Yllana Marie Aduana in Miss Earth 2023

Since early December, the Miss Earth pageant has been in full swing in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

The global stage bore witness to Yllana Marie Aduana’s exceptional beauty and confidence as she won Best Bikini in the Preliminary Swimsuit and National Costume Competition.

Best Bikini Body

Yllana Aduana wins Best Bikini
Image credit: Miss Philippines Earth via Facebook

Philippines’ Miss Earth 2023 rep, Yllana Marie Aduana is a medical laboratory scientist and model.

Amidst fierce competition, she stood out as the epitome of grace and charm, securing the Best Bikini award at Miss Earth 2023. Aduana’s poise and confidence not only showcased her brilliance but also highlighted the Philippines’ undeniable influence in the realm of international beauty pageants.

Yllana Marie Aduana Swimsuit Competition
Image credit:
@yanaaduana via Instagram

Aduana’s custom-made swimsuit was meticulously crafted by Ken Batino and Jevin Salaysay of Studio MY FREN. The bikini accentuated her beauty but also symbolized the fusion of talent and creativity from the Philippines on the international stage. The exquisite design added an extra layer of glamour to Aduana’s remarkable performance, making her win even more memorable in the hearts of the global audience.

Sustainability Queen

Yllana Aduana preliminary long gown
Image credit:
@kenbatino via Instagram

Aside from looking every bit of a goddess, Yllana Marie Aduana continuously proves that she’s a sustainability queen. Her Preliminary Long Gown consisted of hundreds of recycled zippers. Also made by Ken Batino and Jevin Salaysay of Studio MY FREN.

Yllana Marie Aduana national costume
Image credit: @abejurolemuel_official via Instagram

Moreover, Aduana’s National Costume was created with recyclable plastic materials and food containers. We love how involved and collaborative she was in all of her outfits, at the same time making sure that it highlights the beauty of giving importance to the environment. We stan an eco-conscious queen!

Best Bikini Yllana Marie Aduana

Yllana Marie Aduana’s win in the Best Bikini category at Miss Earth 2023 sends a resounding message of empowerment. It reminds us that true beauty radiates from a combination of grace, intellect, and a genuine dedication to making the world a better place.

Congratulations Yllana Marie Aduana and we’re rooting for you on 22nd December’s Miss Earth Coronation Night at the Saigon Exhibition & Convention Center!

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Cover image adapted from: @yanaaduana via Instagram

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