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9 Yoga Mats In The Philippines To Keep Your Joints Safe & To Boost Your Balance

Yoga mats in the Philippines

If you want to start building your own fitness space at home, you can start small with a versatile yoga mat. Not only can you perform yoga poses with one, but you can also use it for a variety of exercises.

From items with gorgeous nature prints to mats made of eco-friendly hemp, here are 9 yoga mats in the Philippines you can check out.

– Note: choosing the right yoga mat thickness –

Yoga mats Singapore

Yoga mats’ thickness can range from 0.55MM to 10MM. Those who often do exercises that require active yoga poses or exercises should opt for mats 5MM thick and below, so they can ensure more support for their stability.

If you tend to perform poses that will require closer contact with the floor, choose thicker mats from 5MM and above, so your joints will be given extra cushioning.

– 5MM thick and below –

1. Flow Manila Pu Natural Rubber Yoga Mat – gorgeous nature graphic print

Yoga mats - Flow Manila Pu Natural Rubber Yoga Mat
Image credit: @flow.manila

If keeping your fitness equipment more eye-catching as well as practical will motivate you to fulfill your routine, then you may want to check out Flow Manila’s Pu Natural Rubber Yoga Mat (P3,200, ~USD63.16).

Featuring a gorgeous depiction of nature, it will help you be more at peace with your poses with its calming lines and colors. But of course, it’s more than just its look as it’s also at just the right amount of thickness at 5MM, providing both firm cushioning for your joints and balance. You won’t have too much environmental impact with the mat, made of polyurethane and a natural rubber base which are more eco-friendly than other yoga mat materials.

The materials may fall short, however, when it comes to durability, but if sustainability is also your priority, together with its other features, the Flow Manila’s Pu Natural Rubber Yoga Mat should come as a good choice. Do note, though, that it’s not the best mat for people with latex allergies given its natural rubber material.

Thickness: 5MM
Length: 183CM
Material: polyurethane, natural rubber 

Get the Flow Manila’s Pu Natural Rubber Yoga Mat here.

2. Reebok Yoga Mat – good for many forms of exercise

Yoga mats - Reebok
Image credit: Namshi

Given its 4MM thickness, the Reebok Yoga Mat (P840, ~USD16.55) balances comfort and stability, as it’s a non-slip mat that’s adaptable to both exercises that require lots of contact with the floor and poses that need balance.

The mat is also rollable. It comes with a carry string to make it easy for you to bring around whenever you’re out and about. 

Thickness: 4MM
Length: 173CM
Material: PVC 

Get the Reebok Yoga Mat here

3. Miniso Yoga Mat – budget-friendly thin mat for those on the go

Yoga mats - Miniso Yoga Mat
Image credit: j*****a

If you often do active exercises that require more stability, you may want to consider mats as thin as the Miniso Yoga Mat (P299, ~USD5.90). At 3MM, it will help you achieve balance as you do your poses, while also not compromising your grip given its textured surface. Aside from helping your poise, the 3MM mat is also suitable for travel. 

It’s made of plastic, so it is not the most eco-friendly. But you can be rest assured of its durability, and if you tend to be allergic to rubber, its latex-free material will spare you from any reaction.

Thickness: 3MM
Length: 180CM
Material: PVC

Get the Miniso Yoga Mat here.

4. Lululemon Reversible Yoga Mat – reversible mat with dual textures

Yoga mats - Lululemon Reversible Yoga Mat Image credit: gohe636,  Kayki G.

Sometimes you might need to do poses that require you to hold a pose on a mat. The Lululemon Reversible Yoga Mat (P5,028, ~USD99.24) may come in handy then, as it is a reversible mat with dual textures. 

One side, made up of polyurethane, has a smooth and more sticky feel that will help your hands and feet stay supported on the mat, while another side, made of natural rubber, provides grip that ensures you’re supported throughout your poses with its more textured material. Both of these materials are more eco-friendly than plastics too. 

If you’re allergic to latex, this may not be the best mat for you though, given that it features natural rubber.

Thickness: 5MM
Length: 180CM
Material: polyurethane, natural rubber

Get the Lululemon Reversible Yoga Mat here.

5. Lotus Anya Pro Yoga Mat – strong non-slip feature

Yoga mats - Lotus Anya Pro Yoga Mat
Image adapted from: @lotusactivewear

Available in pastel colors, the Lotus Anya Pro Yoga Mat is more than just its eye-catching hue. Its strong, non-slip texture even when you’re sweaty will help you perform your poses at your best. It’s also made up of eco-friendly polyurethane and natural rubber, so you’re helping lessen your environmental impact when you exercise.

To top it all off, the mat is only at P1,795 (~USD35.45), a cheaper price compared to other mats that feature the same materials. 

Thickness: 5MM
Length: 183CM
Material: polyurethane, natural rubber

Get the Lotus Anya Pro Yoga Mat here.

– 6MM thick and above –

6. Camel Non-Slip Yoga Mat – gives extra cushioning

Yoga mats - Camel Non-Slip Yoga Mat
Image credit: R***

For yoga beginners, the Camel Yoga Mat (P1,000, ~USD19.72) is on the thicker end of the spectrum to help you perform your poses without worrying so much about falling. It also helps for other exercises that require more kneeling poses, so your joints are protected from contact with the floor. 

And during intense workouts when you’re dripping with sweat, you won’t easily slip thanks to the mat’s horizontal lines that add support. 

Thickness: 13MM
Length: 185CM
Material: NBR rubber

Get the Camel Yoga Mat here

7. Manila Athletica Dual Power Exercise Mat – reversible yoga mat from a local manufacturer

Yoga mats - Manila Athletica Dual Power Exercise Mat
Image credit:
Manila Athletica

Not all mats are good for Mother Earth, so Manila Athletica’s Dual Power Exercise Mat (P1,788, ~USD35.29), made up of thermoplastic elastomer (TPE), is an option if you want to be eco-friendly with your fitness lifestyle. They are more environmentally friendly than the usual plastic-based mats, as the material is a man-made blend of plastic and rubber that can be recycled.

The mat is reversible, which means that you can flip your mat to switch colors as it features two-tone hues.

Thickness: 6MM
Length: 183CM
Material: TPE

Get the Manila Athletica Dual Power Exercise Mat here

8. Flow Fitique Hemp Yoga Mat – coarse, unique natural look

Yoga mats - Flow Fitique Hemp Yoga Mat Image credit: @flow.fitique, @flow.fitique

If you think yoga mats look all the same, the Flow Fitique Hemp Yoga Mat (P1,099, ~USD21.69) will offer a visual change as it’s not the usual type of mat entirely made up of plastic or rubber.

With its top layer’s natural hemp fibers, its coarse, unique natural look can be mistaken for a carpet, serving both practical uses as well as aesthetics.  Fabric from hemp is eco-friendly too, given that hemp, compared to cotton, for example, doesn’t require pesticides and needs little water to grow. It’s also equally durable. 

Grip isn’t a problem either, as the hemp layer’s coarse texture will help you stay supported by the mat, and it’s not rough enough to give your skin scratches. Plus, the hemp has woven PVC rubber underneath that gives the mat extra floor grip and support. 

Thickness: 6MM
Length: 183CM
Material: hemp, PVC

Get the Flow Fitique Hemp Yoga Mat here.

9. Toby’s Sports Core Reversible Fitness Mat – offers both comfort and support

Yoga mats - Toby’s Sports Core Reversible Fitness Mat
Image credit: b*****o

For fitness folks into various forms of exercise that require both support and balance, Toby’s Sports Core Reversible Fitness Mat (P1,599, ~USD31.57) is one of the best options around. 

The reversible mat has both non-slip and cushioned surfaces, making it flexible for your workouts. Made of thermoplastic elastomer (TPE), it’s also a more environmentally friendly alternative than mats made with PVC, though TPE is less durable. 

It comes with a carry strap, so it’s easily transportable when you need to go to the gym or travel. 

Thickness: 10MM
Length: 183CM
Material: TPE

Get the Core Reversible Fitness Mat here.

Getting yoga mats in the Philippines

Performing your workout routine at home doesn’t have to require expensive, huge gym equipment. With affordable yoga mats that allow you to do various types of poses, whether yoga or pilates, you can ensure that you’ll stay in shape even while at home.

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Cover image adapted from: @flow.manila, Manila Athletica