The Mestizo’s Agimat Collection

Agimat, or commonly known as anting-anting, has been a part of local customs and traditions. Usually worn with a necklace, it is often in pendant form, varying in shape and said to be capable of performing magic such as warding off evil spirits.

An agimat features intricate symbolism, so it’s no wonder why The Mestizo, a Los Angeles-based fashion house crafting Filipiniana-inspired clothing, has collaborated with Philippine-based designer Jeth Torres to design The Agimat Collection of lady barong attire bearing symbols of embroidered agimat.

Each barong is adorned with various agimat 

The Mestizo - Lady Barong Agimat
Image credit: Jeth Torres

For ladies out there who want to slay a lady boss shirt for special events, The Agimat Collection not only will make you feel empowered with its non-traditional lady barong silhouettes but will also elevate your style with its embellished agimat patterns.

The Mestizo - Lady Barong Agimat
Image credit: Jeth Torres

Each Asuncion Lady Barong (starts at P6,922, ~USD138), available in aquamarine, cocoon, and dark gray, is composed of double-layered organza fabric to give you an elegant sheer look. You can choose from three sizes, but The Mestizo can also customize your top with your specific preferences in mind.

Level up your formal bolero

The Mestizo - Bolero Collection
Teodora Bolero, Camila Bolero
Image credit: The Mestizo, The Mestizo 

Other pieces available from the fashion house include their bolero creations. When you want to add a touch of culture to your formal wear, the blush-colored Teodora Bolero (P7,926, ~USD158) with butterfly sleeves is stitched with floral patterns. It is made up of a medium-weight fabric that gives off a shiny satin look.

The Camila Bolero (P8,428, ~USD168)  is also an option to keep things minimal but still classy. Made with cocoon fabric, it’s decorated with embellishments of small sampaguita flowers.

The Mestizo’s Lady Barong Agimat Collection

Wearing our cultures doesn’t have to feel outdated. The Mestizo’s Filipianana pieces, featuring lady barong and Filipiniana-inspired attires, showcase how each empowered Filipina can feel traditional and stylish at the same time.

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Cover image adapted from: Jeth Torres

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