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10 Best Microwave Ovens In The Philippines To Heat Up Ready-To-Cook Or Premade Meals On WFH Days

Microwave ovens in the Philippines

Microwave ovens – little boxy appliances that can cook a lot even with their small size – are powerful little helpers in the kitchen. Aside from warming up our leftovers in only a few minutes, some of these ovens can also air fry, steam, and even grill our meals.

But as microwave ovens come with different functions and capacities, you can get lost amidst the sea of technical details while shopping. To help you find the microwave oven that will suit your cooking needs, we’re listing down below the 10 best microwave ovens in the Philippines that you can find online, and explain their unique features such as auto-cooking menu settings and Alexa voice control.

1. Panasonic Microwave Oven NN-GT35HM – with 12 auto-cooking menu settings

Microwave oven - Panasonic NN-GT35HM
Image credit: Đại lý Huệ Đượng

It can be a hassle to do your research on the amount of time and temperature a meal requires when being heated in a microwave oven. To help you save time, the Panasonic Microwave Oven GT35 (P8,995, ~USD186.42) comes with 12 automatic menu settings programmed to cook and reheat various meals such as bread, soup, and chicken. 

Microwave oven - Panasonic NN-GT35HM
Image credit: Đại lý Huệ Đượng

Unlike standard microwaves, it also has a grill that gives food such as chicken extra taste. An oven’s grill also keeps meals intact after being cooked – so you can be sure your pizza will be cooked without becoming a dripping mess. 

The oven’s digital displays and sleek panel with menu setting buttons provide a modern accent for your kitchen countertop.

Capacity: 23L
Power: 800W
Features: Auto-cooking menu settings, grill 

Get the Panasonic Microwave Oven NN-GT35HM here

2. Toshiba EM131A5C-SS Microwave Oven – with easy-to-clean coating

Microwave oven - Toshiba EM131A5C-SS Image adapted from: peTer

Microwave ovens accumulate oil and grime over time, making cleaning them a necessary task. But if you can’t be bothered to do this chore due to your busy schedule, the Toshiba EM131A5C-SS Microwave Oven (P20,076, ~USD416.08) with an easy-to-clean, anti-bacterial interior coating will save you plenty of time and effort. 

A damp cloth should do the trick, as the coating’s material resists food stains that encourage bacterial growth. 

Besides this feature, the oven carries a variety of functions, such as a pre-programmed menu for heating pizza, potato, rice, vegetables, and popcorn. There’s a custom defrost setting too that defrosts your food automatically depending on the weight – based on a weighing scale’s calculation – of the food you cook. 

Capacity: 33L
Power: 1100W
Features: Auto-cooking menu settings, defrost settings

Get the Toshiba Microwave Oven here

3. Samsung 35L Smart Microwave Oven – multiple functions from air fry to fermentation

Microwave oven - Samsung 35L Smart Microwave Oven
Image adapted from: @wheresrr

With a high power capacity of 1400-2850W, the Samsung 35L Smart Microwave Oven (P29,995, ~USD621.70) is equipped with multiple functions aside from its standard microwave heating capacity that help you whip up an entire family dinner. 

For one, its convection fan that circulates hot air inside the oven can help it air fry, grill, bake, steam, dehydrate, and even ferment meals. Frequent bakers can benefit with this fermentation feature, as it can help you prepare rising yeast dough. 

Microwave oven - Samsung 35L Smart Microwave Oven
Image credit: Samsung 

It can cook faster than a traditional convection oven as well, as the interior is carved with multiple holes that blast hot air directly onto the food. 

Capacity: 35L
Power: 1400-2850W
Features: Convection, air fry, grill, baking, steaming, dehydrating, fermentation functions

Get the Samsung 35L Smart Microwave Oven here.

4. Fujidenzo Microwave Oven MM22 BL – affordable, with a smart wave system for faster heating

Microwave oven - Fujidenzo Microwave Oven MM22 BLImage adapted from: Jayzel. A 

For those on a budget, the Fujidenzo Microwave Oven MM22 BL (P2,998, ~USD62.14) is an affordable find that doesn’t sacrifice functionality. Unlike regular microwaves, it’s equipped with a smart wave system that enables heat to be more directly transferred to food, allowing you to reheat your meal for a shorter period of time. 

For its price, it doesn’t fall short in terms of design either, as it’s coated in solid black complemented with silver knobs and a sturdy handle. 

Capacity: 20L
Power: 700W
Features: Defrost function

Get the Fujidenzo Microwave Oven MM22 BL here.

5. Sharp R-390Y Inverter Microwave Oven – features inverter technology

Microwave oven - Sharp R-390Y Inverter Microwave Oven
Image adapted from: Sharp Philippines 

If you’re looking for a microwave oven that can cook evenly as well as reheat, check out the Sharp R-390Y Inverter Microwave Oven (P9,595, ~USD198.87). Compared to regular microwaves, it’s powered by an inverter circuit instead of the magnetic coils or transformers that regular microwaves feature. This allows food to be cooked more evenly as inverters supply a steadier stream of heat than transformers.

Featuring a defrost menu, this oven gives you more control when defrosting a meal as it comes with 7 defrost times. Coated in a silver-colored surface, it’s an eye-catching appliance with a touch control panel and digital display. 

Capacity: 33L
Power: 1200W
Features: Defrost menu, reheat options

Get the Sharp R-390Y Inverter Microwave Oven here.

6. Nostalgia Electrics Retro Microwave Oven RMO-400 – unique, retro design

Microwave oven - Nostalgia Electrics Retro Microwave Oven RMO-400
Image adapted from: Bol 

The Nostalgia Electrics Retro Microwave Oven RMO-400 (P15,209, ~USD315.24), covered in retro red and adorned with vintage details that come with a metallic handle and rounded dials, would fit right into a diner. These vintage elements are balanced with a modern LED display with a digital clock, helping you watch over your meal’s cooking time. 

With 800 watts, the oven matches its look with good power capacity as well, as it’s capable of reheating and cooking small meals.

Capacity: 25L
Power: 800W
Features: Cooking settings, delay timer

Get the Nostalgia Electrics Retro Microwave Oven here.

7. American Home AMW-3005GCSX Digital Microwave Oven – comes with a grill and a fan

Microwave oven - American Home AMW-3005GCSX
Image credit: Shopee 

If your favorite meals include chicken, pizzas, and roasted meats, opt for an oven, such as the American Home AMW-3005GCSX Digital Microwave Oven (P10,999, ~USD227.96), that has a grill fry and a fan. Heating chicken and pizzas works best in an oven with a grill, while you can roasted meat in this oven too with its convection fan.

In such a convection oven, hot air is distributed around the oven by a fan, so you get more evenly cooked food in faster cooking time than with regular ovens that cook food by only producing heat. 

Capacity: 30L
Power: 900W
Features: Grill, convection, electronic control

Get the American Home Digital Microwave Oven here

8. Amazon Smart Oven – voice-controlled by Alexa and paired with a smart display

Microwave oven - Amazon Smart Oven
Image adapted from: Galleon Philippines 

If you’ve been on good terms with Alexa, you’ll love the Amazon Smart Oven (USD339.98) that is voice-controlled by the virtual assistant. It will remind you when your food is done and can also help you cook by showing you recipes through the 5.5” smart display the oven is paired with. 

While waiting for your food to be cooked, you can use the display for entertainment as you can also ask Alexa to show you movie trailers, TV shows, or podcasts. To get started with this Alexa feature, just download the Amazon Alexa app that’s compatible with Apple and Android devices, and connect it to your oven. 

This isn’t just an ordinary microwave oven with a voice control plonked onto it – you can also cook with its multiple modes of convection, warm, and air fry. Currently, it’s on Amazon and will be available soon in the Philippines via Galleon

Capacity: 42L
Power: 1000-1400W
Features: Voice control, convection, air fry functions

Get the Amazon Smart Oven here

9. Hanabishi Microwave Oven HMO 20MDLX3 – compact oven with classic manual controls

Microwave oven - Hanabishi Microwave Oven HMO 20MDLX3
Image adapted from: Hanabishi

The Hanabishi Microwave Oven HMO 20MDLX3 (P3,155, ~USD65.38) is perfect for those whose priority is space since it has a just-right capacity of 20L for small kitchens. It also features classic manual controls that you can easily use, and shave a few pesos off the oven’s price compared to ovens with digital displays. 

While it looks simple, the oven carries 1050 watts – this means you can actually reheat and cook various meals in the oven, such as chicken, popcorn, and desert. 

Capacity: 20L
Power: 1050W
Features: Defrost function

Get the Hanabishi Microwave Oven here

10. La Germania F45CMWD9X-60 – designed to be built into kitchen cabinets

Microwave oven - La Germania F45CMWD9X-60
Image adapted from: Lazada Philippines

For interior design enthusiasts and small home owners, microwave ovens designed to be built into cabinets, such as the La Germania F45CMWD9X-60 (P24,930, ~USD516.66), provide an elegant, seamless look in your kitchen while also saving you countertop space. 

And while it emphasizes style, the oven packs a lot of functions. Aside from microwave, it can grill, cook faster than regular ovens using convection, and has multi-stage cooking settings. These are perfect for those who tend to cook meals such as chicken that require multiple steps, from defrosting to grilling for example, but who don’t want to spend time resetting the oven after every single stage. 

Capacity: 25L
Power: 900-2300W
Features: Grill, convection, multi-stage cooking, speedy cooking, defrosting, auto-cooking menu settings

Get the La Germania Microwave Oven here

Microwave ovens in the Philippines

Microwave ovens have indeed become our trusty appliances during days when we can’t be bothered to spend a lot of time in the kitchen. They also come with multiple functions other than heating, saving us a stash of cash and space.

With our handy guide, you’re on your way to add to cart your next microwave oven.

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