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NAIA Passengers Complain Bed Bugs Bites From Airport Seats, Management To Ramp Up Pest Control

Bed bug infestation in NAIA

The Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA), also known as Manila International Airport (MIA), has earned a notorious reputation as one of the worst airports globally. Compared to its counterparts, NAIA is deemed less modern, resulting in long queues and an overall subpar travel experience.

NAIA’s already tarnished reputation took another hit when a recent Facebook post complaining about bed bug bites from the airport went viral. Subsequently, more reports of bed bug incidents surfaced, finally prompting the airport management to address the issue.

Bed bugs caught on cam

NAIA Bed Bugs Surot 1
Image adapted from: Paelo Bunyi Pedrajas via Facebook

The now-deleted viral post, which complained about bed bugs, was shared in a Facebook group consisting of Filipino travelers. The complainant stated that they developed rashes after sitting on the chairs at the departure area in Terminal 3.

NAIA Bed Bugs Surot 2
Image adapted from:
Paelo Bunyi Pedrajas via Facebook

Subsequently, more posts from the group about bed bugs surfaced, aptly tagged #SurotSerye (#BedBugSeries). Some of these posts also mentioned a bed bug infestation in the arrival area of Terminal 2.

Video credit: Annegelli Bae Halili via Facebook

One notable post included a video by Facebook user Annegelli Bae Halili, dated 17 January 2024, showcasing bed bugs on seats at NAIA Terminal 3.

Pest control measures

Following the viral post, the Manila International Airport Authority (MIAA), which operates NAIA, has apologized to the victims.

On 29th February, chairs at the Terminal 2 Arrival area have been removed, according to a report by ABS-CBN News. Additionally, travelers can also expect the airport management to implement more pest control measures.

NAIA’s rehabilitation

South Korea’s Incheon Airport.
Image credit: Ezekiel Chester (Ezek) via Google Maps

After recently winning the bid for the rehabilitation project, San Miguel Corp. consortium, which includes the Incheon International Airport Corporation is set to take over the airport’s operations within 3 to 6 months.

San Miguel Corp. promises to “elevate NAIA to world-class standards.” By 2025, passengers should start seeing positive changes, including shorter queues.

In this public-private partnership (PPP), MIAA will maintain its role as a regulator.

However, while the airport’s modernization is a welcome development, it may also lead to higher airfares for passengers.

NAIA passengers suffer bed bug bites

It’s high time for NAIA to enhance its facilities and operations to be at par with airports abroad. We anticipate improvements with the takeover by the San Miguel Corp. consortium, although we hope it won’t hurt our pockets as travelers.

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Cover image adapted from: Rex Alford Lagarto via Pexels, @ABSCBNNews via X