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Omniverse Museum, Makati: 23 Different “Worlds” To Explore The Whole Day For Kids & Kids-At-Heart

Omniverse Museum – for kids and kids-at-heart

Most of us are always down to do anything pop culture-related. There’s nothing more exciting than geeking out with friends over your favorite films and shows – especially when you have a space dedicated to them.

We went to the Omniverse Museum in Makati, the country’s first-ever pop culture museum that opened its doors on 11th March 2023. From the Marvel Cinematic Universe to the world of Harry Potter, you won’t run out of worlds. Explore Omniverse Museum for a full day of IG-worthy and interactive fun.

The country’s first and largest pop culture museum

Omniverse Museum - cool entrance

The collection in the museum is owned by collector and founder of the Bulgar Online blog, Ryan Sison. His collection began when he was around 15 years old, starting with DC’s Superman action figures until it progressed to other franchises. After collecting for approximately 25 years, Sison decided that he wanted to showcase his collection to the public. Thus, granting us the Omniverse Museum.

The museum is considered the largest science and pop culture museum in the country that has over 23 different attractions.

 Justice League
Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, and Aquaman from Justice League. 

Kids will love the fun activities offered in the museum and kids-at-heart will be in awe of the tons of collectibles on display. It includes set pieces used in much-loved films such as Lord of the Rings, Justice League, Avengers, and Star Wars.

You’ll get to see life-size structures as well as costumes and props used in the actual movie sets.

Millennium Falcon signed by Harrison Ford

Some of these collectibles are limited-edition, with only a number of them around the world. You’ll even see some pieces signed by the actors themselves. The museum boasts a replica of the Millennium Falcon prop from Star Wars, signed by American actor Harrison Ford who played the character Han Solo in 1977.

Educational activities & photo ops

Omniverse Museum - educating and sensory activities

The museum also offers interactive activities for kids within each attraction.

playing with motion sand

These sensory activities include listening to audio presentations on interesting scientific facts, modeling clay, playing with motion sand, and circuit-building.

The Iron Throne from Game of Thrones

Naturally, there are also tons of photo ops for everyone. You can take a picture while sitting on the Iron Throne (from the hit show Game of Thrones) or with the bat mobile in the Bat Cave.

Function rooms for gatherings

Omniverse Museum - Harry Potter attraction used as a function room

Another cool thing about the Omniverse Museum is that some attractions, such as the Harry Potter room and the Bat Cave, can be used as function rooms. These rooms are available for booking themed gatherings such as birthday parties and even work functions.

Merchandise and lounge

Omniverse Museum - merchandise

By the time you’re done exploring the museum, feel free to look at some merchandise available at the museum, from games to shirts and tumblers.


There’s also a lounge where you can stay for as long as you like or eat some snacks while you rest your feet.

Explore multiple worlds at Omniverse Museum, Makati

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The Smart Local Philippines's Creator Profile

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If you’re a major fan of one or all of the franchises above, then you’ll have a blast at the Omniverse Museum. With the structures, costumes, and other collectibles, it’ll truly be an experience you’ll never forget.

Choose your own adventure and immerse yourself in multiple different worlds.

The Omniverse Museum is available for reservations online as well as walk-ins.

Admission fee: P1,499 (~USD27.45) per pax
Address: 4th Floor, Japan Town, Glorietta 2, Palm Drive, Ayala Center, Makati
Opening hours: 12pm-8pm, Daily
Contact: 0915 009 1034
Email: [email protected]

Photography by Jaya Fanoga.