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A Guide To Wanderland Festival 2024 In Muntinlupa For A Great Musical Escape

Wanderland Festival 2024 in Muntinlupa

Heads up, audiophiles! Wanderland Festival is coming your way once more this 2024 to take you to new heights of euphoria.

With this year’s lineup of artists, activities, and unforgettable atmosphere, it’ll be the ultimate playground for music aficionados and social butterflies alike. This festival promises an experience that’ll leave you enchanted whether you’re a seasoned festival-goer or a first-timer.

Lineup of artists – from indie to international artists

wanderland festival 2024 - lineup of artists
Image adapted from: Wanderland, Wanderland via Facebook 

As per usual, Wanderland Festival is pulling out all the stops with an amazing lineup worth uncovering. From indie gems, such as Bosudong Cooler and Grentperez, to international artists, such as Jack Johnson and Novo Amor, every act is handpicked to make you dance, sing, and lose yourself in the music.

Also, keep your eyes peeled for the band behind Raining in Manila, Lola Amour.

Official Playlist – pre-game like a pro

wanderland festival 2024 - official playlist
Image credit: wanderlandfest via Spotify

If you need a little per-festival hype, then Wanderland Festival has got your back. Their official playlist on Spotify is totally at your disposal.

Packed with tunes from this year’s lineup and more, it’s the perfect soundtrack playlist to get you pumped for the ultimate festival experience. Just crank up the volume, hit play, and let the anticipation build.

Wanderbuddy Quiz: Which type of Wanderer are you?

wanderland festival 2024 - jam to live performances
Image credit: Wanderland via Facebook 

If you’re wondering what kind of a festival-goer you are, then here’s your chance. Take the Wanderbuddy Quiz to discover which one you are.

Whether you’re the free-spirited dancer, the chill vibes enthusiast, or the party animal, there’s a Wanderbuddy waiting to groove with you through every beat-drop and high-five moment.

1-Day, 2-Day, & Star Wanderer Passes – choose your adventure

wanderland festival 2024 - wanderland music and arts festival 2024
Image credit: Wanderland via Facebook 

Flexibility is key at Wanderland Festival, so you’re free to choose the pass that suits your tastes. A 1-Day Pass is priced at P6,470 (~USD115.22), but you can opt for the 2-Day Pass (P8,610, ~USD153.33) to watch all participating artists.

Pro tip: if you want to get the full experience with exclusive perks, then definitely get the Star Wanderer 2-Day Pass (P16,100, ~USD286.71). Here are the following perks:

  • Express entrance lane
  • Express merchandise lane
  • Exclusive Star Wanderer Kit
  • Access to exclusive viewing decks
  • VIP toilets
  • Private bar
  • Two free drinks

You can book your passes here.

Note: All ticket types are standing

Art installations – where creativity takes place

wanderland festival 2024 - art installationsImage credit: Wanderland via Facebook 

Not only will there be music at the festival, but there’ll also be an exclusive art installation, by TRNZ – a little something for art lovers to explore throughout the grounds. You can also catch live artists BITTO, Seeweirdo, Valvee, and Babsilog and their mini houses.

Every art will be a feast for the eyes. Of course, don’t forget to snap a photo (or ten) for the gram – the Insta-worthy moments are not to be missed.

Wandermarket and GrabFood Zone – fuel your festive appetite

wanderland festival 2024 - wandermarket
Image adapted from: Wanderland via Facebook, Wabi Sabi

Above all things, feel free to roam around the Wandermarket, where you can engage in fun activities, from face painting to joining creative workshops by Wabi Sabi such as trinket making.

What’s more, you can also shop for other merchandise from brands such as Baobab, Baybayin, and Russet Accessories.

grabfood zone
Image credit: Wanderland via Facebook

If you’re feeling a bit peckish after all the wandering, you can head over to the GrabFood Zone, this time, for a culinary experience. From mouthwatering street food to gourmet goodies, there’s something to satisfy your every craving.

For a hassle-free experience, you can use the Scan-to-Order and Pick-Up features offered by the participating brands at the festival.

Little Wanderer – kid-friendly zone

wanderland festival 2024 - little wanderer
Image credit: Wanderland via Facebook

For those with little ones in tow, this year’s Wanderland Festival will now have a Little Wanderer zone. ICYMI, kids aged eight and below can enter for free. So if kids are tagging along with you, this is where you can keep them entertained.

From arts and crafts to the playground, this zone will be a mini paradise for your mini-mes. This goes to show that it’s not just the grown-ups who get to have all the fun.

Wanderstay – accommodations to rest, recharge, and repeat

wanderland festival 2024 - wanderstay accommodationsImage adapted from: Wanderland, Wanderland via Facebook 

For 2-Day Pass holders, Wanderland Festival has you covered with accommodation options and deals to suit your style and budget. From spacious quarters to comfy mattresses, there’s a fresh, cozy room waiting for you after a day of festival shenanigans.

Participating hotels include Azumi Boutique Hotel and Somerset Alabang Manila. Depending on the hotel of your choice, rates range from P3,000-P6,000 (~USD53.53-USD107.07) per night.

Wanderland Music & Arts Festival

At Wanderland Festival 2024, self-declared audiophiles have the chance to celebrate and connect with one another through the universal language of music.

With an amazing lineup of artists, exciting activities, and delicious eats to suit your tastes, there’s no reason not to join in the fun.

Admission fee: P6,470 (~USD115.22) 1-Day Pass | P8,610 (~USD153.33) 2-Day Pass | P16,100 (~USD286.71) Star (VIP) Wanderer 2-Day Pass
Date: 9th-10th March 2024
Time: 2pm-12am
Address: Filinvest City Events Grounds, Bridgeway Ave, Alabang, Muntinlupa

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Cover image adapted from: Wanderland via Facebook