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10 Sophia Laforteza Facts About The Filipino Contestant On HYBE’s The Debut: Dream Academy

Sophia Laforteza facts

On 19th August, a teaser for the girl group audition show The Debut: Dream Academy hinted at having a Filipino contestant, with a voiceover that said “pangarap” – the Filipino word for “dream”. They later posted a video with another hint, the Philippine flag.

On 29th August, the show finally introduced its 20 contestants from different ethnicities, including Filipina Sophia Laforteza. Get to know her with this list of Sophia Laforteza facts that will surely convince you to root for our country’s representative.

1. She was born on New Year’s Eve

Sophia Laforteza facts - birthday
Laforteza celebrating her birthday last year.
Image credit: @sophia_laforteza via Instagram

Sophia Laforteza was born Sophia Elizabeth Laforteza. She arrived as a beacon of the year 2003, being born on 31st December 2002 – New Year’s Eve. As of writing, the aspiring idol is 20 years old.

She’s fully Filipino but was born in the US, particularly at Jamaica Hospital Medical Center in New York.

2. She specializes in singing

Video credit: @sophialaforteza via TikTok

In the pursuit of becoming a girl group member, Laforteza brings her singing talent.

According to her solo introduction video posted on HYBE LABELS + YouTube channel, she has been singing since she was 3 years old. She says it’s her first love and something that gives her comfort.

But besides her vocal skills, Laforteza can also dance and play the piano. In fact, she’s rumored to be The Debut: Dream Academy’s ace, a K-pop slang for an all-rounder.

3. Her mom is an actress

Sophia Laforteza facts - actress mother 1
Carla Guevara Laforteza as Donya Victorina in Ibarra.
Image credit: @carlaguevaraofficial via Instagram

Laforteza’s mom, Carla Guevara Laforteza, is an award-winning television and theater actress, which may explain Laforteza’s singing prowess.

She was in the Philippine adaptation of the Korean drama Flower of Evil in 2022. In theater, she was recently in the historical play Ibarra, starring alongside Piolo Pascual.

Due to her mom’s career, Sophia herself has appeared in a couple of TV shows including Family Feud.

Meanwhile, her dad, Godfrey Laforteza, is an executive chef at Newport World Resorts. She also has 2 brothers, one older and one younger.

4. She’s also skilled at cooking

Screenshot 2023-09-04 161831
A picture of Laforteza’s cooking from her Instagram highlights.
Image adapted from: @sophia_laforteza via Instagram

It seems like Laforteza also inherited her cooking skills from her chef dad.

She shares the meals she has cooked on her Instagram stories. And these aren’t your basic dishes. White truffle parmesan pasta, shrimp aligue (crab fat) pasta, and butter chicken are only some of the dishes she can cook.

Laforteza can also cook well-loved Filipino ulams (dishes) such as adobo (soy-based meat stew) and tinola (ginger-flavored based chicken soup).

5. She graduated from an international school in Quezon City

Sophia Laforteza facts - international school
Laforteza’s graduation picture.
Image credit: @sophia_laforteza via Instagram

Laforteza studied at Multiple Intelligence International School in Quezon City where she graduated in June 2021.

She seems to have been an exemplary student. She graduated with honors and received several medals.

Laforteza even captioned her graduation post on Instagram with “What, like it’s hard?” referencing the film Legally Blonde (2001) which honestly is such a slay.

6. She dabbled at being an influencer

Image credit: @sophia_laforteza via Instagram

Laforteza posted a couple of brand deals on her Instagram in 2021. The brands she’s featured on social media include Coca-Cola, Palmolive, and the Filipino cosmetic brand Careline.

On top of these, Laforteza also modeled for Facial Care Center, a chain of skin care clinics in the Philippines.

7. She’s friends with other Filipino celebrities’ kids

Sophia Laforteza facts - celebrity friends
Laforteza with Leon Barretto and Lorin Guttierez.
Image credit: @sophia_laforteza via Instagram

Laforteza is friends with other Filipino celebrities’ kids, such as showbiz royalties Leon Barretto and Lorin Guttierez.

Some of the Valencianos and the Pangilinans also follow her on Instagram as well as veteran Filipino actors and musicians such as Ayen Munji-Laurel, Nino Alejandro, and Nyoy Volante.

Laforteza’s IG followers also include viral dancer Niana Guerrero and rising R&B singer Denise Julia.

8. She’s been all over the world

Laforteza in Sweden in 2019.

Image credit: @sophia_laforteza via Instagram

A quick scroll through her Instagram would show you that she is quite the globetrotter.

In fact, in 2019, she went on a Scandinavian tour, visiting countries such as Norway, Denmark, and Sweden. She’s also been in Italy, Taiwan, and Japan.

Currently, Laforteza is in Los Angeles for The Debut: Dream Academy.

9. She’s a BTS fan

Sophia Laforteza facts - ARMY BTS fan
Laforteza posing with BT21’s RJ.
Image credit: @sophia_laforteza via Instagram

Laforteza also posts about BTS a lot on her Instagram. Her friends’ birthday greetings from 2019 show that her bias or favorite member in the group is V.

She’s also a MOA or a fan of TXT. Both groups are under HYBE which Laforteza might just end up being part of which we think is neat!

Besides these HYBE boy groups, Laforteza also seems to enjoy listening to other K-pop groups such as Le Sserafim, and NewJeans – also from HYBE -, FIFTY-FIFTY, and Red Velvet.

10. She could be the first Filipino idol from HYBE.

Sophia Laforteza facts - HYBE The Debut Dream Academy Filipino
Image credit: @sophia_laforteza via Instagram

The group that The Debut: Dream Academy will come out with won’t technically be K-pop since it’s poised to be a global girl group. But if Laforteza wins, she could be the first Filipino to be part of the South Korean entertainment giant, HYBE.

So far, Filipinos who are active in the K-pop industry include half-FIlipino girl group members such as Lapillus’ Chanty and the first all-Filipino boy group to promote in South Korea, HORI7ON.

Things to know about Sophia Laforteza

These facts prove that our country’s representative on The Debut: Dream Academy is not just talented but also endearing. So watch out for Dream Academy HQ’s TikTok videos and sign up on Weverse to vote for Sophia Laforteza!

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Cover image adapted from: @sophia_laforteza via Instagram, @sophia_laforteza via Instagram, @sophia_laforteza via Instagram