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Fashion Meets Coffee: 1st PH Uniqlo Coffee Shop To Open In Makati This Month For Frequent Shoppers

Uniqlo Coffee to open in Makati

Global fashion giant Uniqlo is brewing up something unique in Makati City that just might redefine coffee culture for frequent shoppers and coffee lovers alike.

Get ready to sip in fashion as Uniqlo Coffee will open its doors in the country at Uniqlo’s global flagship store in Makati this October.

Where to find Uniqlo Coffee

uniqlo coffee shop
Image credit: Uniqlo Philippines via Facebook 

In celebration of their fifth anniversary (starting 13th October), Uniqlo’s coffee corner is making its debut at their store in Glorietta 5, Makati. The cafe corner promises a cozy ambiance and top-notch baristas to cater to your caffeine cravings.

Whether you’re meeting friends, taking a break from work, or simply exploring the latest comfy fashion trends, Uniqlo Coffee can be your next go-to destination for both style and taste.

A whole other coffee experience

coffee menu items
Image credit: Uniqlo Philippines via Facebook 

The Makati store is no longer just a fashion haven. It’ll soon become a paradise for coffee lovers, too. Stepping into the store now means immersing yourself in the rich aroma of freshly brewed coffee. Using coffee beans produced by local communities, Uniqlo’s coffee drinks will be as simple and minimalist as its fashion collections.

snacks menu items
Image credit: Uniqlo Philippines via Facebook 

While the Filipino element comes from the coffee, the Japanese taste comes in their snacks such as the An Pan (red bean) and Smoked Salmon Panini. Although the menu items are limited, you can keep a look out for more updates in the future.

Picture this, you’re trying on the latest denim jacket while sipping on a perfectly crafted Cafe Latte or Hot Chocolate. So the next time you visit this store, you can now find your ideal outfit and drink under one roof.

Fashion and flavor in one place at Uniqlo Coffee

Uniqlo’s venture into the world of coffee isn’t just a trend; it’s a lifestyle statement. No need to settle for ordinary when you can enjoy extraordinary fashion and exceptional coffee all in one place.

So make sure to head to Uniqlo in Makati this October, where style meets your perfect brew. Fashion-forward sips await you!

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Cover image adapted from: Uniqlo Philippines, Uniqlo Philippines, Uniqlo Philippines via Facebook