YouTuber Mr. BulBul tries the ‘Jollitowel’ recipe

The “Toweljoy” fried towel news that has gone viral not only in the Philippines, but also around the world, has left most of us wondering how such an incident could have happened.

There have been various discussions as to whether or not it was done on purpose or was purely an accident, for one. One Korean YouTuber and vlogger, known as Mr. BulBul, tried the ‘Jollitowel’ recipe to find out and settle things for himself.

He deep-fried two ‘Jollitowels’ using two methods

Mr. BulBul, who is known for his vlogs on Filipino foods and beverages, said in his vlog that he was curious to know what would happen if he deep-fried a chicken with a towel.

So, to get an idea of whether the incident had been a genuine mistake or a case of sabotage, he tried a “Jollitowel” recipe in his 8-minute video released on 8th June.

Korean toweljoy - Mr. BulBul's chicken leg
Image adapted from: Mr BulBul

To form the shape of a “chicken leg,” he wrapped half of a kitchen towel onto a chopstick. He dipped the resulting “chicken leg”-shaped towel into flour and water, then fried it. If you aren’t watching properly, you can actually easily mistake it for the real thing.

Korean toweljoy - Mr. BulBul's thigh part replica
Image adapted from: Mr BulBul 

To create a replica of a chicken thigh part that resembles the actual “Toweljoy,” Mr. BulBul compressed the remaining half of the kitchen towel and dipped it in flour and water as well while pretending to be tired and hungover.

He shared two theories about the incident

Korean toweljoy - Mr. BulBul's chicken recipe
Image adapted from: Mr BulBul

After he had successfully created two pieces of chicken fried with towels, Mr. BulBul shared his theories about how a towel could have possibly ended up fried and passed off as a Chickenjoy. He speculated that there could have been intentional sabotage involved, since a normal-sized kitchen towel would make the finished “Toweljoy” look too big if it weren’t cut into a smaller piece first.

The incident could also have been an accident, and if it were indeed an accident, a small-sized towel was possibly dropped into a frying machine.  Jollibee’s frying process, according to Mr. BulBul, might have also included pouring a large amount of chicken inside a basket into oil, instead of putting one piece of chicken one by one by hand.

Korean YouTuber tries “Jollitowel” recipe

The “Toweljoy” incident has indeed left most of us dumbfounded, given that it’s hard to imagine how a towel ended up deep-fried like chicken in a popular fast-food chain.

And at the moment, we can only speculate, while we wait for Jollibee to release an update about their investigation.

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Cover image adapted from: Mr BulBul

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