival of Lights is a free activity to include in your Christmas holiday, whether you’ll be spending it with your family, friends, or lover.

This Christmas season’s grand production called Christmas Night with Countless Lights is a visual and musical feast of dancing lights matched with lively and heartfelt music medleys. At the same time, there’s a food market where you can buy meals and snacks for a picnic.

Under the Christmas lights

Ayala Triangle Gardens lights
A total feast for the eyes.

The Festival of Lights is a famous yearly attraction in the Makati during the Christmas season. You’ll see people of every age in awe and have fun once the lights start dancing to nostalgic and trendy music.

Ayala Triangle Gardens Christmas Night with Countless Lights
Capturing the lights in motion.

You’ll turn your head everywhere looking at the 3D lights. When you take pictures, no pictures will be the same because, in a span of 20 minutes, the lights will have changed into different colors and motions.

Sway to the Christmas medleys

Ayala Triangle Gardens Christmas medley
The Christmas medley will make you dance like no one’s watching.

Every hanging light moves along with the beat of three different music medleys.

This season’s Ayala Triangle Gardens’ light show attraction is called Kaleidoscope of Sight, Sound, and Light. It starts with a rendition of classic Pinoy Christmas songs, such as songs by Ryan Cayabyab. It is followed by Cosmic K-pop Christmas in which people can dance to trending K-pop music in the middle of Ayala Triangle Gardens, and it finishes with a Big Band Holiday medley of timeless Christmas songs, such as “It’s The Most Wonderful Time of The Year”.

Ayala Triangle Gardens lights and smoke
Laser lights as the TikTok remix plays in the background.

You can feel the infectious joy in the air as you see kids and adults having fun and swaying to the music. Aside from the lights, they loved being enveloped by the air of the smoke.

Ayala Triangle Gardens led
A mappable LED light.

An additional attraction in the light show is the mappable LED light on the garden floor which makes the kids giggle in awe and excitement because they can play with it. The Festival of Lights never fails to deliver.

Grab a bite at the food market and have a picnic

There are food concessionaires a few feet away from the lights.

Restaurants have yet to open at this part of the park. For now, there is a food market where people can buy meals and snacks, such as burgers, sushi, donuts, coffee, and more.

Ayala Triangle Gardens picnic
Picnic area across the light show.

Ayala Triangle Gardens has added tables and chairs so you can enjoy eating while you wait for the show to start or as you watch the dancing lights. Other people also opt for where the grass is greener, literally, and have a picnic there.

Dine and explore at The Shops Ayala Triangle Gardens

The Shops Ayala Triangle GardensThe Shops Ayala Triangle Gardens’ lower ground entrance.

You can also check out The Shops Ayala Triangle Gardens for more dining options, such as Singaporean, Italian, and Japanese cuisines. If you need to do a quick round of grocery shopping, there is also a supermarket inside.

Festival of Lights, Ayala Triangle Gardens

As the holiday season continues, spending time with our loved ones is a timeless gift.

Seeing Ayala Triangle Gardens’ light show up close while sharing food and drinks will be a great bonding to celebrate this joyful season. Make your holiday season full of lights with the Festival of Lights.

Address: Ayala Avenue & Paseo De Roxas Street, Makati City
Opening hours: 6PM-10PM, Daily until 14th January 2023
(02) 7908 3000 | 0932 403 3279
Ayala Trinagle Garden’s Facebook

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Photography by Dom & Gly Parañal

Article originally published on 20 December 2022. Last updated on 11 December 2023.