Affordable massage spas in Metro Manila

With hectic schedules at work or school, self-care and body relaxation are things that you need to make time for, to avoid stress buildup. Treating yourself to a massage – especially an affordable one – is a great way to do that.

From classic foot massages to specialized treatments, here are 8 affordable massage spas in Metro Manila to melt the stress away.

1. Crown Garden Spa in Quezon City – discounted packages

Massage Spas In Metro Manila - Crown Garden SpaImage credit: Ryan J

Crown Garden Spa in Kamuning, Quezon City is an easily accessible massage spa you can go to for a quick pampering experience, especially for QC residents.

 Crown Garden Spa - manicure
Image adapted from: Ryan J, Ryan J

You can get spa services such as manicures for as low as P140 (~USD2.56). They also offer up to 25% discount for couples and combo packages that render up to five hours of spa treatments, from signature massages to body scrubs.

Crown Garden Spa - sauna
Image credit: Crown Garden Spa

You can even have a few friends tag along with you and enjoy a session at their cozy sauna for P200 (~USD3.66) per 15 minutes.

Address: 92 B K – 1st. Corner Judge Jimenez Street, 2nd Floor Kamuning, Quezon City
Opening hours: 11am-12am, Daily
Contact: (02) 7757 7023 | Crown Garden Spa’s website
Email: [email protected]

Crown Garden Spa’s Facebook | Instagram

2. Banahaw Heals Spa in Mandaluyong – ancient “hilot” massages

Massage Spas In Metro Manila - Banahaw Heals Spa
Image credit: Banahaw Heals Spa

Check out Banahaw Heals Spa in Boni Avenue, Mandaluyong for affordable massages & spa treatments under P900 (~USD16.49).

Banahaw Heals Spa - hilot massages
Image credit: Banahaw Heals Spa

If you’re a fan of the traditional Filipino healing massage, hilot, the massage spa offers different hilot massages such as Hilot Kagalingan (P500, ~USD9.16) and Hilot Pamana (P450, ~USD8.24) that consist of mixed techniques which will give you a relaxing full body massage experience.

Address: 602 Boni Avenue, Barangay Plainview, Mandaluyong
Opening hours: 1pm-12am, Daily
Contact: (02) 8637 8417 | 0961 692 7866
Email: [email protected]

Banahaw Heals Spa’s Facebook | Instagram

3. BlueWater Day Spa in Makati – massages for kids & pregnant women

Massage Spas In Metro Manila - BlueWater Day Spa
Image credit: Dennis Sebastian

BlueWater Day Spa in Makati is worth visiting if you’re looking for massages catered to kids and pregnant women.

BlueWater Day Spa - prenatal and kids massage
Image adapted from: BlueWater Day Spa, BlueWater Day Spa

They offer massages for babies (P550 ~USD10.08/60mins) as early as 6 months old up to 7 years old. Meanwhile, pregnant women can get a specialized massage package for P1,440 (~USD26.38) that includes a foot spa treatment and foot mask.

Additionally, you can get Brazilian hand and foot massages along with other treatments such as foot and hand spa and reflexology that’ll leave you revitalized after your session. Rates start at P595 (~USD10.90).

Address: Eton Square Ortigas, 425 Ortigas Avenue, San Juan, Makati
Opening hours: 24 hours, Daily
Contact: (02) 211 4356 | (02) 8817 3126 | 0917 881 0092
Email: [email protected]

BlueWater Day Spa’s Facebook | Instagram

4. MassageMNL – prenatal and postnatal to myofascial release massages

Massage Spas In Metro Manila - MassageMNL
Image credit: Massagemnl

With 17 locations in the metro and several outlets in Rizal and Cavite, MassageMNL is the massage spa service for you if you’re looking for specialized physical therapies.

MassageMNL - myofascial release
Myofascial release massage.
Image credit: Massagemnl

Here, you can get massages such as prenatal and postnatal (P450-P900, ~USD8.94-USD16.49), lymphatic drainage (P600-P1,200, ~USD10.99-USD21.98) and myofascial release (from P850, ~USD15.57/60mins).

MassageMNL - classic massagesImage adapted from: Massagemnl, Massagemnl

Of course, you can throw in some classic massages, from Swedish massage (P300-P600, ~USD5.50-USD10.99) to head and scalp treatments (P175-P700, ~USD3.21-USD12.82) for maximum relaxation.

Contact: 0977 264 8847 | MassageMNL’s website
Email: [email protected]

MassageMNL’s Facebook | Instagram

5. Calm Escape Home Service Massage in Quezon City – home service massage

Massage Spas In Metro Manila - Calm Escape Home Service Massage
Image adapted from: Calm Escape Home Service Massage, Calm Escape Home Service Massage

While there are many massage spas you can go to, some prefer for the spa to come to them. In this case, Calm Escape Home Service Massage based in Quezon City is a great option for an invigorating massage within the comfort of your own home.

They offer various massages from Swedish (P350, ~USD6.41) to Shiatsu (P399, ~USD7.31), plus other treatments such as Hot Stones (P499, ~USD9.14) and Ventosa (P549, ~USD10.06).

You can simply call them at any time and book your appointment. Rates start at P250 (~USD4.58).

Address: 2 Narig Street Veterans Village, 1105 Quezon City
Opening hours: 24 hours, Daily
Contact: 0956 359 2749
Email: [email protected]

Calm Escape Home Service Massage’s Facebook | Instagram

6. The Mandara Spa in Greenhills – established spa brand with complimentary ginger tea and quality service

Massage Spas In Metro Manila - Mandara Spa Greenhills
Image adapted from: The Mandara Spa – Greenhills Branch, The Mandara Spa – Greenhills Branch

The Mandara Spa has been around for quite some time that it has numerous locations around the metro. In particular, The Mandara Spa’s Greenhills branch is hailed as an underrated gem with excellent service by some customers.

Mandara Spa Greenhills - complimentary ginger tea
Image credit: The Mandara Spa – Greenhills Branch

Although the spa utilizes a small space, the calming and serene ambiance makes up for it. Additionally, you’ll be served complimentary ginger tea to prepare you for your relaxation session.

Aside from a variety of massages you can choose from, they also offer special services including their Mandara signature massage (P1,250-P1,500, ~USD22.90-USD27.48), chair spot treatment (P950-P1,400, ~USD17.40-USD25.65), and ear candling (P800, ~USD14.66).

Address: 31 Annapolis Street, Atlanta Centre, Greenhills, San Juan, Makati
Opening hours: Mon-Sat 12pm-11pm (Closed Sundays)
Contact: 0917 715 5501 | The Mandara Spa’s website
Email: [email protected]

The Mandara Spa’s Facebook | Instagram

7. Touch of Asia Spa in Manila – spa functions for special occasions and corporate events

Massage Spas In Metro Manila - Touch of Asia Spa
Image credit: Touch Of Asia Spa

If you need a last-minute pick-me-up, then the Touch of Asia Spa in Manila is the one for you. They offer a 24-hour on-call service for guests who are in need of a massage at any time.

They provide on-call service straight to your own home or – if you’re only visiting the metro for a short period of time – at your temporary stay or hotel.

Touch of Asia Spa - spa functions
Image adapted from: Touch Of Asia Spa, Touch Of Asia Spa

They even offer spa services for corporate events. The spa function starts from P300-P600 (~USD5.50-USD10.99) per hour. They also offer a gift certificate that you can use as a gift for a friend or for your next visit.

Address: 3335 Bataan Street, Barangay 603, Manila
Opening hours: 24 hours, Daily
Contact: 0998 518 0993 | 0916 690 9993
Email: [email protected]

Touch of Asia’s Facebook | Instagram

8. Nuyu Spa – 2-in-1 spa and salon service

Massage Spas In Metro Manila - Nuyu Spa
Image credit: Nuyu Spa

Nuyu Spa is another massage spa service that has various locations across the metro. If you’re looking to make a day of self-pampering with the girls, this is the one for you.

Nuyu Spa offers at-home spa and salon services, from massages to hair treatments that’ll leave you feeling refreshed. This way, you won’t have to step out of your house to indulge in self-care.

Nuyu Spa - massages and hair treatments
Nuyu Spa offers both massages and hair treatments at home.
Image adapted from: Nuyu Spa, Nuyu Spa

You can choose among 10 different massages (from P399, ~USD7.31), including Deep Tissue (P650-P800, ~USD11.91-USD14.66) and Lactation (P550, ~USD10.08) massages, for your specific needs. Additionally, you can get eyelash lifts (P1,500, ~USD27.48) and hair coloring (from P1,200, ~USD21.98) for a salon experience.

Opening hours: 1pm-12am, Daily
Contact: 0918 923 6988 | Nuyu Spa’s website
Email: [email protected] | [email protected]

Nuyu Spa’s Facebook | Instagram

Massage spas in Metro Manila

Clearly, a good, therapeutic massage doesn’t have to be expensive. These affordable massage spas in Metro Manila have certainly proven that self-care is an affordable luxury.

You just need to close your eyes and let these spas work their magic.

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