Tanawin Sa Gulod campsite in Tagaytay City

Tagaytay has always been a quick escape from the fast pace of big cities, and now that we can enjoy travel and leisure again, Tanawin sa Gulod is one of the many campsites near Metro Manila you should definitely visit.

Ideal for low-key date nights and spontaneous road trips, Tanawin Sa Gulod primarily operates as a restaurant that serves quintessential Tagaytay food selections such as bulalo and crispy tawilis.

Urban camping with a view

Tanawin sa Gulod - sunrise
Sunrise view at the camp overlooking Taal Lake
Image credit: Clarissa Marie

The camping area faces an unobstructed view of the Taal Lake and is just behind the main structure of the restaurant.

Bonfire area overlooking Taal Lake Image credit: Tanawin sa Gulod
Camping set-up with tent and truck
Image credit: Tanawin sa Gulod

You can enjoy the cool Tagaytay climate and be amazed by the sunrise and sunset over Taal Lake – start by pitching a tent (P500, ~USD9.77) or camping in your vehicle (P1,000, ~USD19.54) any time since the spot is open 24/7.

However, you must note that spaces are on a first-come, first-served basis.

Enjoy restaurant meals while camping

Tanawin sa Gulod- inside the restaurant
Inside the Tanawin sa Gulod Restaurant
Image credit: Tanawin sa Gulod

After setting up camp, you can walk a few meters to the restaurant to dine in or have your food brought to you to enjoy it outdoors. And a plus for caffeine enthusiasts – they offer free coffee at breakfast.

bulalo and kare-kare
Bulalo and crispy kare-kare
Image credit: Jen Luna

Some of the dishes Tanawin sa Gulod serves are silog meals (meat, egg, fried rice combo), bagnet kare-kare (twice-fried pork belly in peanut sauce), bulalo (stewed beef shank and marrow), and cripsy tawilis (fried freshwater sardines).

Convenient camping for the whole family

tanawin sa gulod camping
Car camping with tent pitching

Image credit: Rizzie Caraig Tan

Those who would love to come with their pets, young kids, and older relatives don’t need to worry about accessibility because there’s no hiking or walking on any rough terrain to get to the campgrounds.

There are also two toilets and baths where campers can shower and answer the call of nature.

Camp under the stars in Tagaytay

Whether you are planning your trip meticulously, or are just on a spontaneous road trip after a night out in the city, time spent in Tagaytay is good enough to recharge you for the days to come.

Night camping
Camping at night
Image credit: Prodigy Films

Tanawin Sa Gulod is the destination to go to when you want to breathe in fresh air, sleep under the stars, and wake up to a beautiful view of Taal Lake without driving too far from the metro.

Address: 251 Tagaytay-Nasugbu Highway, Alfonso, Cavite
Phone: 927 444 6888
Tanawin sa Gulod’s Facebook

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Cover image adapted from: Tanawin sa Gulod

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