Unprude: Asia’s first sex therapy app

In a world where open conversations about sex and therapy can often be taboo, a revolutionary mobile app such as Unprude is breaking barriers and bringing sexual therapy within reach, even for those with strong religious beliefs.

Going along with the times, this groundbreaking app is shattering societal stigmas for Pinays in the country. Here’s how it’s changing the game.

Breaking taboos

Unprude’s mission extends to empowering Filipinas by putting sexual wellness at their fingertips. With this user-friendly app, women can access a wealth of knowledge, expert advice, and support tailored to their unique needs.

Founders Dr. Rica Cruz and Nicole Bernabe believe that every woman deserves a fulfilling intimate life and their app provides the tools and guidance necessary to achieve just that.

A safe space for everyone

Unprude is not just another app. It’s a safe haven for those who often find it difficult to discuss their sexual concerns openly. Through discreet and expert-guided sessions, users can address intimate issues without fear or judgment. Also, the app ensures anonymity so that users can feel comfortable in seeking help.

It offers tailored therapy content for individuals from diverse religious backgrounds, acknowledging the unique challenges they may face. Unprude understands that faith and sexuality can coexist, providing a space where users can align their beliefs with their desires.

The app’s innovative approach is revolutionizing the way people perceive sexual therapy, making it inclusive for all.

Unleashing conversations

Unprude is breaking down walls and empowering individuals to embrace their sexuality while respecting their faith. With its innovative approach, this app is changing the narrative around sexual therapy, making it an accessible and judgment-free journey for everyone.

Embrace the freedom to discuss, learn, and grow, all at your fingertips.

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Cover image adapted from: Unprude, Unprude

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